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The Nature Surveyor is a camp instructor at the Danville Day Camp For Unusual Activities.


He is very calm and doesn't seem to be affected by the actions around him.

Physical Appearance

He has a dark brown beard and mustache with brown eyes. He also has a huge brown afro.

He wears a teal long sleeved shirt with navy blue levis with a black belt. He walks around with shoeless.


In "Cavendish Unleashed", he taught a Feet Dexterity class that Zack attended. He later leads Milo, Melissa, and Zack in a pogo stick hiking excursion.


Milo Murphy, Melissa Chase, and Zack Underwood

He seems to care very little to what happens to them, seeming how when they fell of a cliff he kept hopping on his pogo stick.




  • He is a parody of the famous painter, Bob Ross.
  • He has the ability to paint and eat pancakes by only using his feet.