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Well, it just means that anything that can go wrong will go wrong...around me!

— Milo, "The Wilder West"

Milo Danger Murphy ("Danger" pronounced [dɑ̃.ʒe], dan-jé) is the titular protagonist of Milo Murphy's Law, voiced by Al Yankovic. He is the best friend of Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood, the love interest of Amanda Lopez, and is condemned to live his whole life under Murphy's Law, which states that 'anything that can go wrong, will go wrong around him'.


Milo is a very cheerful, kind, and good-hearted person. He is incredibly optimistic in the face of any kind of adversity and tends to view most situations in a positive and exciting way, regardless of the danger surrounding him. His attitude has the tendency to inspire those closest to him, and he's generally well liked by his community, although they avoid him more often than not on account of his condition.

Milo loves living with Murphy's Law, and he considers his life much more exciting than that of other kids, to the point that Melissa stopped looking for a cure because she realized he would never want to have one. Living with Murphy's Law made Milo very good at staying calm and improvising solutions, and when bad things happen to him (and they usually do), he often uses stuff from his backpack or his surroundings to help get them under control.

Screenshot (3243)

"I'm helping by not helping!"

Milo is very understanding when the people around him express various doubts about his presence in certain situations, regardless of how close they are, and he will often leave on request to prevent Murphy's Law from interfering in delicate situations. He knows that they mean well, and he reassures them that they are right to be concerned.

Milo can, at times, be quite oblivious to the people around him, and the way he is being treated. He likes to see the best in everyone to the point he ignores and often fails to notice their behavior. He treats people well even when they're directly rude to him, as seen through Cavendish's entire one-sided rivalry with him in which he treated Milo in a very rude, condescending manner, or his excitement at being called Elliot's 'friend,' in spite of the fact that it was clearly meant to be sarcastic.

On the occasion that somebody says something really awful towards him over his condition, Milo tends to simply remain silent or even walk away sadly, leaving his friends to defend him.

He has a deep love and appreciation for his friends and family and enjoys spending time with them. When asked by Victor Verliezer what he liked more than anything, he promptly responded with 'My family'. In spite of his constant optimism, Milo has shown strong doubt over his decisions when Murphy's Law proves to be too much of a danger to the people he cares about or too great for him to face, although he's quick to bounce back with the support of those closest to him.

Physical Appearance[]

Milo is a young boy with light skin, dark brown eyes, and a round face with prominent cheeks and a pointed nose. He has short brown hair, with a pointy quiff sticking up at the front, which he has named as his "signature flip" - a quirk that is very typical of males in the Murphy family line.

He wears a deep pink sweater vest with small, greyish-brown stripes over a pale-yellow t-shirt that has a downturned collar. His grey-brown shorts end above his knees, with pockets and visible seams on the sides. He wears calf-length white socks that he pairs with his trademark shoes, brown slip-ons that he orders online from a company that guarantees same day delivery.

Milo is nearly always seen wearing his backpack, which is packed full of supplies to help him deal with anything Murphy's Law throws at him. His backpack is a dark green color with black straps and small black pockets on either side. There are diagonal black and yellow stripes reminiscent of a caution sign on the back, beneath the opening flap.

Milo is implied to have a number of scars caused by Murphy's Law related incidents, as shown in "Going the Extra Milo" when he thanked a construction worker for noticing his newest scar.

He often holds the top of his backpack straps with both hands while he walks, a stance mimicked by Zack at the end of the episode "Smooth Opera-tor".

Skills and Abilities[]

From a young age, Milo has proven himself to be quite adept at dealing with Murphy's Law. Regardless of what's going wrong around him, he remains calm and controlled, constantly using both his backpack and his surroundings to improvise a solution. Even without his backpack, Milo has shown himself to be quick and resourceful. He has a wide and unusual variety of skills.

Murphy's Law[]

Living with Murphy's Law has given Milo a number of abilities, including, but not limited to:

  • Chaos Adaption: Milo is uncannily skilled at adapting the chaos caused by Murphy's Law.
  • Preparedness - As shown in almost every episode, Milo is prepared for about every mishap Murphy's Law delivers, mostly by utilizing the tools he carries in his backpack with expertise and quick improvisation. Having experience with his condition for his whole life, he is smart enough to figure out what to do and reacts quickly to Murphy's Law like a reflex.
  • Building & Repairing - On a number of occasions, Milo has shown himself to be proficient at building and repairing, having been the one to install an "asteroid early warning" system on the roof of the Murphy house, fixing a fuse box in the school's auditorium during the Niagara Falls Fling, and having turned his father's decommissioned truck into a haunted house. During their adventures he's constantly fixing stuff as it goes wrong, from drinking fountains to ceiling vents. Milo and Zack also built a robot at the science fair.
  • Strength - Like his father, and likely others living with EHML, Milo seems to be unusually strong for a person his age and figure. His backpack is full of tools and objects, including an anchor, and he constantly wears body armor that was heavy enough to pin Principal Milder to the floor.
  • Quick Thinking: As stated by Sara, Milo is shown to be a great quick thinker in any Murphy's Law situation. He often remains calm, using his backpack and his surroundings to improvise a solution. Even without his backpack, he is quick and resourceful, with a wide and unusual variety of skills.
ChristmasPeril (257)

Musical Abilities[]

Milo has proven himself to have strong musical abilities, and he plays accordion in the band Just Getting Started. He does so while avoiding any potential disasters, often fighting against Murphy's Law as he plays, showing his skills with his instrument.

  • Accordion - Milo's trademark instrument is the accordion, which he carries around with him everywhere and plays with great proficiency. This is a nod to his voice actor, Al Yankovic, who is known for playing the accordion. In "The Undergrounders", he plays a concertina, a specific kind of accordion, to distract Zack from his claustro-avoidance. He does the same in "Fungus Among Us" when he wants to annoy the giant Pistachion into attacking him. The accordion is also Milo's instrument when performing as a member of Just Getting Started.
  • Singing - Milo has shown, too, that he is a talented singer, having sung Rooting for the Enemy, Toboggan of Love and How Do I Do It?, among others. He also often does backup vocals alongside his accordion when performing with Just Getting Started.


In spite of Murphy's Law related setbacks, Milo has gone out of his way to take a number of classes and to learn skills that aren't necessary for his survival.

  • Cooking and baking - In "Secrets and Pies", it is revealed that Milo had been taking cooking classes. While it is clear his friends don't trust his ability to cook without disaster, he manages to make some tasty looking mac and cheese before things go wrong. He also aided Amanda baking their friendship cake competing on Cake 'Splosion, although he was assigned to be the prep chef.
  • Grappling hook usage - In "Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!", Milo stated that he'd taken grappling hook classes, saying that they paid off after he was able to use the grappling hook properly on the first try.
  • Linguistics (Spanish) - In "The Llama Incident", it was revealed Milo has taken Spanish lessons at school, which he utilizes to command Diogee herding the llamas in the eponymous incident.
  • Plate Spinning - In "Cavendish Unleashed", Milo took a class in plate spinning, revealing that he was quite good at it. He later used it to help save Cavendish from the giant alien


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Click here to view the history of Milo Murphy.



Martin Murphy[]

Main article: Milo and Martin's Relationship
ChristmasPeril (528)

Martin is Milo's father. The two of them both experience Murphy's law and Milo can often relate to his father's experiences with the condition, from his carefree nature in the face of danger, to sharing an intense disdain for concrete. Because of this, they're used to staying away from the other members of the family when they need space from the constant chaos.

Milo loves spending time with his father and was happy to go skiing with him alongside his own friends, although Martin got injured before he could join them. Milo went to great lengths to make sure that his father's side of the family made it home for a surprise Christmas visit.

He often quotes his father's unusual words of wisdom when something in his own life becomes relevant. While these quotes can range from inspirational to absurd, Milo uses them frequently and with a positive attitude.

Brigette Murphy[]

Main article: Milo and Brigette's Relationship
Screenshot (4424)

Brigette is Milo's mother. The two of them are close and enjoy spending time together alongside the rest of the family. Milo tends to take his mother's advice to heart, valuing her wisdom and encouragement when he's feeling unsure about something. He went to his mother for guidance when he was feeling overwhelmed about his future, looking to her for advice about choosing a career.

When her vintage T-shirts were accidentally donated to charity, Milo went to great lengths to get them back alongside Sara and Zack. Like the others, he was horrified to find out too late that Brigette had been planning on donating them anyway.

Sara Murphy[]

Main article: Milo and Sara's Relationship
Screenshot (3113)

Sara is Milo's older sister. The two of them share a close, caring sibling relationship and a love for the Doctor Zone franchise. While Milo loves spending time with his sister, he puts a lot of effort into making sure Murphy's law doesn't interfere with her plans, and will often go out of his way to prevent things from going wrong when something is important to her. After things go wrong at the movie theater, Milo suggests he doesn't come next time, but both siblings agree immediately that they hate that idea.


Main article: Milo and Diogee's Relationship
Fungus (619)

Diogee is Milo's pet dog, who's been a part of the family since Milo was a small child. He loves his dog dearly and tends to refer to him as 'the greatest dog in the world'. More often then not, Milo sends Diogee home whenever they run into each other away from the house, often reminding the people around him that Diogee wasn't supposed to be there.

In spite of this, Milo is always happy to see Diogee regardless of their distance from home, and he's always grateful for the help his dog provides when he's in trouble.


Melissa Chase[]

Main article: Milo and Melissa's Relationship
Llama 6

Melissa and Milo are best friends who have known each other for years. As one of the few people outside of family who wasn't afraid to spend time with Milo, she remained his closest friend for years before Zack joined their group. Because of this, Milo shares many traditions, past adventures, and inside jokes with her, with one of the most prominent being the Llama Incident.

Milo thinks very highly of Melissa and was surprised to find out that she had a fear of roller coasters after having seen her overcome so many more significant challenges. He helped her overcome that fear in exchange for overcoming his own fear of Chinese Finger Traps

Zack Underwood[]

Main article: Milo and Zack's Relationship
Screenshot (3006)

Zack and Milo are best friends who met on Zack's first day at Jefferson County Middle School. While Zack initially decided that he would begin avoiding Milo as soon as their first adventure ended, Milo argued against his logic and convinced him to change the way he saw Murphy's law.

Milo enjoys hanging out with Zack and often ends up facing Murphy's law alongside him.


She had a backpack

As Milo's best babysitter, Veronica has been a part of Milo's life since he was a baby. Her quick thinking and resourcefulness in taking care of him contributed to his ability to be prepared for anything Murphy's law throws his way, and eventually, she decided that he'd earned her backpack. He continues to use it on a daily basis, rarely letting it out of his sight.

Milo still considers Veronica a good friend to this day and was delighted to see her again after finding out she was working as a pizza squire.


Amanda Lopez[]

Main article: Milo and Amanda's Relationship
25 Milo woos Amanda

Amanda is one of Milo's classmates. While her love for perfection initially causes her to avoid him over Murphy's law, it is revealed that Milo has a crush on her. He puts great value into Amanda's time - during an opera, he finds out that she's using her precious free time to enjoy the show, so he puts all of his efforts into making sure things go well backstage for her sake. He doesn't tend to give her fears much consideration and instead spends his time reassuring her that everything will turn out fine. When she finally admits that she had fun in spite of the disasters and agrees to go for a pizza, Milo pushes his luck by bringing up Murphy's Law again.

He tries to get her to relax and have fun at the school dance she'd organized to no avail. Instead, Milo did his best to fix anything that went wrong while he enjoyed the dance, and eventually found Amanda lying on the floor in defeat when disaster struck. Rather than listen to her when she told him not to make things worse, he went off to fix the dance, improving as much as he could, much to her surprise and delight. She eventually ends up with a crush on him as well.

Mort Schaeffer[]

Mort is one of Milo's classmates, and the two are on friendly terms with each other. Unlike most of the other students, Mort has an easygoing attitude and doesn't tend to worry too much when it comes to Murphy's law. This, combined with his personal beliefs, lead him to blame his misfortunes around Milo on a blocked chakra rather than Murphy's Law. When Mort brings up his spiritual issue, Milo agrees that you couldn't argue against a blocked chakra. The two of them are both members of the band Just Getting Started, with Mort on drums and Milo on accordion.

Bradley Nicholson[]

Main article: Milo and Bradley's Relationship

Bradley is one of Milo's classmates. While most of them tend to avoid Milo over Murphy's law, Bradley actively complains about having to suffer his presence and berates him for every mishap. In spite of Bradley's negative attitude, Milo treats him as well as he does anyone else and ignores his rude behavior in favor of being friendly. Milo is occasionally skeptical of Bradley's actions, having stared at Bradley with a puzzled expression as the latter expressed his infatuation over Carla.


Elliot Decker[]

Main article: Milo and Elliot's Relationship
Screenshot (3630)

Milo is always friendly towards Elliot and tends to take his rude treatment in stride, humoring him whenever the crossing guard confronts him in the name of safety. He doesn't seem to mind Elliot's constant criticism and greets him cheerfully whenever they cross paths, generally oblivious to his mean behavior.

Milo seems to respect Elliot as a crossing guard and happily surrendered his bike for an inspection just because Elliot demanded it. He was thrilled when Elliot called them friends, becoming rather disappointed when the latter pointed out the sarcasm in his words. Elliot even gave Milo four of his parachutes, despite the former hating the boy.

Balthazar Cavendish[]

Main article: Milo and Cavendish's Relationship
MM act1 263

Milo is always happy to see Cavendish and greets him cheerfully anytime they cross paths. His first few meetings with Cavendish had occurred while buying pistachios from his stand; while Cavendish treated him rudely as a customer, Milo took it in stride, politely refusing to back down when the latter lied about the nuts' availability. Milo was completely oblivious to Cavendish's sudden hostility and remained ignorant to the fact that he'd been wrongly labeled a counter-agent. Upon running into Cavendish again, he was happy to see him and continued to treat him well in spite of his rude behavior. Cavendish warmed up to him after they'd saved the world together, and the two became friends.

Vinnie Dakota[]

Main article: Milo and Dakota's Relationship
MM act3 67

Milo is always happy to see Dakota and greets him cheerfully anytime they cross paths. He'd officially introduced himself to Dakota while buying some pistachios from him, and the two were quick to become friends in spite of Cavendish's initial hostilities. During the mission to take down King Pistachion, Milo aided him and Cavendish in any way he could, and afterward, Dakota gifted him a clock from the Time Stream as a souvenir of his adventure with them.

Orton Mahlson[]

Fungus (405)

Orton is the creator and star of The Doctor Zone Files. Being a huge fan of the show, Milo was thrilled to meet Orton in person and spent the next two hours telling him about all of his favorite parts. After ending up amidst the invasion, the two worked well together to survive against the Pistachions on the way to Professor Time's place. They are on friendly terms.

Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher[]

Perfect Phineas Drawing

Milo seems to warm up with Phineas and Ferb quickly in their first meeting. When Phineas and Ferb have no idea about how to deal with Murphy's Law, Milo helps them with inspirational quotes and a positive attitude facing calamity. During the fight with Pistachions, when the Murphy's Lawsuit crashes on a tree, Milo takes out some useful tools to repair it, and fights for the most part of the battle. After the invasion, Milo welcomes them to cross over any time, and Phineas simply accepts it before waving goodbye to him. ("The Phineas and Ferb Effect")

Heinz Doofenshmirtz[]

DoofsDayOut (29)

Milo meets Doofenshmirtz after the pharmacist mistaking him and the rest of the gang as the pizza delivery guy. After Murphy's Law destroys the Time Travelinator, they try to fix it and Milo goes on a journey with Perry and Diogee to find a clock which contains time juice to make time travel possible. After the fight, Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated gets destroyed, and he asks Milo to crash on his couch, indicating a long stay at the Murphy residence. ("The Phineas and Ferb Effect"). Milo appreciates Doof's help, even if he gets a tad annoying or doesn't think things through, and is on good terms with him. He states that he likes Doof living with him.

The Octalians[]

MIS (276)

At first, Milo was afraid of them when they abducted him. However, he quickly befriended them after learning they were not going to eat him and helped them out. Later on, after being abducted a second time, he agreed to help them when their planet was being threatened by the Sphere of Calamity and he helped them save Orgaluth from Orgaluth's Law.


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“Life has a strange way of working out!”
—Milo Murphy
“You know what they say: Sticks and stones can damage your vital organs, so always wear body armor.”
—Milo Murphy[src]
“I never understood why people need a rally to get peppy. Does that make you feel peppier?”
—Milo Murphy[src]
“Well, that's the thing about Murphy's Law: it's unpredictable!”
—Milo Murphy[src]
“You can't keep danger away, but why seek it out?”
—Milo Murphy[src]
“Sometimes the interruptions are half the fun, and sometimes they're mind-bogglingly terrifying. I can't wait to see which one this is.”
—Milo Murphy[src]
“It's like my dad always says, "Family vacations are the only trip you take where you go away to get closer to what you already have."”
—Milo Murphy[src]
“I've been taking a cooking class at the local community college, or at least I was, till the ovens blew up. But I learned a lot. So I'm going to cook dinner for you guys!”
—Milo Murphy[src]
“I'm preparing for all of the above. Plus, electrical fires, building instabilities, or llama stampedes.”
—Milo Murphy[src]
“Well, I just try to be prepared, you know, Murphy's law!”
—Milo Murphy[src]

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Milo has been in all episodes of Milo Murphy's Law


First Milo sketch

First sketch of Milo, showing different body proportions. His preliminary names "Monty" and "Mikey" are written next to it alongside his finalized name.

  • Milo was originally going to be named Mikey, with Mikey Murphy's Law standing as the show's original working title. His name was later changed to Milo for unknown reasons.
    • Another potential name for Milo was "Monty", changed to Mikey for unknown reasons. A possible explanation is that the name was already being used for Major Monogram's son in Phineas and Ferb, but several Milo Murphy's Law characters already share their first name with other Phineas and Ferb characters (e.g. Melissa Chase with Melissa of the Li'l Sparks, Amanda Lopez with Candace's future daughter Amanda Flynn, Balthazar Cavendish with recurring background character Balthazar Horowitz (a.k.a. the "ballpit kid"), etc).
    • Mikey being used as a name for Milo was referenced in "Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space", when an Octalian shapeshifts into Milo and believed Mikey was his name.
  • Milo can be considered a foil to Dr. Doofenshmirtz. While Dr. D. eventually turned to evil due to how unlucky he was (though he did eventually change his ways), Milo Murphy never became evil and always remained good.
    • He can also be considered a foil to Phineas Flynn and Ferb Fletcher. While Phineas and Ferb were born lucky, Milo was born unlucky.
  • Milo was shown in a tweet by "Weird Al" Yankovic on Twitter, causing fans to suggest that "Weird" Al Yankovic could be his voice actor.[1] This was later confirmed when the show entered production.[3]
  • Milo is the youngest member of the Murphy family.[4]
  • Milo owns an accordion. This is a nod to his voice actor, Al Yankovic, who is an accordion player himself.
  • Milo is the only character to appear in every episode.
  • In "The Wilder West", it is revealed that he is the seventh generation of his family who gets affected by Murphy's Law.
  • His middle name is his grandmother's maiden name.
  • His favorite game is revealed to be Yahtzee in "The Math Book".
  • King Pistachion thinks of him as his archenemy.
  • Dan Povenmire, co-creator of Milo Murphy's Law, was a director of the '90s Nicktoon Hey Arnold! before Milo Murphy's Law. It also included a character, Eugene Horowitz, who is not bothered by his bad luck.
  • Milo is one of 2 characters in Milo Murphy's Law to know both of Perry's identities without having his memory erased; the other one is Diogee.
  • He calls his hairstyle his "signature flip".
  • "Weird Al" Yankovic was confirmed to have recorded some of Milo's dialogue for Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe, by Dan Povenmire on an Instagram stream. However, Dan stated that Milo's appearance was cut from the film due to the fact that the audience may begin to think that he was the cause of all the chaos. Although "Weird Al" Yankovic still makes a cameo as a T-shirt vendor.
  • Milo has his name in seven episode titles which are "Milo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!", "World Without Milo", "Missing Milo", "Going the Extra Milo", "Milo's Shadow", "Milo's World", and "Milo in Space".

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