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The Natural History Museum is a large museum located in Danville.

The Museum

The Museum features a number of different attractions including, but not limited to full-sized dinosaur bones and a gift shop.

Gift Shop

The gift shop is a large room full of merchandise available for purchase. Some of the merchandise on display includes scientific brochures and magazines, toy dinosaurs, books, and a number of rocks and gemstones including Rose Quartz.

Museum Banner

A large banner hangs over the doors of the museum, displaying a featured attraction. It changes each episode.

Image Episode Banner
NaturalHistory (1).png "The Undergrounders" "SEE Small Animals in their Natural Habitat"
LETC 190.jpg "The Little Engine That Couldn't" "Dawn of Tyrannosaur"
DoofsDayOut (23).png "Doof's Day Out" "Human Digestive Exhibit"


In "The Undergrounders", Milo and his class take a trip to the museum. However, he, Zack, and Melissa get separated when the subway car they're in gets disconnected and they get to the museum along with a group of lost construction workers.

In "The Little Engine That Couldn't", Milo, Melissa and Richard Chase drive through the museum on a runaway antique fire engine and crash the tyrannosaurus out in front of the Fire Engine Museum.

In "The Island of Lost Dakotas", it is seen briefly before the Tyrannosaurus outside of the Museum is replaced by Hamosaur.

In "Doof's Day Out", Doofenshmirtz comes on a field trip to the museum with Milo's class. Partway through the tour through the human digestive exhibit, Zack's claustro-avoidance hits him, and to help him escape the exhibit faster, Doofenshmirtz turns part of the exhibit into a go-cart. Later, he finds out that his idea helped the human digestive exhibit become a popular new ride.


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