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"Milo's World" is the nineteenth episode of the second season of Milo Murphy's Law.

Milo's friends wonder when Milo is going to join them at a fast food restaurant. To pass the time, they tell each other what they imagine Milo's life is like.


At the Pulled Pork Vegan BBQ hut, Zack and Melissa are waiting for Milo when Neil drops by and they start talking about Milo and how he lives life with Murphy's Law. Zack describes him as a wizard and that he lives his life like an online game, though Bradley describes him as a villain who purposely uses Murphy's Law to fix things and make himself look good. Just then, Sara arrives and points out Bradley is just bitter due to his plant arm. Mort describes him as connected cosmically to the cosmos before realizing he's talking about himself.

Just then, Chad comes over saying Milo can see ghosts and that there is no Murphy's law, just the ghosts causing destruction and Milo has to fix their messes and exorcise them. He believes that Bigfoot gave him his backpack before being kicked out of their table by Melissa. Sara believes he sees the world like everyone else, but focuses on solutions rather than problems. Melissa says when she was little she used to think he was a robot who uses his thinking to quickly get to the best solution for a problem. Just then Milo arrives and they ask him how his day went before Diogee comes and Milo sends him home. Just then he has them move before the sign can crush them. Neal is amazed and asks how he knew. Melissa and Zack just say “it’s Milo’s world” and “they’re all living in it” respectively.


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  • The Brady Bunch - Bradley saying Milo's name three times in an annoyed manor mimics Jan complaining about Marsha.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog - The sound effect that plays when Sonic collects a shield is heard every time the camera zooms in and out during the video game scene.
  • Phineas and Ferb - An instrumental version of the song The Beak can be heard during the Captain Chaos scene.
  • Dungeons & Dragons - TBA
  • The Dresden Files - Chad's interpretation of Milo is reminicsent of Harry Dresden from this series of books, including the trenchcoat and interactions with the supernatural.


  • Chad says he wants his umbrella lower and seems to adjust it the wrong way by raising it, but the final position of the umbrella is higher than it was originally.
  • When Milo puts an accordion in his backpack it is listed as a smaller backpack.
  • One person at the bird park is seen running away but in immediately in next shot he is seen starting to run away again.
  • When Milo explains to Sara that he lost the comic he bought for her it looks like his backpack is empty, but later on when he tells Diogee to go home, suddenly it's full of dog treats that he feeds him.


International Airings

  • Germany: unaired (previously September 21 and then September 24, 2018)
  • India: November 15, 2018
  • Poland: February 12, 2019
  • Southeast Asia: April 3, 2019
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