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  • So, as some of you mighy know, I've had the idea of a character not being okay with younger-brother-older-sister relation for quite a while now. Remember about 20's Law (explained later on)? Since this is a topic which I believe not everyone might find friendly enough, I've been trying to find ways in which this particular character can be enjoyed by all. That's why, I may or may not change the previous concept of 20's Law, but I need all of your help. Just tell me, which of the concepts below you find more acceptable:

    1. 20's Law: Anything that can go wrong (when the younger brother and older sister are together, of course), will go wrong. It's just like Murphy's Law, but is specific and much more dangerous.

    2. Dr. 20: A ghost (or a viewer) will be there seeing what's going on, commenting on how much they hate seeing the 2 (or 3) together, it should not be allowed and sometimes even trying to separate them, which will probably fail most of the time (depending on the situation). 

    So these are the 2 ideas I have so far. To be honest, I have many memes and ideas in my mind related to this concept, but I cannot reveal them if people feel offended. I may even use both of these concepts together, but I need to know your thoughts. If you have any idea other than these 2, please do tell me. Overall, I need to find out the friendliest way to express something unfriendly without meaning anything wrong.

    I believe you will understand what I'm trying to explain. Please don't get me wrong, okay?

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  • So, I've been thinking, and I know you all are wonderfully patient (and I am grateful for that), but due to my insanely busy schedule, a December where I've got some bug Christmas plans, and a million other things, I refuse to let this story drag out.

    So, I have a proposal: I've already got about 8 (maybe more maybe less) chapters ready. I wanted to release it as a movie, but the way this is going, maybe it is better like this.

    My question is, to every person I know on this wiki: Are you planning to read this or not, and if you are, would you rather one big release or chapters?

    Thank you,

    The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy.

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    • HEY GUYS! Well, IT'S OFFICIAL! "Balthazar Cavendish Vs The World" will be split into chapters, with the first coming... TOMORROW! Yes, on Saturday, November 16th, you will get to see the story I've been teasing for nearly a year! I must note that it is a short chapter, and the real meat begins in Chapter 2, but still! And every two days, a new chapter will be posted! With Author's notes and all! I really REALLY hope you all will talk to me about the story, through comments or message walls or chats! I'm down for anything, from raging critiques to loving praise to curious questions! Now, before I leave you, here's the first and only trailer for "Balthazar Cavendish Vs The World"! Hit it!

      (Black screen) (We see nothing but hear all) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): The time... Has come... (Footage of Dakota leaving Cavendish) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): He's hurt him long enough... (Footage of Dakota as a mess, in the shower, bleeding from knife wounds) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): For so long, we've waited for him to save us... To help us exist... (6 other shadowy figures all lift their hoods and stare anxiously at Dakota) (Nothing) (Slow, metallic breathing) (Red piercing eyes) (Wide smile that shines like a Cheshire cat) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): Now... (Dakota cowers in fright as they land in front of him) (The Seventh Shadowy Figure steps up to Dakota and grins) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): We'll finally save him from that monster... (The Seventh Shadowy Figure scoops Dakota up and kisses him. Dakota is shocked) The Seventh Shadowy Figure: Hello... Vinnie... (Cut to black) The Seventh Shadowy Figure (V.O): Who can POSSIBLY stop us? (Sudden cut to Balthazar Cavendish, looking at Denise from the Breakfast Burrito Store) Denise: Balthy, you're... Balthazar Cavendish: I know... A failure. ("Careless Whisper" by George Michael plays as Cavendish strolls down town, feeling sorry for himself and looking worse and worse off) Balthazar Cavendish (V.O): I treated Dakota like shit, I ruined our relationship, and worst of all, I don't see what I did wrong! (Cavendish sits down on the couch, almost passed out from being drunk) Balthazar Cavendish (V.O): I tried to love him, really! (Cavendish sits down and cries as a knife is thrown at him) Balthazar Cavendish (V.O): Please... It can't be my fault... (Two kids look up at Cavendish and shake their heads from the donut he's eating) Kids: Cavendish, it is your fault... (Dakota looks at Cavendish, with regret and anger, and Denise looks at him with encouragement and hope) Dakota/Denise: Now what are you going to do about it? (Cavendish seems scared, and unsure) (From "The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy AU") (Cavendish leaps as a high heel strikes him on the face) Dakota (V.O): I loved you with all my heart, and you still acted like I was nothing! (Cavendish dodges teddy bears and shoots a strike with a bowling ball) Dakota (V.O): But I know what it's like to be forced to change... To be hated for being you... (Cavendish floats in space) (Cavendish digs a grave, and sighs in the rain) (Cavendish smiles sadly at a weeping Mr. Block) Dakota (V.O): And I know that deep down... (Cavendish gets an anime girl transformation as a robot arm punches him) (Cavendish gets served tea dressed like Alice In Wonderland) (Cavendish dances with a broom) Dakota (V.O): Deep down there IS a good man there. Someone who wants to be loved and wants to love... (Cavendish walks away from explosion all cool like with shades) Dakota (V.O): So tell me... (Music stops) (Cavendish stumbles to his feet and stands tall as the Seventh Shadowy Figure laughs maniacally and Dakota hides) (Cut to black) (Cavendish closes his eyes) (And gives a thumbs up) Dakota (V.O): When are you going to be Balthazar Cavendish? (Titles roll) BALTHAZAR CAVENDISH VS THE WORLD COMING TOMORROW SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS! THE MILO MURPHY'S LAW WIKI GUY

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  • Ok, so there's this thing called fluff/smuttember, in which you write fluff (cute) and or smut (sex) fanfics for a month. Hornet, despite an aversion to smut, underage and legal, got drawn into making one because of peer pressure and wanting to one up a Zalissa writer. He had a private conversation with me, and he really doesn't want to do that kind of stuff. He did sort of age up the characters, but as he says, deep down, he really doesn't want to do this.

    Whatever he has that made him do it, I want to believe that it is not who he is. Hornet has a problem, and he needs help with it. I hope we can.

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    • That's the gist of it. I'm just a big, fat screwup. You whatever you want to me...I deserve it.

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    • Hornet, you have to calm down. I know it looks bad, but it's not too late.

      Many people suffer from addictions or from actions they do not completely understand. You CAN be better.

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    • The Milo Murphy's Law Wiki Guy wrote:
      Hornet, you have to calm down. I know it looks bad, but it's not too late.

      Many people suffer from addictions or from actions they do not completely understand. You CAN be better.

      Thanks for believing in me, Wiki Guy.

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  • This is Amanda's entiure nightmare from that fanfic. Be warned, it gets dark and scary. 

    “Hello, Amanda,” the woman in white greeted her. She was sitting on Amanda's dresser and looked for all like a more grown-up version of her clad in a pure white spotless gown. “What's the matter? Surprised to see me?”

    Amanda looked around. “Who are you? How did you get in my room?”

    “Oh, Amanda, don;t you know? I AM you! I've been with you the entire time! I'm your OCD!” She laughed, a laugh that sounded musical and at the same time taunting. “Amanda, did you REALLY think you could forget about me? I've been with you forever, and there's no way you can ever get ME to go!” She floated over to Amanda. “Amanda, why that face? You never had any problem with me before! Come now my dear! Don;t be like that!” She looked around. “Ya know, I don;t think this room is neat enough! I think I see a few things out of order! Are those books nice and straight enough, Amanda?” Amanda quickly turned to look before catching herself and turning back.

    “Leave me alone,” she whispered tightly.

    “Now, Amanda, is that any way to talk? We've been together ever since you were born! Haven't I always taken care of you? Always made sure things went right?”

    Amanda stood up, “No,” she said. “You never made me truly happy, you never took care of me! All you did was make me a nervous wreck and treat people rudely when they were nothing but nice to me!”

    “Rudely?” The OCD laughed again. “You mean making sure there was no chaos around?! Making sure that everything ran smoothly? Making sure that people who cause said chaos are out of the picture?”

    Amanda choked on her tears of guilt. “He had every right to be there! I shouldn;t have told him to stay away....”

    “Oh, but you did! You DID my dear! And you did a wonderful job of it if I may say so!”

    “Leave me! Go away!”

    “Oh, Amanda, don;t you get it? You CAN'T just wish me away! I'm a part of you! I AM you!”


    “YES!! Admit, it, Amanda, you can't live without me! I'm your order, I'm your organization, I'm your committes, I AM YOU! You can;t get rid of me, I'm inside you and I always will be! That boy is long gone, and good riddence!”

    “How DARE YOU!”

    “I dare because I'm right! Amanda, do you forget yourself?! Do you forget you, how you are, what you are? You forgot ME? It;s all for the best that he;'s dead, don;t you think?”

    “No, no, no!”

    “Oh Amanda. Let;s not fool ourselves. We all know he's dead! It's a good thing. No more chaos, no more everything falling apart, no more disorder all around!” She laughed again. “Isn't it beautiful, querida?” She moved around, singing a taunting song:

    I was at a party 
    And this feller said to me 
    Something bad is happening 
    I'm sure you do agree 
    People care for nothing 
    No respect for human rights 
    Evil times are coming 
    We are in for darker nights? 
    I said who are you 
    To talk about impending doom? 
    He got kinda wary 
    As he looked around the room 
    He said, I'm a minister 
    A big shot in the state? 
    I said I just can't 
    Believe it, boy 
    I think it's great 
    Brother can you tell me 
    What is right and what is wrong? 
    He said, keep on rocking baby 
    'Til the night is gone?

    On and on and on 
    Keep on rocking baby 
    'Til the night is gone

    Over in the corner 
    I could see this other guy 
    He was kinda flirty 
    He was giving me the eye 
    So I took advantage 
    Of the fact that I'm a star 
    Shook my hair and took 
    A casual stroll up to the bar 
    And as sure as hell 
    This guy was coming up to me 
    He said, who am I and 
    Who are you and who are we 
    What's our situation do 
    We have some time for us? 
    I said, I was not exactly 
    Waiting for the bus 
    He said, if you're going 
    Somewhere can I come along? 
    I said, keep on rocking baby 
    'Til the night is gone?

    On and on and on 
    Keep on rocking baby 
    'Til the night is gone

    Amanda covered her ears. “Go away! Leave me!!”

    “Leave you? Like the way you told Milo to leave the school dance? Leave you like THAT?!” Suddenly a booming voice that seemed to come from everywhere and nowhere surrounded Amanda/




    She recognized it as her own voice. “Stop it!!”

    “Stop what? Those are your own words!!:”







    The words surrounded Amanda. She sank weakly down to her knees and covered her ears with her hands, but the voices continued to surround her, press down on her from all angles. “Go away! Why are you delighting in torturing me?!”

    “ME, Amanda? Those are the words you yourself have said! They came to life because of you, do not blame me!”

    “Leave me!” She sobbed into her knees. “Leave me alone!” She backed up against the wall...only to find it no longer there! She looked up and realised she was no longer in her room. The room seemed to have disappeared and now she was alone in a foggy dark street. She made her way down the moonlight sidewalk, not knowing where she was or where she was going. She saw some figures just ahead of her but it was too dark to fully make them out. Coming closer she realised to her horror that it was a funeral procession! A hearse was clearly seen leading it and behind it was Milo's family. Looking completely devistated, almost zombie-like. Amanda tried to call out to them. But they didn;t seem to hear her. Just behind them came Melissa and Zack....with Melissa crying hysterically. Her face seemed to be hidden by tissues and she was so blinded by her own sobbing Zack literally had to hold her up and try to help her walk even though his own eyes were teary too. They all walked into a church that was behind a big iron gate. Amanda ran over to them. “Zack,” she reached over to touch his shoulder. Zack just turned and glared at her, not even saying a word before helping Melissa through the gate....and before Amanda could enter herself the gate closed shut behind her!

    Amanda tried to shake the gate open. “Let me in!!” she cried put. “Por favor...please let me in!! Let me in, I'm a friend! Please, please let me in!”

    Another deep voice cried out, “MURDERERS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN!!”

    “But...I didn;t mean to! I didn;t mean to!!

    “Too late, Amanda! Too late!”

    “But I didn;t kill him! I didn;t do it on purpose!”

    “No? Look at your hands, Amanda! Look at your hands!” Amanda looked, and to her horror, her hands were now covered in blood! She glanced at her shirt and saw drops of blood all over it!

    “No! No!!”

    An all too familiar voice then came from the right. “Now, Amanda, why the long face? Come and celebrate with us!” Amanda angrily turned around and saw Bradley there sharing a drink of soda with Elliot. She gasped when she saw Bradley's shirt was bloody as well and so we Elliot's sign. “Come,. Amanda! Let;s all drink to the fact that from now on we will have peace and quiet here!”

    “You monstars!” Amanda cried out. “How can you sit there and do this?!”

    “HA! It isn;t just US, Amanda!” Bradley pointed out. “Or have you yourself forgotten how you didn't want to be anywhere near him? Have you forgotten how you didn't want to sit next to him, how you didn't want to partner up with him, how you joined MY team just so you wouldn't be partnered up with him! Remember, dear, dear Amanda? Remember?!”

    “I wish I could say I did not,” Amanda said quietly.

    “You regret it now, but that doesn;t change anything, Amanda!! Not a damn thing!”

    Elliot went over to give her a soda. “Come, let's have a toast! To the safety of the world now!” Amanda glared at him and threw it in his face.

    “How could you do this at a funeral?!”

    “The funeral that freed us all! It freed us all! NOW your dances will come off without a hitch!”

    Her OCD then showed up again in front of her. “Amanda? I hear the dance committee calling!” Amanda then turned and found herself at the front of the doors of the gym! They seemed to open by themselves and she saw a lot of the kids in formal wear dancing...but to a very dark tune....

    Hey, it's time to dance!

    Cause it's school dance time!

    And now we know it's OK,

    Cause there's no jinx this time!

    Yeah, someone just killed him!

    Now it;s school dance time!

    Now we're all nice and safe.

    Cause he just died, died, died!

    Yes he just die, die, died!

    Yes. He just died, died, died!

    It's school dance time!

    Cause he just died, died, died!

    Die, you little jinx, die!

    I baked us a pie!” Elliot broke in.

    “Oh, what flavor?” Bradley asked.

    “Oh, whatever you like!”

    “Come on, Amanda, there;s no more waiting!”

    “Come on, let;s just dance!”

    “Nothing can fall apart now!”

    “No more taking a chance!”

    Come on, all the school is safe!

    Come on, no more helmets or shields.

    Now we're good and rid of all bad luck,

    Now, Amanda, too late to yield!

    Yes he died,

    We're all gonna die!

    Oh look, a butterfly!

    Yes he just die, die, died!

    Yes. He just died, died, died!

    It's school dance time!

    Cause he just died, died, died!

    Amanda held her hands over her ears and ran out of the gym. She ran down the dark halls of the school, past the lockers, but the song kept pounding down upon her, surrounding her, not letting her escape...

    Yes he just die, die, died!

    Yes. He just died, died, died!

    It's school dance time!

    Cause he just died, died, died!




    Amanda sank to her knees sobbing hysterically. “I;m so sorry Milo...I'm so sorry!!

    “He's still dead, dear,” her OCD pointed out. “He's still dead!”

    “I;m so sorry...I;m so sorry....”

    Amanda suddenly found herself opening her find herself laying on a bench. She sat up and blinked through her tears. She remembered where she was, in the hospital chapel. She had cried herself to sleep praying. She rested her arms on the edge of the bench and laid her head on them crying softly. She heard footsteps coming near her and a slightly German accented voice came from above her. “Hey, are you OK?”

    Amanda looked up and saw Dr D staring at her concerned. “How;s Milo?”

    “Don;t worry, they saved him. He;s OK.”

    “He is?”

    “Yeah. He's OK. Gave is all quite a scare, I;'ll admit. But he's gonna be alright.” he noticed Amanda still sitting quietly on the bench. “Hey, you OK?”

    Amanda shook her head. “I;m scared,” she admitted. “I feel like this is all my fault.”

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