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As the city's key safety inspector, most of my job is just to show up. When I'm around anything that can go wrong tends to.

— Martin Murphy

Martin Murphy is Milo and Sara's father and Brigette's husband. Like his son, he is the descendant of the namesake of Murphy's Law, and victim to the same principle of perpetual misfortune.

He is voiced by Diedrich Bader.[1]


Martin is very positive and relaxed in the face of Murphy's Law. He takes the disasters in stride, and even uses his condition to his advantage, working as a city safety inspector, where he simply has to be present near the safety equipment to test their strength.

Physical Appearance

Martin has a narrow face with a sharp chin and a pointed nose. His hair is brown, and in typical Murphy-male style it sticks up at the front. He has a slender build.

Martin wears a very light green dress-shirt with short sleeves and a red striped tie. He wears light colored dress pants with a darker belt and brown sneakers. While at work, Martin wears a yellow hard hat.


Early History

Martin grew up with his parents, Grandpa and Grandma Murphy, and brother Joey and inherited the genetic disorder Extreme Hereditary Murphy's Law. He attended many schools in his education. It's implied he moved on from a number of schools due to large amounts of destruction wrought by Murphy's Law.

At some time in his childhood, Martin attended Jefferson County Middle School, where he won a school sports competition solely thanks to the fact that he was the last one standing. After Murphy's law downed every other player, Martin was free to hit the ball into the net at his leisure, winning the game 0–1 in the last seconds and claiming a trophy.

At some point, Martin met Brigette and fell in love with her. On their first date, he notably brought an extra hazmat suit just for her. They later got married and had two children, Sara and Milo. Their dog Diogee completes the members of the family household.

He got into the Doctor Zone franchise and would watch it with Sara from when she was in the fourth grade. This would lead to the show becoming something of an obsession for Sara.

Using his unique condition to his advantage, he became Danville's key city safety inspector, a job he holds during the events of the series.

Recent Events

In "Sunny Side Up", he crashed his bicycle into his car and asked his son to get his crutches.

In "The Doctor Zone Files", he is seen in Sara's flashback of her birthday where a train came through their backyard.

In "Party of Peril", he suggests having Milo's Birthday party at the local go-kart track and helps set up the event.

In "Worked Day", his son and his classmates visit him at work and are present when the water plant floods.

In "The Wilder West", he and his wife go to an outlet mall, so they only have to pay half price if anything breaks, while his children and his son's friends go to the Nowhere Desert Dude Ranch.

In "Family Vacation", he and his family go on a road trip where Milo gets separated from his family and they work frantically to get him back.

In "Athledecamathalon" he and his wife drop of Milo's lunch and body armor and look for his soccer trophy to no success.

In "Time Out" he and Milo go fishing on his boat with Zack and his dad.

In "Backward to School Night" he, Mr. Chase, and Eileen Underwood attend the Jefferson County Middle School parent-teacher conference. During the conference, he, the other parents, and Ms. Murawski are turned into toddlers. Their children chase them around the school until they are turned back into adults. He and the other parents watch their children sleep as they think of their growth but still think of them as babies.

In "Love Toboggan", he takes his son and his son's friends skiing and he sprained his ankle in a fall.

In "Fungus Among Us", he is seen among the Pistachions prisoners at Lard World. He comforts his daughter along with his wife when she is captured.

In "Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!", he decommissions a truck which his son turns into a haunted house. It moves when he opens the garage door.

In "A Christmas Peril", he and his wife go to the mall for last minute Christmas shopping. A blizzard hits and they are told to stay inside. Their children come in with the extended Murphy family, much to their delight. They have dinner at a Chinese restaurant at the mall along with the Underwoods, the Chases, Mort and Amanda.

In "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", Melissa uses Martin's EHML to break out of the lard world prison, but Martin is re-captured alongside Brigette and Sara before they could escape. Later, he was turned into a Pistachion by the M.U.L.C.H. machine but transformed back after Derek was successfully destroyed.

In "Game Night", he tries to use the Barbeque with Brigette, but it explodes. He participates in game night and is eventually sucked into an alternate dimension with the others.

In "Pace Makes Waste", Doofenshmirtz calls him on his cellphone to ask if the lemonade in the fridge was shampoo, leading Martin to eventually hang up. Afterward, Martin sells merchandise with Brigette.

In "Cake 'Splosion!", he stays home to watch the event on TV to avoid doubling the amount of Murphy's law at the event itself, but gets distracted watching soap operas with Doofenshmirtz instead. Martin later remembers the event only to contend with the Recurring Raccoon who steals the remote. He ends up being teleported to the event after Doofenshmirtz accidentally blasts him with an inator.

In "Doof's Day Out", Martin takes Doofenshmirtz on a trip to his workplace to show him around and get him out of the house.

In "Disco Do-Over", with Milo's help, Martin and Brigette get a second chance to fulfill their dreams of becoming disco dance champions.



Brigette Murphy

Main article: Martin and Brigette's Relationship
87 your my hero small.jpg

Martin loves his wife dearly and enjoys spending time with her. When the two of them go to Milo's school to drop off his lunch, Martin was excited to show Brigette a trophy he'd won back when he'd gone to the school. When he couldn't find the trophy, he went over the top trying to demonstrate the winning play he'd made to earn it in spite of her protests.

He'd initially made his feelings for her clear when they went on their first date, in which he brought her an extra hazmat suit to keep her safe through Murphy's Law.

Sara Murphy

Sara is Martin's daughter. He was the one who'd first introduced her to Doctor Zone, leading to her obsession with the show.

Milo Murphy

Main article: Martin and Milo's Relationship

Milo is Martin's son. The two of them both experience Murphy's law, and can often relate their experiences, sharing a strong disdain for concrete and the knowledge that, in contrast, snow is soft, with limited potential for harm. Martin tends to have a lot of unusual words of wisdom he uses in different situations, and Milo has taken to quoting his father when something in his own life becomes relevant (see here).


Diogee is the family dog. Like the rest of the family, Martin takes responsibility in sending him home.


Zack Underwood and Melissa Chase

Martin is on good terms with Milo's best friends and enjoys spending time with them alongside Milo. He went with them on a ski trip but ended up hurting himself before they could ski together.

Marcus Underwood

Martin is on friendly terms with Zack's father and has made an effort to befriend him after the Underwood family moved into town. While Marcus initially denied the existence of Murphy's Law, a fishing trip together was enough to prove him wrong.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz

At first he was annoyed and confused as to why Doof was living with his family. But since then he has gotten used to him and now he is even comfortable sitting by him watching a show.


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“Milo, be a dear and get your dad his crutches.”
—Martin Murphy[src]

“Well, the water venting system seems to be working. But, you're going to want to check the stability of that catwalk. And... you're gonna want to replace this T bolt.”
—Martin Murphy[src]

“We only have to pay half price when it breaks.”
—Martin Murphy[src]

“That trophy has to be here somewhere. I mean I was a legend.”
—Martin Murphy[src]

“I got it! No. "Best ceramic statue of a soccer ball 2013". They give trophies for anything nowadays.”
—Martin Murphy[src]

“And Murphy’s intercepted the ball. He runs down the field and no one can stop him. This may be the best soccer playing that I’ve seen from a human being or even from some kind of soccer playing robot and Murphy shoots and he s...”
—Martin Murphy[src]

“Knock on wood.”
—Martin Murphy[src]

“I know they're growing up, but they're still our babies.”
—Martin Murphy[src]

“Milo and I have been skiing lots of times. Snow is soft, and it melts. Unlike, for example, concrete, which is the worst invention in the history of mankind!”
—Martin Murphy[src]

“You know, I really don't like it when they put free samples in these magazines. It makes it very awkward to read. Oh, come on!”
—Martin Murphy[src]

“Thank you, kids. This is wonderful. All the Murphys together in one spot.”
—Martin Murphy[src]


Season 1

Season 2


  • Martin uses his EHML to his advantage in his job as the chief safety inspector. As anything that can go wrong will whenever he is around, he is able to find all faults and potential hazards in the area and have them fixed.
  • Diedrich Bader also played Albert Du Bois in Phineas and Ferb.


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