Inspirational Shark Mantras

The Race (22)

Inspirational Shark Mantras was a book Milo Murphy read prior to the Race for Runts.


Known Mantras

  • Don't stop swimming, or you'll die.
  • If everyone's running, they're probably running from you!
  • The only thing we have to fear is harpoons and feeding frenzies!
  • It's time to go full Megalodon!
  • Nothing can break your bones when you're cartilaginous!
  • That's not a seal, that's a surfer!

I'm Going To The Zoo

ChristmasPeril (47)

The autobiography of pop star Vinnie Dakota published in an alternate 2195 after he and his partner Cavendish parted ways 20 years earlier. It was named after the future hit song Dakota published that was based off the song he came up with when he went to the zoo with Cavendish.



Mysteries is an expensive book of mysteries. Melissa Chase has a copy of this book.

It says: "It's the mysteries that make life worth living".


The Doctor Zone Files Files


The Doctor Zone Files Files (stylized as The Dr. Zone Files Files) is a guidebook based on the Doctor Zone franchise, presumably based on the latest iteration, The Doctor Zone Files.

Not much information is known, except that it is quoted as an "Authoritative Guide" (Wally) and "Vintage" (Kris). It also includes the origins of Doctor Zone and Time Ape's first meeting but doesn't include the true answer that was theorized by Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood.

It appears in the episode The Doctor Zone Files, as well as "World Without Milo" under the possession of Vinnie Dakota.


We're GOING to the zoo

ChristmasPeril (540)

An autobiography of the two time-traveling pop stars Dakota and Cavendish. It was a popular book with the authors doing a book signing in 2195. Its title was named after the hit song Dakota came up with during a trip to the zoo with Cavendish during their days as pistachio protecting time agents.


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