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Lieutenant Tennant is the Lieutenant of the Government Agents.


He seems to be intelligent and thinks every situation through and usual finds a solution that solves the problem.

Physical Appearance[]

He wears a black suit over a dark gray shirt with a black tie. With black pants and shoes as well. He can also be seen wearing blue sunglasses. He also has dark navy sunglasses and thick brown eyebrows.


In "The Note", he reports Milo, Melissa, and Zack to Colonel Niblet. He later suggests to Niblet that they simply drive Wilson out of the crowd of people and give him a hamburger, instead of using the disintegration/reintegration ray on him.

In "Family Vacation", he accidentally picks up the Murphy's RV and suggests the disintegration/reintegration ray to get rid of the RV. Niblet turns down this idea.

In "Now I Am a Murphy", he is there when Niblet retold the story of how the Cyborg Bear was made and later when the Cyborg Bear was pushed onto the helicopter. He then pushes a button for the windshield wipers. This causes the Cyborg Bear to falls of the helicopter.

In "Freefall", he reports Milo's parachute as a "flat badger painted to look like a parachute", which Colonel Niblet then corrects him from that statement. They later watch Krillhunter, but while watching, Tennant sees the damage caused by Milo and is told by Colonel Nibet to shoot at Cavendish and Dakota's plane, which causes them to crash. After this, Cavendish believed them to be enemies.


Colonel Niblet[]

Tennant has a respect for his boss and tries to often improve his poorly thought out plans.


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  • He lent his brother-in-law his lawn mower, but he never returned it.
  • Niblet believes Tennant's impression of him is spot on.
  • His last name, Tennant, is a reference to his occupation being a Lieutenant.