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Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase are best friends who have basically grown up together. They've known each other ever since the first day of first grade, as shown in "First Impressions". As one of the few people outside of family who wasn't afraid to spend time around Milo, Melissa remained his closest and most supportive friend for most of his life before Zack joined their group and treasures their friendship.

Having been friends for so long there are many traditions, past adventures, and inside jokes between them, with one of the most prominent being the Llama Incident. They have a special fist bump that they've done on several occasions.

According to staff writer Joshua Pruett, Milo and Melissa will not enter into a romantic relationship with each other, and will remain in a strong best friendship.[1]

Milo's opinion of Melissa

Season 1

Milo is close friends with Melissa and enjoys spending time with her. Like Melissa, Milo often referenced 'The Llama incident' on a constant basis, fondly remembering it as one of their biggest adventures together before they met Zack.

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Milo and Melissa shared a not-football-Friday tradition for quite some time together, doing activities ranging from bowling to cards. After finding out he was allowed to attend the school's football game for once, Milo gets ready for the game while expressing his excitement to Melissa, and turns down her offer to go to the Pistachio warehouse instead. When the game ends and Milo ends up in the hospital with a severely broken thumb, the two of them hang out in the Murphy suite while he recovers.

When Melissa tricks him into thinking she had a sprain, Milo was quick to help her out at her request. He stops what he's doing to deliver a package for her dad, reminding her of all the times she'd helped him after he'd sprained something. He's delighted when he finds out later that it had been for his surprise party, and even laughs about how she'd used the 'doe eyes' on him.


He thinks very highly of Melissa and was surprised to find out that she had a fear of roller coasters after having seen her overcome so many more significant challenges. After this discovery, he agrees to face one of his own fears to help her overcome hers, and succeeds in quelling her fear after the two of them survive a ride on the roller coaster through Murphy's Law together.

In spite of having been friends for so long, Milo didn't tell Melissa about his backpack's origins until the subject came up while they were hanging out with Zack one evening. Likewise, he didn't know about her false front teeth until then.

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Milo often references their past adventures together happily, most notably bringing up the llama incident before they'd told Zack the story. He considers it a major adventure of theirs and ignored the potential to fall to their doom long enough to tell Zack the story after he'd finally asked, happily recalling the events of the incident he'd mentioned a number of times previously.

Season 2

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Milo was quick to give up on getting a good school photo for the yearbook but instead spent the day trying again and again to get one after Melissa refused to give in to Murphy's Law. When they returned to school unsuccessful, Milo decides that he didn't need a photo when he 'got to spend a day full of great memories made with the best friends in the world' while hugging both of them.

When Melissa complains about restrictions on potentially life-threatening activities ruining all her fun, 'again', Milo reminds her that she was only seven during the incident she was complaining about, and that they weren't going to let her into a shark cage at that age. Melissa stated she was ready to go in anyway.


When Milo is being abducted by the Octalians, Melissa holds on to Milo with all of her strength. When she loses him, she is the one to encourage everyone to go and find him.

Melissa's opinion of Milo

Season 1

Melissa has a very high opinion of Milo and enjoys spending time with him. She's not afraid of Murphy's Law and in contrast, has complete faith in Milo's ability to get them through any situation thrown their way. On occasion, Melissa's faith in Milo exceeds even his own confidence, and she constantly encourages him and works to help him through anything.

MM act3 46.jpg

Throughout their lives, Melissa has dedicated her time and resources to keeping a complete record of their adventures together, documenting Murphy's Law through a huge collection of photos, data, and objects previously belonging to Milo. She began her research as an attempt to help Milo by finding a cure for Murphy's Law, but over time she came to realize that he loves living with it and that he would never want to 'fix' his condition. In spite of this realization, she continues to collect data and keeps it in a secret room in her basement.

Her determination to help Milo is strong even in spite of her having given up on finding a cure. When she found out that he could fail seventh grade for losing his doctor's note, Melissa refused to let him give up, even going as far as to give an inspirational speech to motivate her friends into continuing their search for the note.


She has full confidence in her ability to survive Murphy's law while staying close to Milo, and is able to judge even the most minuscule distances to keep herself from being swept up in the 'splatter zone'. Melissa will often sit just a calculated arms-length apart from him, or stand just out of reach as Milo and Zack are chased away by an oncoming disaster. Whenever she does end up on the adventure, Melissa tends to enjoy it and keeps a record of it on her phone.

When something she considers important comes up, however, Melissa isn't afraid to ask Milo to keep his distance. This can be seen when she reminds Milo that she needed to get the egg for their group project, prompting him to move to the corner of the room so she could do so without interference from Murphy's law.

Screenshot (4059).png

On his birthday, she put a lot of effort into helping to prepare a surprise party, having previously been the only person invited to his birthdays aside from his immediate family. Melissa used her 'doe eyes' when asking his help in delivering a package for her dad, even pretending she'd sprained her wrist as part of the ploy. She then slows him down further by calling up Elliot to distract him, and eventually meets him at his own party to surprise him.

On the occasion that Milo can't participate in something because of his condition, such as agreeing to avoid the school's Friday football games, Melissa puts effort into finding other things for them to do. Originally, she took him bowling each week but eventually changed the activity to something safer.

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She constantly defends Milo against others when they treat him bad, even going as far as to berate her own dad whenever he's rude to Milo. She calls her classmates cowards when they refuse to work on a group project with him, and she scolds Elliot for his cruel-hearted exclamation that the world would be a better place without Milo.

Season 2

After watching Milo get chased away by a giant snowball while waiting for the school bus, she makes another bet with Bradley that he'll make it to school on time. Rather than maintaining her confidence and focusing on the bet as she had earlier that year, however, she becomes progressively more worried as Milo fails to show up on time, and celebrates when he uses time travel to make it before the bell rang.

PD (45).png

Once again, Melissa shows herself to be determined to fight against Murphy's law when she decides that they're getting Milo's school picture no matter what, and even argues against Milo after he gives up. Initially, she tries to take the picture herself, and then works alongside Zack and Milo spending the rest of the day trying to get the photo. When they're forced to come back to school after failing to get a picture, she's disappointed that they failed, but smiles when Milo says 'who needs a photo when they could have a day full of great memories made with the best friends in the world'.

Melissa is very grateful when Milo states that he wanted to help fix Ol' Bessie with her, and she promptly recruits him, alongside Zack, to work on the clock. After meeting Victor Verliezer while working on the clock tower, Zack expresses shock at seeing Milo so angry. In response, Melissa states that she'd seen him like that before, after some squirrels ran off with his sandwich.

When Milo was sick, Melissa went to his house alongside Zack to deliver his homework. Before leaving again, she peeks back into his room and tells him to feel better soon, and that it was boring without him.

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After the two of them find out that Zack was going to spend the day doing farm chores, Melissa was deeply amused, and immediately expressed her amusement to Milo. While helping Zack at the farm, the two of them continuously laugh about his predicaments, as both of them seemed to know a little more about farm life then Zack.

While everyone is sharing their point of view on how they think Milo sees the world, Melissa gives her view on everyone else's stories, arguing against Bradley's claim that Milo was a supervillain, and outright denying Chad's belief that Milo could see ghosts.

MW (85).png

When her turn comes around, she explains that she used to wonder if Milo was more like a robot, and calls him 'The Milo-nator'. She attributes this to his ability to make impossibly quick decisions moments before anything huge happens, claiming that he's so good at what he does that it's as if time stops for him. Afterward, when Neal expresses shock upon seeing Milo's abilities for himself, Melissa responds with 'This is Milo's world. You're just living in it'.

After visiting Milo's house with Zack and finding out that the 'Milo' that had been with them was actually an android, Melissa was the first to realize that the replacement had been made because somebody didn't want them to know that Milo was missing. Like the others, she becomes determined to find Milo and promptly assigns Doofenshmirtz the task of making the android speak. Melissa helps in interrogating the robot over Milo's whereabouts and then treks out to the forest to find him, finally rescuing him at the last minute.


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Moments between Milo and Melissa

  • In "Going the Extra Milo", after Milo and Zack run away, Melissa calls Milo "Tough". Milo had earlier stated that he doesn't think anyone would call him tough, which shows that Melissa has a pretty high opinion of him.
  • In many episodes, Melissa sits next to Milo while most others try to sit away from him. This is especially seen in "Rooting for the Enemy".
    • Also in "Rooting for the Enemy", Melissa suggests that she and Milo go exploring an empty pistachio warehouse instead of seeing Zack's first game.
  • In "The Doctor Zone Files", Melissa seems more into watching the movie for Milo than Zack does.
  • In "The Note", Melissa is constantly motivating Milo and Zack to get the note. She is very determined to help Milo.
  • In "Party of Peril", Melissa works hard to make sure that Milo gets a real birthday party. She is also the only one not standing behind protective glass before the cake comes.
    • Also in "Party of Peril", Milo knows that Melissa uses the doe eyes and still delivers her package.
  • In "Smooth Opera-tor", Melissa cheers really loudly an enthusiastically after Milo's performance.
  • In "Worked Day", Melissa sternly defends Milo from her father, in front of everyone.
  • In Wilder West, Milo picks Melissa up, but not Zack or Jackie.
  • In "Murphy's Lard", Milo is very determined to help Melissa to the point that he's willing to face his own fear to help her face hers.
  • In "The Math Book", Milo cheers her up by making her think of the mission as a quest. He's the only one who manages to cheer her up.
  • In "The Little Engine That Couldn't", Melissa constantly defends Milo in front of her father.
    • Also in "The Little Engine That Couldn't", Melissa and Milo go for ice cream without Zack.
  • In "The Llama Incident", Melissa trusts Milo enough to jump from a very high wire onto some Llamas he's assembled.
  • In "Missing Milo", Melissa dedicated a large room's worth of collected data on Milo with the initial purpose to try and find a cure to help him, though she eventually realized he wouldn't want a cure. While showing Zack and Sara she fondly remembers adventures she and Milo shared.
    • Also in "Missing Milo", Milo calls her name first when they're reunited.
  • In "World Without Milo", Melissa strongly berates Elliot when he says the world would be better off without Milo.
  • In "The Mid-Afternoon Snack Club", she is the first to stand up for Milo when Mr. Blunt orders Milo to detention. Milo then gives Melissa a friendly look.
  • In "Milo in Space", she was the first one to be concerned if Milo is OK.


“Yeah, are you kidding? Milo's tough.”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“Go, Milo!”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“Don't worry. I got you two covered.”
—Melissa Chase, after Milo and Zack told her they lost their lunch[src]

“Milo, you are an -ology onto yourself.”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“Milo and I have had a 'not football Friday' tradition for years.”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“Are you sure you want to go to this game? 'Cause we could go to the empty Pistachio warehouse and explore.”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“Hey Melissa, you can sit with us if you value your life. We're outside the splatter zone.”
“No thanks. I've got an adequate buffer zone.”
Bradley Nicholson and Melissa Chase, the latter preferring to sit with Milo[src]

“Great Googly Moogly! It worked! Milo, I've got an idea.”
—Melissa Chase[src]

—Melissa Chase, when seeing that no one wants to be on a team with Milo[src]

“I hope it works. I don't want to let Melissa down.”
—Milo Murphy[src]

“Actually, it's a doctor's note. The school lets me turn them in in bulk at the end of the month. That way the doctor only has to sign the signature page instead of all the individual excuses. Melissa keeps a record of all my adventures, so it makes it easier to catalog.”
—Milo Murphy[src]

“Don't worry Milo, we'll help you find that note.”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“Murphy's Law. Boom!”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“No! You know the middle school code. No one gets left behind. Boom!”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“Here I come, Melissa!”
—Milo Murphy, trying to save Melissa[src]

“After that they only invited immediate family and... me.”
—Melissa Chase, on Milo's Birthday parties[src]

“Sure. Be happy to help. Think of all the times you helped me when I had a sprained arm. Or leg. Or... spleen. Or tongue, or finger...”
—Milo Murphy, when Melissa asks him to help her on his birthday[src]

“Wow, you guys! A real birthday party?”
“Got ya!”
“You used the doe eyes.”
Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase[src]

“How's my cast?”
“One of your best.”
Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase, when Milo wants to know if he looks good enough for when he wants to talk to Amanda[src]

“Woooohoooo! That was amazing!”
—Melissa Chase, on Milo's performance[src]

—Melissa Chase, telling her father to back off from Milo[src]

“You don't know everything about me.”
—Milo Murphy, to Melissa when she's surprised at an anchor being in his backpack[src]

“Right, Melissa? Melissa? Melissa. Melissa. Melissa. Melissa. Melissa. Melissa.”
“Would you cut it out?! It's nothing, okay!”
Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase[src]

“I wouldn't want you two to think any less of me.”
“You can tell us Melissa; you're in the trust circle. Oh... well, there's three of us, so it's a trust triangle.”
Melissa Chase and Milo Murphy[src]

“But how could you be afraid of roller coasters? I've seen you walk a tightrope over stampeding llamas.”
—Milo Murphy, trying to remind Melissa how exceptional she is[src]

“We could help. We'll be right there with you. Every wild turn and plummeting drop and gut-wrenching loop.”
—Milo Murphy[src]

“Okay, look. If you do it, Melissa, I'll face my fear too.”
“Really? Ok. We'll both face our fears.”
Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase

“Kudos, Melissa! The fact that you are willing to face your fear is a tribute to your character. You are the embodiment of strength, of will... And an inspiration to everyone. Your intestinal fortitude is truly impressive.”
—Milo Murphy[src]

“Don't worry Melissa. If I can do it you can do it.”
—Milo Murphy[src]

“Thanks, guys. After that, no roller coaster's ever going to scare this girl again.”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“It's a quest!”
—Milo Murphy, encouraging Melissa with the idea of a quest[src]

“The quest!”
—Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase enjoying the quest[src]

“Come on, Dad, he's such a fan. It means so much to him! Apparently.”
—Melissa Chase, trying to make sure Milo gets to ride the fire engine[src]

“Dad! It's just Murphy's law; he can't help it. Besides, he just- A pound of sugar? Really?”
“I was just riffing.”
“Besides, he also just saved us by thinking on his feet.”
Melissa Chase and Milo Murphy[src]

“Okay, Milo. How about on a scale from one to ten?”
“I would rate this a six.”
Melissa Chase and Milo Murphy[src]

“Well, we might be able to llama our way out of this.”
“Oh! Just like the llama incident.”
Melissa Chase and Milo Murphy[src]

“Oh, I hadn't realized we talk about it so much. Looks like we're gonna have to let him into the llama club, Milo.”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“"Llamalet: It's Hamlet, but with llamas." Well, I guess that quote says it all.”
“I always confuse camels and llamas. Are llamas furry? Or is their skin like a briefcase?”
“Furry. Neither is like a briefcase.”
“I wonder what I’m thinking of.”
“A briefcase?”
“That's it!”
Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase[src]

“She’s with me!”
—Milo Murphy, paying at the stadium booth whilst trying to save Melissa[src]

“Milo! A little help here? I’m about to be llama chow!”
—Melissa Chase[src]

“Milo, I can't do this much longer! What’s the plan?”
“Not sure yet, but I’m working on it.”
Melissa Chase and Milo Murphy[src]

“Melissa, jump!”
“Are you sure?”
“Trust me!”
Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase[src]

“Oh, they're so soft. They're not like a briefcase at all.”
“I know, right?”
Melissa Chase and Milo Murphy[src]

“Yeah, it was legendary.”
—Melissa Chase, reminiscing the Llama Incident[src]

“Yeah, okay, but Sara, can you pause it till we get back?”
“What?! I've been waiting for this!”
“Milo would not want to miss this.”
Melissa Chase and Sara Murphy, on the Doctor Zone Lost Pilot[src]

“Strange, Milo said he was coming here, but...”
“But what?”
“The cans are still stacked, the watermelons are all intact, the sodas haven't exploded — I don't think he's been here.”
Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood[src]

“Zack, where is Milo?”
—Melissa Chase, starting to get concerned over Milo[src]

“I don't get it. Where is he? Should we be worried?”
“I don't know, yet.”
Zack Underwood and Melissa Chase[src]

“Milo's backpack! He never goes anywhere without this. Milo? Milo!”
“Okay, now I'm worried.”
Zack Underwood and Melissa Chase, after Diogee finds Milo's backpack, without Milo[src]

“Who are those guys?”
“I don't know, and I don't care. We've gotta get back to Sara.”
Zack Underwood and Melissa Chase, about Brick and Savannah but more concerned about Milo to care[src]

“Milo gave me the two-dollar tour on my first day. I would have been lost without him.”
“I know what you mean.”
Zack Underwood and Melissa Chase, after entering the sewers[src]

“What about Milo?”
“I think something is really wrong.”
Sara Murphy and Melissa Chase[src]

“If there's a clue about Milo's whereabouts, it'll be in here.”
—Melissa Chase, referring to her secret Milo room[src]

“I started collecting this, thinking maybe I could figure it out, you know? Find a cure for Murphy's law. But then I realized Milo wouldn't want that. But, for some reason, I kept collecting info, so at least, maybe, I could rein it in or explain it or monetize it.”
—Melissa Chase, on her room, an attempt to help her best friend[src]

“Here's the time we had to put all those robots in a shark cage. Oh! And the time we had to go to that lumber yard to apologize.”
—Melissa Chase, reminiscing on past adventures with Milo[src]

—Melissa Chase, when she thinks Milo has finally returned. Unfortunately, she is wrong[src]

“You guys! This must mean that — Milo's close!”
—Melissa Chase, In complete and utter joy and happiness, now that Milo's back[src]

“Melissa! Zack! My backpack! Sara!”
Melissa Chase and Milo Murphy, relieved, to finally see each other and their friends again[src]

“Here you go! Catch!”
—Melissa Chase, throwing Milo his backpack[src]

“Milo! Where is he?”
—Melissa Chase, after Milo falls off a breaking tree[src]

“Why is he heating up a salt block?”
“Remember chemistry class? Boom.”
Zack Underwood and Melissa Chase[src]

“So, Milo. Melissa's got a secret room covered in pictures of you.”
“It's not what you think.”
“You mean, you're not tracking Murphy's law in the hopes of getting to the bottom of its influence and how best to help me?”
“Wow! I guess it's exactly what you think.”
Zack Underwood, Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase[src]

“I'm saying that Milo is a menace, and this world would be a better place without him!”
“That's a terrible thing to say, Elliot!”
“Yeah, Elliot. That was pretty cold.”
Elliot Decker, Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood[src]

“Well, I don't know! It— it's just that, anything that can go wrong—”
“—will go wrong.”
“But not today.”
Milo Murphy, Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood[src]

“You guys have a backup finish line! Ha! Brilliant!”
“Milo 101! Always have a backup.”
Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase[src]

“Uh, I, I can't really wear sneakers with laces.”
“Wait, what? Why not? I, I feel like I should know the answer to this and don't. Give.”
Milo Murphy and Melissa Chase[src]

—Melissa Chase, recognizing Milo's sad tone and trying to stop him from getting there[src]