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This is Mantel reporting in from gravity control.

— Mantel, "Abducting Murphy's Law"

Mantel is a chartreuse Octalian that works under the Alien Commander's command.


Like most of the other Octalians aboard the ship, Mantel was afraid of being in close proximity to Milo on account of Murphy's Law, and taped pillows around his body and head to protect himself from disaster. In spite of this, he went into the vents in search of Milo at the Alien Commander's command. Mantel celebrated Milo with the others after he'd saved them.

Physical Appearance[]

Mantel is a chartreuse Octalian with a notably large forehead. Like the other members of the crew, he wears a deep blue outfit with an upturned collar and red highlights.


In "Abducting Murphy's Law", he, Loab, Khone, and Beek are sent into their ship's vents to look for Milo Murphy. Like the others, he was unsure of going after Milo due to his negative probability ions. After being helped out by him though, Mantel and his co-workers lose their fear of him.



“This is Mantel reporting in from gravity control.”



  • His large forehead resembles Dr. Diminutive's large forehead.