Milo Murphy's Law Wiki

Milo and his friends experience various events and adventures throughout the run of Milo Murphy's Law. Here is a list of them.

Occurring Phenomena

Events that appear to be commonplace in the city of Danville.

Image Name Description
Screenshot (2979).png Murphy's Law Extreme Hereditary Murphy's Law, also simply referred to as Murphy's Law, is a condition inherited by Milo, and other male members of the Murphy Family. Its effect to increase the possibility of accidents, caused by negative probability ions, is the main premise of Milo Murphy's Law, and allows Milo to have many fun adventures.
Screenshot (4041).png Duck Attacks A common running gag in Milo Murphy's Law involves self-proclaimed Safety Czar Elliot Decker being constantly harassed by ducks, no matter if it's actually him or just his mere image.
Climb On In.PNG Phineas and Ferb Effect Dubbed as such by Baljeet Tjinder, the Phineas and Ferb Effect is some sort of antithesis of Murphy's Law, which positive probability ions increases the chances of things working out fine. This effect is named after Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher, the protagonists of Phineas and Ferb.
HeinzLawExample.PNG Heinz's Law Heinz Doofenshmirtz claims to have some sort of law of his own, in which bad luck always happens to him. Whether it really is bad luck, Murphy's Law, or simply his incompetence is unknown.
Orgaluth'sLawExample.PNG Orgaluth's Law Arguably the strongest of the occurring phenomena, Orgaluth's Law is a stronger and more dangerous version of Murphy's Law. It states "Whatever can go drastically horribly wrong, will go drastically horribly wrong."
LK (124).png Bison's Law Another Extreme Hereditary Law similar to Murphy's Law, in which some bison will attack the people nearby the member of the Bison family, or the member himself.

Organized Events

Milo Murphy's Law also features some organized events that weren't caused by Murphy's Law.

Season 1

Image Name Description Appears in
Screenshot (3613).png The Doctor Zone Files Movie Premiere The premiere of The Doctor Zone Files: The Movie Files, a film adaptation of The Doctor Zone Files, the latest series of the Doctor Zone franchise. Milo, Zack, Melissa and Sara attended its queue. "The Doctor Zone Files"
Screenshot (4058).png Milo's Birthday Bash A surprise party organized for Milo's birthday at the Play Park Go-Cart Fun Track. Zack had this idea since Milo never had a birthday party before. "Party of Peril"
Screenshot (4171).png The Mezzo Sopranos An opera performance attended by Milo, Zack and Melissa for extra credit, and by Amanda for fun. It's about a morally conflicted crime boss who's seeing a therapist. "Smooth Opera-tor"
Screenshot (4322).png Career Day A trip organized by Jefferson County Middle School in which the class visit various working paces of the students' parents, so they can find out what occupation they want to do later. "Worked Day"
Screenshot (3102).png Murphy family vacation A road trip vacation organized by Milo's parents. Things get a little out of hand when Milo accidentally boards the RV of the Brulee family, however. "Family Vacation"
35 the start of the games.jpg Athledecamathalon A decathlon event between Jefferson County Middle School and Middletown Middle School. It's been combined from the scholastic and athletic decathlons due to budget costs after money was spent on the S.S. Indulgence. "Athledecamathalon"
11 overveiw of dance.jpg Niagara Falls Fling A school dance, headed by Amanda on various committees and attended by various students and faculty of Jefferson County Middle School. It was themed after the Niagara Falls, hence the name. Notably improved by Milo after a blackout, and attended by Cavendish and Dakota to spy on Milo. "School Dance"
44 starting up the show.jpg Battle of the Bands A tournament in which local bands competed against each other. Zack signed in his band in order to gain experience, but meets his old band there as well. "Battle of the Bands"
Clockwork 23.png Vtech Press Conference A conference from Vtech Corp Inc. at which Victor Verliezer unveiled C.I.D.D. It was ended early due to a supposed glitch in C.I.D.D.'s system. "A Clockwork Origin"
ClockworkOrigin (95).png Lumberjack Festival A lumberjack-themed festival C.I.D.D. had escaped to. Here, Milo, Zack and Melissa locate the true creator of C.I.D.D., Clyde Rickenbacker. "A Clockwork Origin"
SLIY 9.jpg S.S. Indulgence Cruise Trip A school trip in order to justify Jefferson County Middle School's purchase of the S.S. Indulgence. The ship crashed on a remote island, however. "Some Like it Yacht"
BTSN 335.jpg Back to School Night An evening in which students visit the school with their parents. Martin, Richard and Eileen attended there, and got turned into kids alongside Ms. Murawski and Dakota. "Backward to School Night"
The Race (49).png Race for Runts A charity marathon race to raise money for small dogs. Milo primarily participates in the race just so he can accomplish his goal to actually finishing a race. "Some Like it Yacht"

Season 2

Image Name Description Appears in
AmandaExplainsBackDrop.png Picture Day Students get their picture taken for the yearbook. Milo has never gotten a successful picture taken for Picture Day. "Picture Day"
Pace (95).png Race for Homeless Llamas A stock car charity race organized by Brigette to raise money for a shelter for homeless llamas. Various NASCAR racers attended as participants. With Milo and Elliot boarding the pace car, the race has been taking through the rest of Danville. "Pace Makes Waste"
MiloAmandaTwirling2.png Cake 'Splosion Amanda's favorite bake-off TV show once filmed an episode right in Danville, with her and Milo participating as a team representing Jefferson County Middle School. "Cake 'Splosion!"
DDO (107).png End of Night '70s Style Roller Disco Dance Competition A roller disco dance competition held at Skate Ashbury, themed after the 70s, which Martin and Brigette tried winning but failed. A last competition was held before Skate Ashbury's closure, which Milo got his parents signed up for, and Doofenshmirtz attended as the judge. "Disco Do-Over"
Big Finish.PNG Forget the Llamas, Save the Alpacas A benefit concert picked up by Amanda for Just Getting Started, to raise awareness of alpacas. It was made sure to be a successful performance. "Managing Murphy's Law"
BuildABot.PNG Build-A-Bot Contest A science fair where Doofenshmirtz gives students three hours to build inventions and then judges them on how well their inventions turned out. "Spy Little Sister!"
Greatest Goulash Contest A cooking contest where the citizens of Danville see who can create the best dish of goulash. "The Goulash Legacy"
The Goulash Legacy (119).png Time Capsule Dedication An event dedicated to the new time capsule being put in Danville. The Mayor announced Love Händel's new song at the event. "The Goulash Legacy"
DanvilleForestProtectionActPic.PNG Danville Forest Protection Act A event where the Mayor signed a legal document that made it illegal to cut down the woods. "Cavendish Unleashed"
TSaDLoDaDCTEE (28).png Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event An event held by Jefferson County Middle School that put Milo, Melissa, and Zack against an old enemy. The event was commentated by Nolan Mitchell, Ms. Murawski, and Kyle Drako. The event was not ran past the superintendent. "The Speech and Debate League of Death and Destruction Cross Town Explosion Event"
Parks (85).png Jefferson County Middle School Annual Picnic A picnic originally set to take place at Jefferson County Middle School, but moved to Hamilton H. County Park. "Parks and Wreck"

Other Events

Image Name Description Appears in
Llama 44.jpg Llama Incident A notable incident in which Milo and Melissa had to chase and regroup a horde of llamas. "The Llama Incident"
MM act2 31.jpg First Pistachion Takeover When King Pistachion's juvenile form had been left unharmed, it grew up and took over the land in 2175 with a Pistachion army. Milo, Cavendish and Dakota discover this and travel back to the present to destroy the plant before King Pistachion himself gets them first. "Missing Milo"
Four Thirty Today.PNG Second Pistachion Takeover Due to a time paradox in the Time Stream, Derek ended up in 1955 unharmed, and began the second takeover there, starting with replacing humans at Balsawood Studios, and after 50 years, eventually turning humans into Pistachions with the M.U.L.C.H. "Fungus Among Us"
"The Phineas and Ferb Effect"
The Goulash Legacy (8).png Great Screech Owl War of Millennia 2 A war against humans and robotic screech owls that takes place eons from now. The war would be ended when the World's Greatest Goulash is unleashed from his time capsule. "The Goulash Legacy"
Sphere of Calamity An extreme case of Orgaluth's Law, created as all the negative probability ions on Octalia were gradually attracted to Orgaluth, expanding at an unstoppable rate. Thinking that the Sphere has consumed Orgaluth, the Octalians have brought Milo to Octalia in order to stop it. "Milo in Space"
"Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space"