Love Händel is a local band from Danville who performed the song "Goulash".

Physical Appearance


Danny wears a purple 80's style shirt and has black pants. He also wears a black head band.

He has a dark brown beard and light brown hair put into a ponytail. On his ear, he has a golden earing. His eyes are dark brown.

Bobbi Fabulous

He wears a large yellow coat over a black turtleneck. He also wears black glasses and white pants.

His hair is pure white and he has a light gray goatee.


Sherman, unlike Danny and Bobbi, didn't go back to his classic 80's clothes. Instead, he wears his librarian clothes which are made up of a red work shirt, blue tie, brown pants, light red shoes, and a black belt.

His hair is dark grey with a light gray streak through it. He also has a gray goatee. Unlike Bobbi, his eyes are visible through his glasses.

Band Members

Image Name Position
The Goulash Legacy (124) Danny
(Voiced by Jaret Reddick)
Lead Singer and Lead Guitarist
LoveHändelBobbi Bobbi Fabulous
(Voiced by Carlos Alazraqui)
Bass Guitarist
The Goulash Legacy (122) Sherman "Swampy" Drummer



  • Sherman's stage name, Swampy, is a reference to one of the co-creators of the show Jeff "Swampy" Marsh.
  • Their logo can be seen on a black T-shirt in the episode "We're Going to the Zoo".
    53 new swag for the chimps

    The black shirt.

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