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Milo, you have to help us fight that thing and get my daughter back!

— The Alien Commander, Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space

Orgaluth is a teenage Octalian who suffers from the effects of negative Probability Ions, dubbed Orgaluth's Law. She is the daughter of the Alien Commander.

She is voiced by Odessa Adlon.


Having suffered from Orgaluth's Law her entire life, Orgaluth had become quiet and withdrawn from others. In spite of this, she is surprised and relieved to see Milo when he enters the Sphere of Calamity, happily referring to him as 'Space Kid', and calling out for him when he vanishes. She is thrilled to see her mother again, and relieved when she's finally free of her overwhelming condition.

Once she is saved, Orgaluth is quick to return to a more cheerful, teenage-like demeanor, panicking about what her friends from school might think of the way she looked and expressing relief when she finds out that she'd destroyed her school.

Physical Appearance

Orgaluth is a teenage Octalian with a deep purple complexion and two strands of long, dark purple hair that part in the middle and come down on either side of her face. Her lips are a darker shade of purple, and she has three prominent freckles on each cheek.

She wears a dark blue outfit akin to a hoodie, with a darker blue hood and highlights, and a large pocket in the front. Orgaluth wears a bright yellow, four-petal flower in her hair.


Early History


Since Orgaluth was little, strange incidents began to occur around her, getting more severe as she got older. Eventually, Octalia's best scientists studied her and found that she was surrounded by a sphere of negative probability ions. Unfortunately, the sphere eventually grew large enough that it completely surrounded her, affecting everything around her. After this, it was falsely believed that she'd been completely consumed by the sphere.

The sphere surrounding her was eventually dubbed the Sphere of Calamity.

Recent Events

In "Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space", she is shown to be surrounded by a large field of negative probably ions that has been growing around her since infancy. This field of Orgaluth's Law has grown so large that it has become an enormous sphere that Octalians began to dub the Sphere of Calamity, which was believed to have consumed Orgaluth entirely, until she was found still alive inside the sphere by Milo.

She is eventually saved when the other Octalians shapeshift into her and absorb a little of Orgaluth's Law to lessen the effects of it. She happily reunites with her mother.


“And inside, there was a girl...”
“Wait, she's still alive?!”
“Yeah, who is she?”
“That's Orgaluth... My daughter!”
Milo and The Alien Commander[src]

“...When Orgaluth was little, strange incidents occurred around her. But as she got older, the strange events got more severe. Our best scientists found that Orgaluth was surrounded by a sphere of negative probability ions... they seem to be attracted to her specific molecular structure. ”
—The Alien Commander[src]

“...But soon, it became so strong that the negative ions consumed her and left only the sphere of calamity. Or so I thought... I didn't know she was still in there!”
—The Alien Commander

“Hello... space kid? Where did you go?”

“For my daughter... maybe we can still be a village.”
—The Alien Commander[src]

“Like, are we on holovision? Ugh, I must look terrible! All my friends from school are gonna see this!”
“Um, you destroyed the school...”
“Oh, that's a relief!”
Orgaluth and The Alien Commander[src]



  • Orgaluth is the first female in the series to expel the effects of negative probability ions, as well as the first non-human and non-member of the Murphy family to generate negative probability ions.
  • She is the last character to be introduced in Season 2.