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Milo Murphy and Brigette Murphy are close, with Milo being the youngest of Brigette's two children. She supports her son in any way she can, and he goes to her for advice when he needs it.

Milo's opinion of Brigette

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Milo loves his mother and enjoys spending time with her, going to her for advice when he's troubled. At the end of career day, he went to her to ask about his future, admitting the problems he was having choosing a career. He took her encouragement to heart and gave her a hug after she told him that he'd be extraordinary no matter what he chose to do.

Brigette's opinion of Milo

Brigette loves her son and enjoys spending time with him on a daily basis. As his mother, she doesn't put stress on him to be anything more then what he is and gives him sound advice when he needs it.

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Brigette has high hopes that Milo will get a good picture during school photo day, and expresses this to him before he goes to his classes. When he comes home without having had any luck, Brigette isn't perturbed, and instead says that she's grateful to have the real thing.

She was thrilled when Milo was selected to be a contestant in the TV show Cake 'Splosion!, and came to the event with pom-poms to cheer him on alongside Sara, Melissa, and Zack.

While she trusts him to take care of himself on his own through his day to day routine, Brigette still shows concern if Milo is less prepared then she expects him to be. She puts a lot of effort into ensuring her son's safety, in spite of Murphy's Law.



“I'm just confused. It seems like it's really important to pick a career, but I just don't know what to pick.”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Then don't, do everything. Being an architect is my second career and I had plenty of jobs before that. You shouldn't worry too much about it today. Just being Milo, that's a full time job, wouldn't you say?”
—Brigette Murphy[source]

“Okay, where's your anchor?”
—Brigette asks Milo, as he stares in confusion[source]

“Milo! Get out of here! Run!”
—Brigette Murphy[source]

“Don't worry, mom! We're gonna fix this!”
—Milo Murphy[source]

“Look at you, Mr. Handsome! Did you do something extra special with your hair for the school picture day?”
—Brigette Murphy[source]

“Maybe this year they'll actually be able to get a good picture of you!”
“Aww, mom.”
“What? A mom can dream!”
Brigette and Milo[source]

“Aww, who needs a picture when I've got the real thing right here?”
—Brigette Murphy[source]

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