Gender: Male
Species: Octalian
Hometown: Octalia
Professional Information
  Field Agent
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "Sick Day"
Voiced by:
John Ross Bowie
Nailed it!

— Loab, "Sick Day"

Loab is an aqua-colored Octalian that works as a field agent for the Alien Commander alongside Khone.

He is voiced by John Ross Bowie.


While he's enthusiastic about helping with the mission, he isn't great at his job and tends to let his fears get the best of him. He takes great pride in being called one of the commander's favorites. He appears to be a chill and upbeat guy, who gets stressed from the possibility of getting hurt.

Physical Appearance

Loab is a tall aqua-colored Octalian with oval eyes. Like the other Octalians aboard the Octalian mother ship, Loab wears a deep blue uniform with bright red highlights and an upturned red collar.


In "Sick Day", the Alien Commander sends Loab, alongside Khone, on a mission to gather a tissue sample from Milo Murphy. After successfully making it to Milo's room, the two of them are attacked and chased out by Diogee, much to the commander's annoyance.

In "Abducting Murphy's Law", he's one of four Octalians sent into the vents of the ship to retrieve Milo after he escapes. Loab is the first of the four to be found and saved by Milo and explains the situation to the Alien Commander afterward.


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“Gentlemen, impressive camouflage! You are my very best... my favorites!”
—Alien Commander to Loab and Khone[src]

“Well, we are your favorites!”

“With respect, ma'am, this is what happened when we were just trying to observe him?”
—Loab about Milo Murphy[src]

“This is Loab reporting in from engineering section. Uh, sir, there's a lot of tunnels here... and, uh... I'm lost.”


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