This page is the manual of style which will guide detailing what to put in an article and how to do it. It is currently under construction.


Please avoid the following trivia:

  • "Counting" trivia (e.g., "This is the fifth time a guest character appears in an episode"). The first time is not considered counting trivia.
  • Trivia that can change in the future (e.g., "This episode contains the most scenes with a guest character up to date.").
  • Uninteresting stuff (e.g., "Milo is a character.").
  • Referring to special playtimes (e.g., "If you look at 5:12, you can see Milo in the background."). Because not everyone has the same version of a particular video, these times are often unhelpful.
  • Tangential relations and coincidental similarities (e.g., "This is just like the time Phineas ate rocks and Ferb said nothing.").
    • These are based on personal opinion which has nothing to do with the production of the episode. Any allusion must be an intentional reference, and must be cited with a reliable source or obvious. Possible references are fan speculation, and should not be added until there is a reliable source confirming or denying the allusion.
  • Unsourced trivia (e.g., trivia about why a character was abandoned and not reused in further episodes, without a source)
    • If there is no reliable source, do not add it. A References section needs to be established for cited sources. Without a References section, anybody can put anything in the Trivia section and claim it's true. Even if you know something is true, you still need to cite a source so that others can see where you're getting your information.
  • Non-factual information/opinions (e.g., "This is the best episode of the series.").
  • Speculation/theories (e.g., "A character might die in the next episode.").
  • Trivia that is copied from other websites. We try to be as original as possible.

Second person pronouns

Try to avoid second person pronouns like you and any form of it. It has a very unencyclopedic tone and sounds unprofessional. Articles are supposed to be written at a third person point of view.


When linking in articles, not counting the infobox, try to avoid linking to a page twice. If a page was previously linked in the article, avoid linking it again. An exception to this is the characters sections in episode articles, which may link to character pages even if it was previously linked in the episode summary.

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