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Milo Murphy and Sara Murphy are close siblings, with Sara being the eldest of the two. While Murphy's Law causes Sara a lot of apprehension around her younger brother, the two of them do care deeply about each other.

They enjoy spending time together and share a strong love for the television series The Doctor Zone Files.

Milo's opinion of Sara

Milo cares deeply for his older sister, and he puts a lot of effort into making sure Murphy's law doesn't interfere with her plans. This was made clear when he did everything he could to keep Murphy's Law from interfering with the date she had with Neal.

A running gag in the series has Milo putting Sara second to other stuff he holds dear. This is seen in the episode "Missing Milo", when, upon being reunited with his friends, he shouted Sara's name after backpack, or again in "Fungus Among Us" when he chased an abducted Sara into the Pistachion prison, but only claimed the situation had gotten personal after seeing what the Pistachions had done to Lard World.

Sara's opinion of Milo

While Sara cares deeply for her younger brother and enjoys spending time with him, her paranoia over potential Murphy's Law related disasters causes her to be overly cautious around him. At times her stress causes her to treat him too carefully, as seen when she suggests that he should go and stand in an empty dirt lot to prevent them from losing their movie tickets, and again with her constant use of a hazmat suit.

Despite her worry over Murphy's Law, Sara loves spending time with Milo and will go out of her way to ensure the constant disasters don't prevent her from hanging out with her younger brother.


Season 1

“I'll just hold on to these, little brother, to prevent them from getting, you know, irradiated into particulate matter or something.”
—Sara Murphy[source]

“Well I have been Milo's sister since he was born.”
—Sara Murphy[source]

“I've got the immediate area cordoned off. Now if you could just try not to... do anything, I'll go get my hazard protection suit out of the car. Do. Not. Lose. Our. Place.”
“Sara, wait! I brought a spare.”
Sara and Milo[source]

“Time to be proactive. Milo, why don't you wait near that really... cool dirt parking lot, and I'll call when it's time to go into the movie. K?”
—Sara Murphy[source]

“Bam bam bam!!!”
—Sara and Milo[source]

“It was all my fault. I was so worried about Murphy's Law messing things up...”
“Maybe next time I just won't come.”
“I hate that idea.”
“I hate that idea too.”
Sara and Milo[source]

“Come on. Jump on. We gotta stop it before it his the river.”
“Wait, how are we supposed to stop it now?”
“In retrospect, I hadn’t thought this through.”
Milo and Sara[source]

“No answer!”
“Well, that doesn't mean anything. Milo goes through three phones a week.”
Zack and Sara[source]

“Oh, he'd never leave that behind. Can you bring it here?”
—Sara Murphy[source]

“Milo's abilities aren't limited to the backpack. He's quick, and he's resourceful.”
—Sara Murphy[source]

“Melissa! Zack! My backpack! Sara!”
“Wait, I'm after "backpack"?”
Milo and Sara[source]

“You just have to try, Milo.”
“The rabbit goes into his house... This doesn't make any sense!”
Young Sara and Young Milo[source]

“That was my sister! We have to go after her!”
—Milo after sees his sister gets caught by the Pistachions wearing rubber masks[source]

“No, but they do love the other Murphys. And cousin Nate is our first pickup.”
“Hang on! Are you telling me there are Murphys coming for Christmas?”
“Yup. Just in time for Christmas Eve dinner. That's my surprise!”
Milo and Sara[source]

“You might want to go to long-term parking. We're at thirty thousand feet.”
“Yeah, okay.”
Milo and Sara, through a phone conversation[source]

“Hey, Sara. Yeah, um, we're gonna be a few minutes.”
“Yeah, got it.”
Milo and Sara, through another phone conversation[source]

“Maybe this was a mistake. Maybe I should have just gotten Mom and Dad sweaters.”
Milo and Sara, the former feeling pessimistic about his plan and the latter feeling worried about it[source]


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