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Mrs. Brulee is the matriarch of the Brulee family, mother of Charlene and Sharon Brulee and the wife of Mr. Brulee.

She is voiced by Debbon Ayer.


Like her husband, Mrs. Brulee enjoys going to the grand canyon repetitively, being positive in response to her children's complaints. She often holds out a collection jar when her family breaks the rules, and they respond by giving up a dollar.

At the end of their adventure, she exclaimed that the change to their vacation had been thrilling.

Physical Appearance

Mrs. Brulee has light skin, blue eyes, and a pointed nose. Her blond hair is cut short and parted in the middle without bangs, and her lips are highlighted with pink lipstick.

She wears a blue long-sleeved shirt with a pair of brown shorts that have lighter colored cuffs. Her shoes are black sandals, and she wears a white pearl necklace and a pair of wireframe glasses.


In "Family Vacation", she went on an RV Family Vacation with the rest of her family. Unfortunately, her husband accidentally picked Milo Murphy up at one of their stops. This eventually leads into them dragging Hamosaur into the Colorado River. Milo is reunited with his family, and the two families head their separate ways.

In "Star Struck", she went on a boat ride where it ended up on the road and Tobias Trollhammer gets on along with Milo. The boat ends up dangling off a bridge.

In "Some Like it Yacht", She was at a beauty pageant where she seemed disappointed that a washing machine won.

In "World Without Milo", she was standing with her husband when they heard Elliot scream "Reign!". They both seemed very confused.

In "The Island of Lost Dakotas", she is seen in Milo's flashback to the events of Family Vacation.


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“How did we not see that? I mean, it's huge!”
—Mrs. Brulee upon seeing Horseface the Equestrian Barbarian[src]

“That was thrilling! Who knew vacations could be so... exciting!”
—Mrs. Brulee[src]


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