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Good morning, students. I'm Ms. Baxter, your substitute teacher. But can I really call myself a teacher? Will I be able to teach you in this brief interval where our live overlap? And if I did, how would I ever know?

— Ms. Baxter, "The Substitute"

Ms. Baxter was a substitute teacher for Jefferson County Middle School.

She is voiced by Leah Remini.


Ms. Baxter is unenthusiastic and tired of her job as a substitute teacher with so little to show for her years of effort. While she cares about the class, she takes little satisfaction in her temporary place as a teacher and tends to talk very monotonously as she teaches. She does, however, scold Melissa for having electronics in class.

Ms. Baxter ultimately collapses at the classroom's desk and orders Milo to teach after having accidentally gone through deep space. She doesn't move from the desk until she gets attacked by the sentient blob.

By the end of 'The Substitute', Ms. Baxter had regained her enthusiasm for teaching after Milo, Melissa, and Zack used the class lesson they'd just learned from her to defeat a sentient blog that had attacked the students.

Physical Appearance

Ms. Baxter has light skin and brown eyes, with orange-red lipstick and an angular face. She has dark brown, shoulder length hair that comes up at the tips, and her bangs come down one side of her face, ending in a curl.

She wears an open salmon-pink blazer over a much lighter pink dress shirt with a downturned collar. Her knee-length skirt and high heels match the color of her blazer, and she wears a white necklace with a matching pair of round earrings.


In "The Substitute", she was a substitute science teacher at Jefferson County Middle School who rediscovered her love of teaching after a day with Milo.

In "The Ticking Clock", she was seen with other substitute teachers at the Annual Substitute Teacher Conference.


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“Good morning students. I'm Ms. Baxter, your substitute teacher. But can I really call myself a teacher? Will I be able to teach you in this brief interval where our live overlap? And if I did, how would I ever know?”
—Ms. Baxter[src]

“Oh. I forgot the third one - the discouraged burn-out.”
—Zack about Ms. Baxter[src]

“Vinegar and baking soda can’t catch on fire. That’s impossible, it’s endothermic!”
—Ms. Baxter[src]

“Ms. Baxter: Milo, I went through a wormhole into deep space and I was juggled by a sentient blob. Terrible isn’t the word for it.

Milo: Yeah, I guess not.

Ms. Baxter: Awesome is the word!”
—Ms. Baxter and Milo[src]

“Well, it’s just like my dad says: " All’s well that ends with a sentient blob making a teacher remember why she loves teaching. "”
—Milo Murphy[src]


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