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Well, honey, I don't know about all that other stuff, but you certainly ran into a lamp post.

— Ms. Decker to her son, "World Without Milo"

Ms. Decker is Elliot Decker's mother. She works as a school bus driver, often driving Milo and his friends to school.


Ms. Decker cares for her son, having brought him in when she found him unconscious outside after having run into a lamppost. When he wakes up, she explains where she'd found him, and that she'd brought him in using a furniture dolly because of how big he's grown.

She'd prepared food and flowers for him on a tray for when he woke up.

When he was a child, she told him to stop throwing a bag of marshmallows, and reminded him to remember 'safety first'.

Physical Appearance

Ms. Decker has light skin and a round face, with a long, rounded nose and light green eyes. Her brown hair is short and parted in the center, tucked behind her ears.

She wears a light blue shirt with short sleeves and a downturned collar, tucked into a pair of dark blue jeans. Her belt is dark brown, with a rectangular silver belt buckle.


When Elliot was a child, Ms. Decker had thick, shoulder length brown hair that parted in the center and framed her face. She wore pale pink lipstick and a green and light-navy patterned choker. Ms. Decker wore a light green short sleeved shirt with a short purple vest and a long blue skirt that ended at her ankles. Her shoes were a pair of purple sneakers with white soles and white laces. She had a large brown purse with a long shoulder strap.


In "World Without Milo", Ms. Decker finds Elliot unconscious after he ran into a lamp post. She brings him inside and talks to him when he wakes up.

In "Safety First", Elliot has a flashback to his childhood, where Ms. Decker and his father took him to the circus and gave him a bag of marshmallows. Ms. Decker told him to stop tossing the bag in the air and reminds him to remember 'Safety First'.



“Well, honey, I don't know about all that other stuff, but you certainly ran into a lamp post.”
—Ms. Decker to Elliot[src]

“Oh, I brought you in. You're so big now, I had to use a furniture Dolly.”
—Ms. Decker to Elliot[src]

“Remember, safety first!”
—Ms. Decker in Elliot's flashback[src]


Season 1

Season 2


  • In a flashback form "Safety First", we see that she was married to a man that resembled the future Elliot, but in "Managing Murphy's Law" she appears to be in a relationship with a new man.
  • She has been seen driving the Jefferson County Middle School's school bus on multiple occasions.

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