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These are in-universe fictional characters in Milo Murphy's Law who have been shown or identified but have not yet had any major roles.

Doctor Zone and Time Ape's Mother

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Doctor Zone and Time Ape's Mother was a character in the Doctor Zone franchise.

No information is known other than her final moments: With her planet imploding, she tried to save her babies by sending them off in a rocket. Unfortunately, there was only room for one, so Doctor Zone fled in the rocket and Time Ape and his mother were imploded. Unlike Time Ape, she didn't survive the implosion.

FranchiseDoctor Zone

Appearances in the franchise:


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The Trashcandroids are a group of evil, trash can-looking robots from the Doctor Zone television series.

FranchiseDoctor Zone


  • The Trashcandroids are presumably based on the Daleks, the primary antagonists from the Doctor Who franchise, though they have arms and legs, unlike the Daleks. It is also unknown whether the Trashcandroids are robotic as their name implies or if they are cyborgs like the Daleks.
  • Their name sounds similar to the Candroid from the Phineas and Ferb episode "I, Brobot".


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Milly is a fictional character from the children's television show Milly and the Menninkäinen introduced in the episode "Star Struck". Despite the Menninkäinen wanting to eat her soul, Milly still loves him.

FranchiseMilly and the Menninkäinen


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Mennikäinen is a creature from Northern European folklore that is said to steal souls. In "Star Struck", Milo is mistaken for one by Tobias Trollhammer after he sneaks onto the set of his new film and the actor flees in terror. Milo also tells Melissa about a television show he used to watch as a kid featuring one as one of the title characters.

FranchiseMilly and the Menninkäinen