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The start of the storm

Orgaluth's Law is a phenomenon that, like Murphy's Law, involves the individual affected by it, to experience random occurrences of bad luck, named after the Octalian, Orgaluth. However, as no one on Orgaluth's home planet Octalia ever had any bad luck before, all negative probability ions are attracted towards her, leading to an enormous sphere that causes calamity, and has the power to destroy an entire planet. This effect is subsided once the rest of the Octalians absorb a bit of Orgaluth's Law each.


Orgaluth's Law, unlike Murphy's Law, seems to never give a second of peace or a second without a mistake/disaster happening. Since Orgaluth was the only one who had Orgaluth's Law and she has such a big quantity of Orgaluth's Law, the intensity quickly built up over the years, creating a huge Sphere of Calamity. But after Milo and the Octalians stop the Sphere of Calamity from consuming Octalia, every Octalian now has Orgaluth's Law.

People Affected By It


  • Orgaluth's Law differs from Murphy's Law for two reasons:
    • Murphy's Law is pertained to males, but Orgaluth is female.
    • Murphy's Law is hereditary, unlike Orgaluth's Law, otherwise her mother would've had experienced it too prior to Orgaluth's birth.
  • This makes Orgaluth's Law similar to Heinz's Law, except the latter has bad things happen to the pertainer rather than everyone around them.