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Like in Phineas and Ferb, Heinz Doofenshmirtz would occasionally build inventions, usually with the -inator suffix, to aid himself, once integrated in Season 2 of Milo Murphy's Law. However, unlike in the former show, his "inators" in "Milo Murphy's Law" are not build for evil purposes.

For the inators, inventions and evil schemes by Doofenshmirtz in Phineas and Ferb, see List of Doofenshmirtz's schemes and inventions over at the Phineas and Ferb Wiki.

Image Name Description Appears in
Fungus (885) Pizza Delivery Guy Trap A classic rope trap that shots from a desk to the victims, and hangs them from the ceiling.

Milo, Cavendish, Dakota, Orton, and Diogee all get caught in it.

"Fungus Among Us"
"The Phineas and Ferb Effect"
TheTimeTavel-Inator Time Travelinator An Inator used to travel in time, but cannot work without Time Juice. Doofenshmirtz originally invented this marvel to get Wyatt Burp orange soda in the 1960s, but allows Cavendish, Dakota and Orton to use it in order to defeat the Pistachions.

The original model looked like a taco according to Dakota, so once Doofenshmirtz had to reconstruct it after a case of Murphy's Law, he made the conscious decision to make the second model resemble a taco stand.

Bunch of Floating Clocks
Doof Professor Time's Time Machine Once Time Juice has been discovered, Doofenshmirtz, now going by the moniker Professor Time, perfected his Time Travelinator and used it to travel back in time to pick up Orton and slay Derek in 1955 in order to avert the damages done by the Pistachions.

This model closely resembles the time machine made by Xavier Onassis, which had been fixed by Phineas and Ferb in It's About Time!

Agee Ientee Diogee (55) Shock Absorber Absorb-Inator As one of many evil schemes during the summer, Doofenshmirtz wanted to use this Inator to collect all the shock absorbers in the Tri-State Area, and sell them back with a higher pricing. This specific scheme was planned on a day Perry the Platypus was on vacation and Agent G would substitute for him, but Diogee took his place instead. "Agee Ientee Diogee" (Appears in flashback(s))
Agee Ientee Diogee (83) Shrink Grenade A grenade variant of Doofenshmirtz's various Shrinkinators. Its shape, size and color is shared with that of a tennis ball, so when Doofenshmirtz throws a tennis ball for Diogee to fetch, the dog took a Shrink Grenade out of a box of many by mistake, as Doofenshmirtz shrinks himself by accident with it.
DoofHesJustGonnaWarpAroundTown Transportinator When Recurring Raccoon dunks the TV remote - which Martin wanted to use to watch Milo and Amanda at Cake 'Splosion - in a bird fountain, causing the TV to repeatedly change channels, Doofenshmirtz decides to send the raccoon across town with this device. He accidentally hits Martin. "Cake 'Splosion!"
"The Goulash Legacy" (Cameo)
DoofsDayOut (8) Unnamed call-listening device Doofenshmirtz once made an elaborate setup during his stay with the Murphys to join Sara's conversation with Neal on her cellphone. "Doof's Day Out" (Appears in flashback(s))
DoofsDayOut (10) Reconstitute-Inator A device Doofenshmirtz was working on in order to turn raisins into grapes. During his visit to the Natural History Museum alongside Milo's class, Doofenshmirtz decides to give up and tosses the Inator aside, reviving a triceratops fossil by accident. "Doof's Day Out"
"The Goulash Legacy" (Cameo)
DoofsDayOut (42) Unnamed organ go-kart A go-kart Doofenshmirtz constructed out of organ exhibits with Milo and Melissa's help, in order to get Zack out of the Digestive Tract Exhibit quickly. According to the Museum Tour Guide, this caused to increase the popularity of said exhibit. "Doof's Day Out"
DoofDeguminator De-Guminator Doofenshmirtz constructed this device in order to rid Danville of sidewalk gum, in order to get more into his role as a good guy and destiny to become Professor Time. The Inator causes more harm than good and Perry had to eventually stop him, but Melissa managed to use the Deguminator in order to get Ol' Bessie to run before Victor Verliezer is allowed to demolish it. "The Ticking Clock"
MakesPinkFoam Cube that makes pink foam A red cube that, when activated, expels large amounts of pink foam that works as a flame retardant. Heinz uses it when a bunsen burner accidentally unleashes an enormous flame.

Apparently, the pink foam consists 70% of horseradish.

"Milo's Shadow"
"The Goulash Legacy" (Cameo)
"Look At This Ship"
Shrinkinator Shrinkinator A green laser gun model of Heinz's Shrinkinator. Doofenshmirtz tried to use it to shrink down a baseball so nobody would trip. However, he accidentally aimed it on the school instead. After realizing his mistake, Doofenshmirtz used it to grow the school into its normal size. "Milo's Shadow"
"The Goulash Legacy" (Cameo)
MS (85) Go Home-Inator Another laser gun-type Inator that Heinz uses to send Diogee home when he shows up in class. He misfires and hits various other people far away instead. Doofenshmirtz assumes he succeeded anyway when Diogee goes home on his own accord. "Milo's Shadow"
"The Goulash Legacy" (Cameo)
AC497CF9-7CF2-4177-9BF1-40531DA10DA8 Unnamed window-cleaning device As Do-Gooder Doof, Heinz uses this water hose-equipped Inator to clean the windows of a tall building. The water hoses blast water with too much power, however, and shatter the glass, so Perry had to empty the Inator's water storage, distract Doof and activate the self-destruction mode. "Sick Day"
6FAF459B-F273-4F84-A388-7077D5B732DE Unnamed smoke exhauster Doofenshmirtz's second Inator as Do-Gooder Doof is a purple device designed to suck up smoke from factories like an exhaust hood. However, the Inator sucks up other items too, so Perry had to dismantle it and activate the self-destruct mode again.
22F8871A-90BD-4217-95FD-191E80752B33 Unnamed vermin collector device This Inator was in use by Heinz as Do-Gooder Doof to collect rats off the streets into a basket, using claw-like drones. Said drones started collecting animals from a nearby zoo, however, causing Perry to intervene again.
SLS (64) Turn-Inanimate-Objects-Evil-Inator bulb A red-colored lightbulb Doofenshmirtz had made back when he was evil. It would attach itself onto objects and seize control over them, causing mayhem and destruction.

This lightbulb was left in one of the boxes of robot parts Doofenshmirtz lent to Jefferson County Middle School for the Build-A-Bot Contest at the science fair. Milo and Zack would use the bulb for their night light robot after their previous bulb went out, unbeknownst of the Inator's effects and inadvertently causing a huge disaster. Savannah had to prevent the catastrophe alongside Melissa, and destroy the lightbulb.

"Spy Little Sister!"
DoofInAHomocks Unnamed Inator that adds the smell of the inside of a Halloween mask A sprayer-like Inator that makes everything smell like the inside of a Halloween mask. Doofenshmirtz finds this Inator when reorganizing his Inator Hammock. "Now I Am a Murphy"
"The Goulash Legacy" (Cameo)
AnimateInator Animate-Inator A purple ray gun-type Inator that animates inanimate objects. Said objects can turn back inanimate when shot with this Inator once more. Doofenshmirtz accidentally fires it and causes a ruckus in the Modern Arts Museum.

Doofenshmirtz insists that any object hit with it specifically becomes "animated", rather than coming to life, since they do not have a soul.

"Now I Am a Murphy"
CopyInator Unnamed copying machine One of many Inators Heinz showcased to Zack, Melissa and Milo in a montage. It scans one object and shoots a ray on another, which then turns into the scanned object. The Inator is shown to scan ice cream and turns a nearby apple into it, before it accidentally scans Melissa and turns Zack into a Melissa copy. "Abducting Murphy's Law"
SprayingThePlant Unnamed fertilizer sprayer One of many Inators Heinz showcased to Zack, Melissa and Milo in a montage. It's a garden hose with a spray bottle containing a green liquid, which causes plants to grow exponentially. After using it on a wilted sunflower, Heinz accidentally aims it to Zack, who gets covered in green foliage once doused in the liquid.
BearTrapInator Unnamed bear trap One of many Inators Heinz showcased to Zack, Melissa and Milo in a montage. Its purpose is unknown, but it's shown to be out of control and chasing Zack while biting, as Doof clings on it trying to calm it down.
RealStampingInator Unnamed stamping machine One of many Inators Heinz showcased to Zack, Melissa and Milo in a montage. It's seen uncontrollably chasing Zack as three of its appendages stomp the ground, while Doof tries to stop it.
StampingInator Unnamed plowing device One of many Inators Heinz showcased to Zack, Melissa and Milo in a montage. It's seen chasing Zack as Doof is clinging onto it, like the previous two Inators, while digging into the ground and spreading dirt.
LevitateInator Unnamed levitation device One last Inator Heinz shows to Zack, Melissa and Milo. He has no idea what it does, but judging by the fact that it can effortlessly pick up Milo in the air and tossing him into his room, where they discover it's actually an android meant to substitute for Milo, its purpose is likely to pick up metal objects with electromagnetism.
Shenaniganator Shenaniganator An old Inator of Heinz originally made as a shenanigans tracker, but repurposed to a negative probability ions tracker, in order to find Milo. However, it isn't filtered to specifically track down Milo, so it also reacts to Martin.

Afterwards, Doofenshmirtz applies the robot Milo head onto the Inator so it only specifically locates Milo, as it is made of Milo's DNA. When they do find Milo falling towards them, Doofenshmirtz makes the robot Milo head blow up balloons to break the fall, likely a leftover from the original version of the Shenaniganator.

FailedBody New body for Norm When Doofenshmirtz found Norm's head from the collateral damage on his building, he tried finding and builing a new body for him, but the golden one he initially made doesn't seem to fit Norm.

Later, Brigette's last pot of goulash is tossed into the shed and gets hit by every Inator inside. This results into the pot of goulash to become the new head for the body, and, after getting locked in a time capsule, become a savior in the distant future.

"The Goulash Legacy"
ChickenReplace-Inator Chicken Replace-Inator A handgun model of the eponymous Inator from "What A Croc!", which swaps anything it hits with the nearest chicken. When Doof accidentally hits Brigette's goulash with it, Milo and friends mistakingly believe the Inator turned the goulash into a chicken.

Doof brought a smaller model of the Chicken Replace-Inator to Octalia in "Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space".

"Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space"
HandToFootInator Hand-to-Foot-Inator An Inator that turns hands into feet. Heinz originally made it to get revenge on his stuck-up cousin Wolfgang, a hand model. Thanks to this Inator, Wolfgang now works as a foot model, so that didn't work out well for Doof.

Zack later sneaks off into the shed with an interest into said Inator, causing him to accidentally activate it. He also turns Milo and Melissa's hands into feet by mistake. Doofenshmirtz rewires the Inator to turn the feet back into hands. This is an interesting Inator accident, since the fault lies entirely onto Zack instead of Heinz.

"The Goulash Legacy"
DustDevilInatorDrops Dust Devil-Inator A small, red Inator that winds up a whirlwind by spinning when activated. Doof brought it alongside his other old Inators to use as spare parts to rewire the Hand-to-Foot-Inator, but accidentally activates it as it drops.
DoofSaraHamperHelpererInator Hamper Helperer-Inator A robotic clothes hamper Doofenshmirtz created so it would be easier to pick up his and Sara's dirty clothes. The Inator is acting a bit unruly during its test round, belching clothes anywhere and collecting other things that aren't clothes. After collecting the laundry properly, it runs off, as it's programmed to dump the clothes into the laundry room of Heinz's old apartment. "The Dog Who Knew Too Much"
HipHopDoof Unnamed spruced-up golf cart A modified golf cart uses to transport him and Diogee to Melissa and Zack while still looking hip to the kids. "Safety First"
Escape (74) Clone-Inator A device where Doof uses of a combination of Cavendish's DNA and platypus DNA to create a mixture of the two, for Dakota to find out where Cavendish is. Since the clone has none of Cavendish's memories, this wasn't a success. "Escape"
Reduce-Inator A handheld Inator that resembles a ladybug. It can reduce anything it hits, i.e. shrink, not unlike the Shrinkinator. It was used to try to take down the Sphere of Calamity, but hasn't succeeded to do so.

Diogee later hits himself with it, causing it to grow in size, revealing that the Inator was set in reverse mode.

"Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space"
Unnamed strong breeze ray A gun-like ray in the shape of a mouth that blows a large amount of wind that makes pushes liquid fastley.
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