Ms. White
Gender: Female
Professional Information
  Jefferson County Middle School
Friends and Family
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Undergrounders"
Voiced by:
Laraine Newman
Oh dear. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Oh! I could swear we had eighteen kids. Can you read my writing? Is that a five or an eight?

— Ms. White, "The Undergrounders"

Ms. White is a teacher at Jefferson County Middle School.

She is voiced by Laraine Newman.


Ms. White tends to talk and act very gently, and she seems quite enthusiastic as a teacher, often taking her students on field trips. When visiting the museum on a class trip, she worries that she's missing students, and uses her messy writing as justification for the error.

In spite of this, she tends to be very carefree in the face of Murphy's Law, and happily asks Milo about his adventure when he returns to the class unharmed.

Physical Appearance

Ms. White has a round face with prominent cheeks and heavy lines in her face. Her hair is a short, light brown bob cut with bangs that curl towards her face.

She wears an open brown vest with a dark purple flower pattern over a lavender colored shirt that has puffy sleeves ending in tight cuffs. Her skirt is knee-length and deep yellow, and she wears a black belt with a round, gold-colored belt buckle that matches her large earrings.


In "The Undergrounders", She took her class to the national history museum, but she lost track of Milo, Zack, and Melissa. She wondered if she read the number of students wrong. They eventually arrived, giving confirmation to her predicament.

In "Smooth Opera-tor", She gave extra credit to any student who attended a local opera.

In "Worked Day", She took her class to see their parents at work for career day, being in peril at almost every stop.

In "Athledecamathalon", She was in the hall while the Athledecamathalon was taking place.

In "School Dance", she chaperoned the school dance.

In "Some Like it Yacht", she went on the S.S. Indulgence with other students and faculty. When they got stranded on an island, she and the rest of the faculty, except for Mr. Drako, went feral within seconds. Milo and his friends managed to get the feral teachers back on the boat and back to shore.


Worked Day 3
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“Oh dear. Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. Oh! I could swear we had eighteen kids. Can you read my writing? Is that a five or an eight?”
—Ms. White[source]

“Milo, tell us about your adventure!”
—Ms. White[source]

“Yeah, I guess maybe if you squint it could be a five... Nope! It was an eight! Milo, tell us about your adventure.”
—Ms. White when Milo comes crashing through the wall[source]

“Sometimes I wonder what became of the young ones.”
—Ms. White[source]



  • She is the first teacher seen in the show.

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