— What did you say?
— The aliens! They're coming for Milo! (cough) Again.

Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish

Milo in Space
MIS (196)
Season: 2
Production code: 219b
Broadcast order: 72
Written by:
Scott Peterson
Joshua Pruett
Storyboards by:
Ron Rubio
Directed by:
Bob Bowen
Milo is abducted by aliens.
Broadcast Information
U.S. Premiere:
May 11, 2019
International Premieres:
see below
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Story arc(s)
Forsaken Perry Arc
Rogue Cavendish Arc
Octalians Arc

"Milo in Space" is the thirty-sixth episode of the second season of Milo Murphy's Law.

The Octalians return to abduct Milo, this time coming with an entire fleet of spaceships to ensure Milo will arrive safely on Octalia. Back on Earth, Melissa, Zack, Doofenshmirtz, Dakota, Cavendish, Cavenpuss, and even Perry try repairing the crashed spaceship and chasing after the Octalians.


At the O.W.C.A. Secret Headquarters, Major Monogram and Carl find an alien armada, later revealed to be back up Incase Murphy’s Law destroys a ship, but head home for the night and contact Perry the Platypus.

Back at the Octalian Ship, Cavendish repeats his warning and Milo is abducted despite his friends' best efforts. They question why the aliens need Milo, and Cavendish and Dakota make up along with Doof and Perry, who reveals to have given his earnings to help Doof become professor time.

Meanwhile, the Octalians are hesitating to bring Milo aboard but do so anyway. Milo is annoyed that they abducted him without permission but is mesmerized by space.

Back with Milo's friends, they try to figure out how to fix the ship when Cavendish reveals that it needs a part to fly but it's missing. Dakota realizes that its the Alien Carburetor he found and Cavendish touches it and loses his bones.

In space, Milo tries to get them to explain why they abducted him but they don't tell him. He falls in the engine and they flee the shIp. However all but one are destroyed in minutes of him arriving on board.

Back on earth, Milo's friends throw the carburetor to each other to get it in, and Cavenpuss gets it airborne and they head to space.

Back with Milo and the Octalians, the last ship starts to fall apart and they help Milo fix it. They tell Milo they need his help to fix a phenomenon destroying their home planet. A hole breaks in the side of the ship and everyone braces for the worst.

Meanwhile, Milo's friends find a debris trail and follow it. Melissa hopes Milo is safe and they find him floating in the vacuum of space without a spacesuit.


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  • In the final scene, Milo is shown floating in vacuum, trying to hold his breath... which is exactly the wrong thing to do, because pressure in lungs, not compensated by external air pressure, would cause MUCH more severe short-term damage than vacuum itself. It is more sensible to exhale, thus equalizing pressure outside and inside the body. Milo being Milo, and crazy-prepared as he is, should know that.
    • However, this was addressed in the next episode, as it was pointed out by Doofenshmirtz that Milo shouldn't have survived it, and then it was revealed that it's actually Loab shapeshifed as Milo, who explains that Octalians are immune to the vacuum space as long as they hold their breath and shapeshift.
  • OWCA's radars were able to pick up the signal from the Octalians six ships, but PIG wasn't able to pick up a single Octalian ship.
  • In the last episode, Diogee was not with Milo, Melissa, Zack, Dakota, Doof, and Cavenpuss when they entered the Octalians ship. But Diogee suddenly appears in the ship at the beginning of this episode.


  • Phineas and Ferb: The Organization Without a Cool Acronym's headquarters is seen for the first time in Milo Murphy's Law after appearing numerous times in Phineas and Ferb.


International Airings

  • Scandinavia: June 14, 2019


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