These are background lines from Season 1 of Milo Murphy's Law.

"Going the Extra Milo"/"The Undergrounders"

Worker: And also a section of that concrete drainage pipe.
Bradley: Never mind. There they go.
Bradley: Ninety seconds to the bell.
Zack: The coupling's loose? What does that even mean?
Milo: And then to unbuckle it you press down this button.
Zack: Melissa. Milo. Are you guys okay?
Milo: Okay, here's the plan.
Foreman: Good luck kid.
Scott: It was nice knowing you. Hey, that was my flash light.
Foreman: Scott.
Scott: But he's gonna use up the batteries.
Milo: Or not.

"Rooting for the Enemy"/"Sunny Side Up"

Milo: Diogee, go home. He's not supposed to be at the hospital.
Ms. Murawski: Just... me and... the wood.
Martin: Milo. Be a dear and get your dad his crutches.

"The Doctor Zone Files"/"The Note"

Sara: (gasps) Pistachios! That's Dr Zone's favourite nut!
Milo: What's a group of bikers then, a gaggle?
Zack: I think it's a pod.

"Smooth Opera-tor"

Melissa: Woooohoooo!

"Worked Day"/"The Wilder West"

Ms. White: Come on kids.
Milo: How do I turn this thing... wow!
Eileen: Ok kids, let's give Eunice a little bit more space.
Kyle: Arms at your sides! Arms at your sides!
Brigette: Be sure to look up from your phone once in a while.
Wally: Yeah, they look like the same cows.

"Murphy's Lard"

Melissa: I saw that!
Cavendish: Eh, take down the thing.

"Secrets and Pies"/"Athledecamathalon"

Veronica: I know right.
Milo: You're the one who said some secrets are cool.
Melissa: (robotic voice) I am a robot!
Melissa: He's not a vampire.

"The Math Book"

Zack: So how are we gonna get out? I think that was our only way in.
Milo: Guys? Up here!
Milo: Hey, it's the drama club.

"The Little Engine That Couldn't"

Milo: Wowee! Look at her go!
Mr. Chase: No! Get back here!
Cavendish: Pardon me!
Dakota: Excuse me, sorry.
Dakota: What? I'm just being nice.

"The Substitute"/"Time Out"

Cavendish: Get out of here, beast!
Dakota: Ooh, look at that. It's like a pen/keys, he-hey.

"We're Going to the Zoo"/"School Dance"

Zack: I'm not used to running after things. I'm used to things running after us!
Amanda: Can't. Now the ice bowl's under the heating vent.

"Missing Milo"

Dakota: Wh-What? We-We've gotta keep up our strength.
Cavendish: Ooh! I found something!
Sara: Wait! I'm after backpack?!?
Jerry: Hey guys, look at me!
King Pistachion: You don't know where it's been.

"Star Struck"

Lorraine: Just ignore it, Barney!
Milo: I already went through them all in my head and they don't work!
Props manager: I mean he's a krill, they're awfully small. Does anyone have a magnifying glass?

"Some Like it Yacht"

Coach Mitchell: GET IT OFF ME!
Principal Milder: Free period!
Bradley: It's not the same.

"World Without Milo"

Elliot: You didn't spill the marbles!

"Love Toboggan"/"The Island of Lost Dakotas"

Comic shop employee: And I just arranged it all so interestedly.
Birthday Dakota: It's my birthday!

"Fungus Among Us"

Cavendish: You're a moron!
Dakota: Look, I got a clock face for a face, get it?
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