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The Paranormal Investigation Group, often abbreviated as P.I.G., is an organization that investigates the paranormal, such as aliens. It is led by Bob Block.

They have a division known as Purgers of Intergalactic Garbage, also abbreviated as P.I.G., which deals with cleaning up extraterrestrial litter left by aliens. Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota are part of this division as of "Picture Day".

Known Members[]

Image Name Division
BobThumbnail Bob Block Paranormal Investigation Group
LK (72) Balthazar Cavendish Purgers of Intergalactic Garbage (previously)
LK (40) Vinnie Dakota Purgers of Intergalactic Garbage
Abducting (64) Toodles Unknown
Abducting (148) Armory Security Guard P.I.G. Armory


In "Picture Day", Cavendish and Dakota are contacted by Bob Block, who informs them that he'd hired them to the organization, but gives little information about it. After doing some research, the two of them find out that P.I.G. stands for 'Paranormal Investigation Group'.

In "Lady Krillers", Cavendish tries to reason with Bob Block about getting them better positions in the organization, but he assures them that their positions are important, and the other stuff is boring. The screen pans out to show him, alongside a few other agents, fighting off a dangerous looking alien.

In "Abducting Murphy's Law", Cavendish and Dakota visit the main building to speak with Bob Block and to do some research. Later, they sneak into P.I.G.'s armory to steal a bunch of weapons.



“-When I heard you were available, I snatched you up for my top secret government agency!”
—Bob Block to Cavendish and Dakota[src]
“-You will be in the janitorial division, which is also P.I.G... Purgers of Intergalactic garbage. Aliens are such litterbugs! But you won't be doing any actual investigation. We have competent people for that!”
—Bob Block[src]
“But if our agency is covering up the existence of alien lifeforms, perhaps we could deal with the actual alien lifeforms?”
“Oh heavens, no. That's the boring talky stuff. You're doing the real work!”
Balthazar Cavendish and Bob Block[src]