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  • So, I saw your comment on my "First Impressions: Wishes and Hopes" blog and I left a relpy to it, but you didn't answer.

    So I just wanted to ask you personaly.

    What character do you want for the next Character-Inator!

    Can't wait to here! No pressure.

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    • This is gonna be a really odd one, but if you can do this, I choose...

      Ms. White.

      If you can't do her, then I go for Jim.

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    • That's actually a really intresting choice. 

      I'll do it! 

      But, do you know anyone from Phineas and Ferb that would be a good match against her?

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    • Well, anyone would be a good match against her.

      But I guess I'll settle with Charitable Charities worker.

      Pretty random guess, but I had to look for a character with little memorability, pesonality, or prominence in the series, and he's the first one that stuck out to me.

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    • Cool choice! Love it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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