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Mildred is a milk carton that lives in Subterranus with Scott the Undergrounder. They are on romantic terms.

Physical Appearance

Mildred is a small rectangular milk carton that is completely white and open at the top, empty of contents. There is a blue face on one side, presumably drawn on in a lopsided way.


Mildred first appears in "Missing Milo", after Scott leads Melissa and Zack out of the sewers. Once they're gone, he promptly turns and scolds Mildred for expecting him to introduce everyone who comes down to the sewers.

In "Teacher Feature", Mildred is separated from Scott when a garbage man collects her alongside the trash. She returns to him at the end of the episode, where she catches Scott bringing in an orange juice carton named 'Cynthia', much to his horror.

In "Adventure Buddies", she takes all of Scott's time, making Doofenshmirtz frustrated which causes Doof to mimic Mildred and Scott's relationship with a mop named Stephanie. When Doof tries to mimic their relationship Mildred sends Doof to a bathtub suspended over the sewer water. When the ship is going over a waterfall and she falls out, Doof saves her. When they are all drying off, she asks Doof to stay with her and Scott. Doof declines and goes back to the Murphy's.

In "Safety First", she attends a therapy session with Scott.


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“Don't give me that look, Mildred! I can't introduce you to every person that comes down here.”

“Sorry, Its been a while. My last date was with a milk carton-”
—Scott to Ms. Murawski[src]

“Would you like to watch some non-functional TV?”


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  • She is similar to Doofenshmirtz's friend, Balloony, in that they are both inanimate objects that are loved by a slightly crazy man.