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Milo Murphy and Zack Underwood are best friends. While Zack didn't initially want to spend time around Milo over his condition, Milo's optimistic attitude won him over, and the two of them have been close friends ever since.

Milo's opinion of Zack

Season 1

Milo considers Zack one of his best friends and enjoys spending time with him. He considers Zack 'the cautious one' and has called him such. When the group is heading into dangerous territory and Melissa expresses her concern about the potential risks, Milo points out the fact that Zack isn't worried, implying he puts weight on Zack's attitude.

Season 2

SWO (138)

Waiting at the bus stop on the way to school, Milo states that he likes Zack's attitude when the latter says that he's going to put a positive spin on everything that day. After a number of Murphy's Law related disasters lands them both in a whale's mouth, Milo is quick to reassure Zack that it's alright to be afraid, and then admits that he's impressed by Zack's determination and that personally, he was freaking out.

Zack's opinion of Milo

Season 1


Milo was the first person Zack met upon moving to Jefferson County Middle School, and he was initially intrigued by the fact that the other kids immediately avoided Milo when he arrived at the bus stop. He was quick to guess the 'J-word' Milo hinted at after the two of them avoided a series of disasters, and Zack eventually decided that he, too, would avoid Milo over his condition, claiming he couldn't handle it and that he would rather keep his distance.

His point of view on Murphy's law changed after Milo pointed out how much more exciting their trip had been as opposed to riding the bus, and the two of them have been close friends ever since.


During class, Zack tends to spend more time dealing with Murphy's law alongside Milo then anyone, as Melissa has much more experience with it and often leaves him to his fate. He's well aware of this predicament and doesn't seem to mind it beyond knowing the inevitable risk. When Milo, acting as a teacher's aid, requests an assistant, the entire class looks at Zack, who predicts as much without even looking at them.

In spite of his cautious attitude, Zack feels that Milo should be able to enjoy the same things other kids do. After finding out that Milo's birthday parties consist only of his family and Melissa, he points out how sad that was, and asks Brigette if they could throw him a large surprise party instead.

Scream (603)

Zack loves spending time with Milo and tends to enjoy the excitement of their adventures even with the worry and panic he feels while they're happening. After surviving a deadly adventure in Milo's Scream-A-Torium together, the two of them cheerfully reminisce about how terrifying it had been while they share an elaborate high five.

More often then not, their high fives don't work out, with Zack getting hit in the face on one occasion, and both simply failing to decide on whether to fist bump or high five on another. In contrast, however, their attempts work out fine on other occasions.

Season 2

SWO (83)

While waiting with Milo at the bus stop on the way to school, Zack decides that he's going to put a positive spin on everything, claiming that it was what Milo did. After a number of Murphy's Law related disasters lands them in a whale's mouth, he admits to Milo that he's scared, and then takes the latter's advice to heart when he tells him that it's alright to be afraid, as long as you didn't let the fear stop you.

PD (138)

After finding out that Milo could never get a proper photo on school picture day, Zack spends the day alongside Melissa and Milo trying to get him a decent school photo, even taking them to the airport so that his cousin could try. Zack is disappointed that they failed at the end of the day, but smiles when Milo says 'who needs a photo when they could have a day full of great memories made with the best friends in the world'. In response, however, Zack frowns and says 'you meant us, right?'.

When Milo was sick, Zack delivered their homework to his house with Melissa. Before arriving, he complains to Melissa that he'd actually had to take the bus to school that day and that he was boring himself just talking about it.

MW (17)

While everyone is sharing their point of view on how they think Milo sees the world, Zack begins by stating that he saw Milo as some kind of wizard whose entire life is like a quest. After talking about Milo's dedication to picking up a comic book for his sister, Zack states to Melissa, 'Always thinking about others, our Milo'. At the end of his story, Zack claims that no task is impossible for him, and refers to him as 'Milo the Great'.

After visiting Milo's house with Melissa and finding out that the 'Milo' that had been with them was actually an android, Zack works with the others to find out what had happened to the real Milo, and to get him back. He travels out to the forest with the others while tracking Milo, and ends up saving him at the last second.


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“Dude, if and when we get out of here, I'm gonna have to go my own way. No offense... I just can't handle all of this.”
—Zack Underwood[source]

“How do you live like this?!”
“How do you live like that?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, you wanna live like those other kids? They took a bus to school today. A bus! Does that sound like more fun to you?”
Zack and Milo[source]

“I'm sure it'll all work out!”
“You're sure?”
“He uses that term loosely.”
Milo, the foreman and Zack[source]

“Here you go, buddy. The game ball. We want you to have it!”
—Zack Underwood[source]

“So, are we going to find that note?”
“That's a good question.”
“You're supposed to say yes, Milo.”
“Well then, yes.”
“That's the spirit”
Melissa, Milo and Zack[source]

“Well that's sad, doesn't he miss having a big birthday party?”
—Zack Underwood[source]

“Veronica who? I thought we knew all his friends.”
“I thought we were all his friends.”
Melissa and Zack[source]

“Please, turn it off. I'll give this dollar I found in your pocket.”
“Oh, you can keep that.”
Zack and Milo[source]

“Polymerization. That sounds advanced... I'm gonna need an assistant! Any volunteers?”
“...Everyone's looking at me, aren't they?”
Milo and Zack[source]

“OK Zack, just one more thing...”
“Duck and cover?”
“Actually, that's two things so... I guess three more things.”
Milo and Zack[source]

“Whatever can go wrong...”
“...will go wrong.”
Zack and Milo[source]

“I'm not used to running after things. I’m used to things running after us.”
—Zack Underwood[source]

“Milo! That accordion's not gonna play itself!”
—Zack Underwood[source]

“Yeah, so do I! But you don't see me destroying this band over it!”
“Well, actually-”
Zack and Milo[source]

“I don't get it. Where is he? Should we be worried?”
—Zack, when Milo goes missing[source]

“Milo's backpack! He never goes anywhere without this!”
—Zack Underwood[source]

“Milo gave me the two-dollar tour on my first day. I would have been lost without him.”
“I know what you mean. Why'd you stop?”
“I told you I'd be lost without him. And I'm without him. So I'm lost.”
Zack and Melissa[source]

“I've been camping with Milo before, but never this far from a major hospital.”
—Zack Underwood[source]

“My old weather almanac! According to this, there will be a super-mega-high tide which only happens once every fifty years.”
“Yeah, uh, what does that mean?”
“It means it happens, and then it happens again in fifty years.”
“Dude, really?”
Milo and Zack[source]

“What if we can't get you to the finish line... Wait, Milo!”
—Zack Underwood[source]

“Maybe you should read it to me so I'm prepared too. Emotionally.”
“What fun would that be?”
Zack and Milo[source]

“Maybe that list was incomplete!”
“No, this was like, number seven.”
Zack and Milo[source]

“Hold up, you saw the original Hamosaur?”
It's a long story.”
“How long?”
“About eleven minutes”
Zack and Milo[source]

“So there's a parachute button but no engine?”
“Yeah. Who needs an engine when you're falling?”
“...I have no response to that.”
Zack and Milo[source]

“Wait, Zack. I thought you left! How did you get here?”
“The scariest way possible. With Milo! I don't see what I was worried about... every day with Milo is a Halloween fright-fest!”
Melissa and Zack[source]

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