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We are taking you to Octalia. Our home planet.

— The Alien Commander to Milo, "Abducting Murphy's Law"

Octalia is the home planet of the Octalians. Facing the planet-wide threat of destruction from the Sphere of Calamity, the Octalians abducted and enlisted Milo in saving their home.


The planet itself is a large, dark-colored planet. A major portion of it consists of a lighter colored area with long, curved tendrils running around the darker area of the planet.

On Planet[]

Octalia (6)

On Octalia, there is a massive, alien-looking city, with the portion of the city nearest to the Sphere of Calamity having been left in ruins, with more destruction caused along its path. The sky above the city near the Sphere of Calamity is murky orange in color, and the ground and surrounding city appear in a similar hue. The buildings come in a wide variety of shapes, although they tend to be more curved and sphericle than many buildings found on large cities on Earth.

Octalia (4)

Just outside of the city there's a brown, rocky landscape devoid of any sort of visible plant life. Covering this landscape is a number of small, brown and blue-grey rocks, and stretching over the distance there are large, rocky, pointed hillsides in the same blue-grey color. A large, green-hued river runs through the area. The only architect here appears to be huge yellow buildings with rounded, open tops, expelling thick green smoke and flames.


In "Milo's Shadow", the planet is briefly shown on-screen when Doofenshmirtz' Go Home-inator accidentally hits the Octalian ship, causing it to return home.

In "Abducting Murphy's Law", the Alien Commander decides that Milo is their only hope in saving their planet. She abducts him and later explains to him that they were taking him to Octalia, only for him to fall back to Earth after the Octalian ship is destroyed. Due to the ship falling to Earth, the Octalians returned to their planet in an escape pod.

In "Milo in Space", the Octalians abduct Milo a second time, much to his annoyance. After he asks why, they show him a clip of Octalia, revealing the destruction they hoped he could end.

In "Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space", Milo, the Octalians who'd abducted him, and Milo's friends arrive on Octalia. The city on the planet continues to receive major damage from the Sphere of Calamity while Milo works to find a way to stop it. Eventually, the planet is saved.



“Wait, why are we going home?!”
—Alien Commander[src]
“He's even more impressive then we'd observed! He's the one... our only hope. We need to get Milo Murphy to the other side of the universe!”
—Alien Commander[src]
“So, where are we headed?”
“We are taking you to Octalia. Our home planet.”
Milo and Alien Commander[src]
“Okay, show him.”
“What is that?!”
“That is why we need you, Milo. To stop that before it destroys our world.”
Alien Commander and Milo[src]


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