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Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez are classmates at Jefferson County Middle School. Milo's EHML and the chaos it attracts on a constant basis makes him a direct contrast to Amanda's obsession with organization and perfect order. This leads to her largely, but politely, avoiding him whenever possible. In spite of this, Milo is revealed to have a crush on her and enjoys spending time by her side. He is often trying to reassure her that things will be okay, often offering to help her out with her various projects with the help of the items in his backpack.

Amanda has since grown much fonder of Milo, and has come to really enjoy being around him. She's gone as far as to see the fun in Murphy's Law, and the extent of Milo's own preparedness for anything. She now enjoys spending time by his side as well.

This relationship evolves throughout several episodes in the 2 seasons of the show. It becomes a central focus in some of them, forming a story arc of its own.

Milo's opinion of Amanda

Season 1

Milo was revealed to have a crush on Amanda upon seeing her at the opera, which was something he quickly denied after Zack playfully teased him about it. His tendency to see things in a positive light and his confidence in his abilities leads him to ignore her concerns and reassure her things will be okay instead, offering to help whenever possible.

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He treats Amanda's time and plans with great importance. After finding out how important her 'scheduled enjoyment hours' are to her, Milo spent the evening doing everything he could to keep the opera going as smooth as possible in spite of Murphy's Law getting in the way. He continues to set things right during the entirety of Amanda's carefully organized school dance and tries to convince her to relax and have fun throughout the event. He finally manages to do so after Amanda realizes he was the one who fixed up the school dance after it was wrecked, and in fact he made it better than ever. He accepts her invitation to dance after he finishes playing a song with his band and she agrees to wait for him, dancing to the band music and finally relaxing and having fun in the meantime.

Season 2

After he's chosen as one of two contestants on Amanda's favorite TV show, Cake 'Splosion, Milo suggests Amanda as the second contestant, using her love for the show to convince the host, Basil Bravo, to agree. When Milo finds out she's worried about Murphy's law, he reassures her that he's going to load up his backpack more carefully than ever so that they would be prepared for anything that might come their way.


Milo rescues Amanda and saves their cake a number of times throughout the various events. By the end of them, the two of them begin working in perfect sync, leading to them winning the challenges and moving on to the final event. When he finds out the final event is rollerskating through an obstacle course, Milo begins to leave immediately, volunteering to sit out that round instead of participating so that Amanda can have a chance to win, but she quickly takes his arm and gentily stops him.

He's surprised when she reassures him that she'd rather have him around, because he's always so prepared, even getting a little choked up. With Milo's guidance, the two of them go through the obstacle course flawlessly together.


When Diogee trips them before they could make it to the finish line, Milo sincerely apologizes to Amanda, but cheers up after she tells him that she's had fun, even if they haven't won. After Basil Bravo tastes their cake and praises the way it was delivered, he suddenly announces them the winners. Amanda quickly grabs him for a huge hug, and Milo appears stunned for a moment before his face is overtaken by a deep blush and a wide smile.

After Amanda becomes the manager of his band and the group tries to determine a name for themselves, Milo states that he likes the name 'Just Getting Started' more when Amanda says it.


In spite of all her efforts to keep their concert preparations going smoothly despite the appearance pf Murphy's Law, Milo tries to suggest to her that, in light of recent events, it might be best if they give up. She quickly refuses, explaining that she's learned from Milo to never quit no matter what, saying they should 'Milo up'. Later, he compliments her work as their manager, prompting her to state that the job may be tough, but he's worth it. Afterward Milo smiles and blushes when Amanda suddenly kisses him on the cheek saying that they're 'just getting started'.

Having ended up in the school basement before he could collect his award during the student award ceremony, Milo tries and fails to escape the room by scaling one of the walls with a pickaxe. He's surprised when Amanda finds him and suddenly catches him after he falls, telling him there's an elevator.


Milo is grateful when he finds out that Amanda had picked up his award for him after the show, saying how nice it was of her, and asks her what the award was for. He watches her present his award at the mic and approaches her on the stage to receive the award in front of his cheering family, smiling when she kisses him on the cheek.

During Zack's cast party, Milo is quick to choose Amanda as the first person to tell her story, claiming it was great, which Amanda is flattered by.

Amanda's opinion of Milo

Season 1

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Amanda, like most of the other people in Milo's life, largely avoided Milo over Murphy's Law. Her love of organization made her even more nervous about his condition, and she clearly expressed her discomfort about being in his presence on a number of occasions. She was reluctant to go to his party when Melissa invited her, only agreeing when Melissa said color coordination wasn't important, and upon finding out that Milo would be at the same opera she was going to she voiced her concerns about Murphy's Law as gentily and politely as possible.  

This came to a sharp turning point, however, when Murphy's Law destroyed her carefully organized school dance, leading to her lying on the floor in despair. Rather than finding the party ruined, Amanda was shocked to see that the entire room had not only been fixed, but vastly improved by the time the lights returned. She promptly but shyly asked Milo to dance upon finding out that he'd been the one to fix the party and has since been much more relaxed in his presence. 

Season 2

Amanda put a lot of effort into trying to help Milo get a school photo for the yearbook, letting him know the time it was due and even holding the presses until the last minute so he could get back on time. She expresses deep disappointment and even apologizes when he comes back unsuccessful, and was equally happy when Chad managed to get a decent picture of him.


At first she was delighted at having been selected as his partner to compete in her favorite TV show, Cake 'Splosion!, but her excitement vanished when she remembered Murphy's Law and the potential for everything to go wrong. Her enthusiasm faded after this, even at Milo's reassurance, and Amanda refused to let him even say the words 'Murphy's Law' for the entire event, even suggesting he act as her 'prep chef' so that he'd have to work on the other side of the kitchen.

As the event continues, however, Amanda watches Milo save their team time and time again, and even relaxes enough to enjoy herself while they make their cake as she realizes just how prepared he is. By the third event they are working in perfect sync.


By the final event, Amanda stops Milo from leaving and tells him that, regardless of what happens, it's better having him around, causing him to choke up a bit. After Diogee causes them to fall before they can make the finish line, she reassures Milo that she didn't mind losing because being on the event with him was the most fun she'd ever had. When Basil Bravo suddenly announces them as the winners anyway, Amanda jumps up and hugs Milo in delight, causing him to blush.

Amanda later appoints herself as the manager of Just Getting Started and does all she can to keep their preparations going smoothly. In spite of the constant Murphy's Law related interruptions, she is persistent in making sure that they perform for charity, saying that she learned from Milo himself to never quit no matter what. She even says they should 'Milo Up'.

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When Milo suggests that it might be best to give up in light of recent events, Amanda passionately refuses and states that she'd learned from Milo that they should never give up, even going as far as to say they needed to 'Milo Up'. After a successful performance, she admits that being a band manager is tougher than she expected, but that Milo is worth it and that they were 'just getting started'. She then kisses him on the cheek, he then blushes.

At school before a robot building contest, Milo walks away after having had a moment with Joni, only for Amanda to suddenly grab her, and shake her harshly as she states the words 'He's Mine!' repeatedly.


During the school's student award show, Amanda saves seats for Milo's family. She's thrilled when his name is called for an award, but quickly becomes worried when he fails to show up on time to receive it. She eventually leaves the auditorium to collect his award and find out where he'd gone. Finding him in the basement, Amanda saves Milo, catching him just before he hits the ground. She points out the elevator located near the concrete wall he'd previously been trying to scale.

After leading him to the stage, Amanda uses the mic to present Milo with his award in front of his cheering family, announcing the award for 'greatest perseverance' before kissing him on the cheek, all but confirming she now has a crush on him.

Romantic hints to Milo and Amanda

It is quite evident that Milo has a crush on Amanda. He cares deeply for her, is willing to fight Murphy's law so that her enjoyment won't be ruined and gets excited when he sees her. While initially hesitant, Amanda has warmed up to Milo over the course of the series and begun to reciprocate his feelings as well. Here are a few hints at this pairing (Note: Shipping hints can be very subjective. One person's hints are another's average, friendly moment):

  • In "The Undergrounders" Amanda is the first one to notice that the subway car containing Milo, Zack, and Melissa broke off, but she only mentions Milo by name.
  • In "Smooth Opera-tor", Milo stutters when Zack hints that he has feelings for her, which is very unlike him.
  • Continuing in that episode, Milo asks Amanda if she wants to sit with him, Melissa, and Zack.
  • For the rest of the episode, Milo tries (despite Murphy's law) to help Amanda enjoy the play. In the end, he manages to succeed in that. Amanda even starts a standing ovation.
  • Amanda agrees to eat pizza with Milo, Melissa, and Zack after the opera.
  • In "School Dance", Milo does his best to help Amanda enjoy herself at the dance and manages to do so in the end.
  • Amanda, after thanking Milo for helping fix the dance and giving him back his shoe, stutters a bit, which is unlike her, asks him if he wants to dance, and gives him quite the admiring look (as can be seen in the articles main image).
  • Amanda can be seen enjoying Just Getting Started in "Battle of the Bands".
  • In "World Without Milo", Amanda gasps at the idea of a world without Milo and gives Elliot a dirty look.
  • In "A Christmas Peril", Amanda can be seen at the end at the table with everyone else.
  • In "Picture Day", Amanda expresses compassion towards Milo when he, Melissa, and Zack arrive to her without the photo they promised.
  • In Cake 'Splosion, when Amanda screams with joy after seeing host Basel Bravo, everyone stares at her strangely except Milo, who's looking at her with his chin in his hands and a sweet smile on his face.
  • In "Cake 'Splosion!", after Milo crashes next to Amanda in the bleachers, he greets her in a romantic tone.
  • When Basel Bravo casts Milo in Cake 'Splosion, Milo quickly suggests Amanda as his partner after seeing how much she loves the show.
  • When Amanda expresses her worry about teaming up with Milo in Cake 'Splosion due to Murphy's Law, he promises her that he'll pack his backpack more carefully than ever, and assures her that they'll be so prepared he'll be ready to deflect anything that goes wrong.
  • As the competition goes on, Milo saves Amanda from various Murphy's Law mishaps, and Amanda finds she enjoys spending time with Milo as they begin to work in perfect sync to finish her cake.
  • When Milo decides to sit out the final round of Cake 'Splosion for Amanda's safety, Amanda stops him and tells him it's better to have him around, due to his preparedness. Milo gets surprised and a bit choked up over this.
  • At the very end of "Cake 'Splosion!", when it turns out they have won the competition, Amanda joyously embraces Milo, who blushes with a huge smile as a heart-shaped iris closes out the episode.
  • After the concert in "Managing Murphy's Law", Amanda explains that while her new job as manager was tougher than she imagined, Milo is worth it in the end, promptly kissing him on the cheek. After realizing what she did, Milo blushes while smiling from ear to ear.
  • Amanda appears to feel jealous when Joni had a moment with Milo in "Spy Little Sister!", shaking her while repeating "He's mine! He's mine! He's mine!" when Milo returns to Melissa and Zack.
  • In "Ride Along Little Doggie", Amanda is seen with Milo and his friends, stating that she's honored to be with the people that are nominated for the Winter Break Awards, while looking at Milo, who just so happens to be a nominee. They then smile at each other. She also tells Milo's family she'll reserve seats for them in the front row.
  • During the WiBAs, Amanda excitedly cheers for Milo when it turns out he has won an award.
  • When Milo fails to show up on stage to pick up his award, Amanda gets concerned and worries about Milo's whereabouts. When the WiBAS are over, she announces to Martin, Brigette and Sara that she's going to look for him backstage.
  • As Milo is falling down in the auditorium's basement, Amanda arrives right on time to catch him.
  • Amanda tells Milo she picked up the award for him, which Milo finds so nice of her. When he asks her what the category was, she announced his award for "Greatest Perseverance" as if the show was still going on, and as he receives the award from her, she gives him a kiss on the cheek.
  • When everyone tells Zack how they got their cast at the party in "Cast Party", Milo suggests that each story should be told one at a time. He then allows Amanda to go first, stating her story is pretty great, to which Amanda is flattered by. They smile admiringly at each other a great deal in this episode.
  • Amanda deliberately puts herself in detention along with Zack, Melissa, and Mort when they defend Milo in "The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club"
  • In that same episode, Milo and Amanda give each other looks of admiration several times.


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Season 1

“Oh! There's Amanda.”
“Amanda, huh?”
“No. No no. It's just that... she's just someone we know from... school. You know?”
Milo Murphy and Zack Underwood[src]

“Hey Amanda.”
“Milo? Uh, I mean, "Hi Milo". Heh heh heh heh heh... What are you doing here?”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez[src]

“My enjoyment hours are very precious to me, nothing can go wrong.”
“Don't worry Amanda, I'll be there to help.”
“Oh that's... great.”
Amanda Lopez and Milo Murphy[src]

“Oh! Better make sure those lights don't fall and knock out those actors. That would seriously mess with Amanda's enjoyment hours.”
—Milo Murphy[src]

“Milo, what are you doing?”
“I'm making sure nothing goes wrong back here. Amanda's scheduled enjoyment hours don't just grow on trees you know. She only has two hours, twelve minutes and change if there's an ovation.”
Zack Underwood and Milo Murphy[src]

“Bravo! That was surprisingly entertaining. And including the five minute ovation, it was actually shorter than it usually is, so I've got time for pizza.”
—Amanda Lopez[src]

“Who knows what will happen there?”
“Don't push it.”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez[src]

“When I see everything is going smoothly, I will have fun.”
“If I waited for things to go smoothly to have fun, I'd be—”
“Milo, please try to keep your distance from the decorations, food, stage, ice sculptures, and, um, basically anything that could fall to pieces.”
Amanda Lopez and Milo Murphy[src]

“I just happen to have some punch bowl sealant.”
“Thanks. But just stay back, from everything.”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez[src]

“Amanda, wanna come dance with us?”
“Can't. Now the ice sculpture's under the heating vent.”
“I'll help. I’ve got liquid nitrogen.”
“Of course you do! And no thank you.”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez[src]

“On the bright side, you don't have to see the wreckage.”
“Milo, is that you? I can't see through the haze of my own demise.”
“Yep! I'm going to look for the fuse box.”
“No, no, no! You'll just make it wor- (sigh) Nevermind. I guess everything that can go wrong already has. (table leg breaks and table slides to the right) I stand corrected.”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez[src]

“Amanda, come dance!”
“Can't. I have to find out whose shoe this is. Whoever it is, fixed all of this. He's my hero.”
“Well, that's obvious.”
Lydia and Amanda Lopez[src]

“Ah, there's my shoe! Thanks.”
“No, thank YOU, Milo! Wanna dance?”
“I'd love to, but, I'm playing accordion right now. Maybe later?”
“Oh, oh, right. Yeah, sure.”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez[src]

Season 2

“This is gonna be great television. You and Milo, on the same team.”
“Me and Milo... on the same team...?”
Mort Schaeffer and Amanda Lopez[src]

“Isn't this great? You're gonna be on your favorite show!”
“Yes, I am very... happy.”
“What's wrong?”
“I'm just worried about... you know...”
“Oh, you mean, Murph-”
“Let's just call it "that which will not be named".”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez[src]

“But listen, I'm gonna load up my backpack more carefully than ever. We'll be so super prepared, that when things go wrong... I'll be ready for them.”
—Milo Murphy[src]

“I'm way ahead of you. I'm gonna go sit in that cabinet over there and count sprinkles.”
“No, Milo. Things go wrong with or without the thing that shall not be named.”
“You mean, Murphy's La-”
“No one listens.”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez[src]

“But you're always prepared and I realized that no matter what happens, it's just better having you around.”
Amanda Lopez and Milo Murphy[src]

“I'm so sorry, Amanda.”
“Oh, that's okay. This is the most fun I've ever had. And I actually got to be on Cake 'Splosion, my favorite TV show.”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez, after their friendship cake is ruined[src]

“You know, I like it more when she says it.”
—Milo Murphy, about Amanda calling his, Zack and Melissa's band Just Getting Started[src]

“Hey, Amanda... um, in light of today's intense events, maybe we should-”
“No way! If I've learned anything from you, Milo, it's that you never quit! I say, it's time for us to "Milo Up"! Let Murphy's Law just try and stop us!”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez[src]

“Wow, Amanda. You're pretty handy with that phone. So, what do you think about your new job?”
“Well, being a band manager is a lot tougher job than I imagined, but you're worth it. And we are... just getting started.”
Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez, soon to be followed by a kiss on the cheek from the latter[src]

“He's mine, he's mine! He's miiine!!”
—Amanda Lopez, to Joni after the latter's moment with Milo[src]