Perry's Lair is where secret agent, Perry the Platypus, get's his daily missions. It is also filled with various spy equipment in case of emergency.

Notable Areas

Perry's Lair is a white, teal, and orange themed open space that has various features.


The screen is often seen projecting Francis Monogram and sometimes Carl Karl. Perry spends most of his time looking at the screen when he is in the lair. The screen is surrounded by two orange/yellow screens showing blue and green coffin shapes bouncing around.


The elevator is one of the many ways to enter the lair. The elevator leads to the backyard of the Flynn-Fletchers house. It is a see through green tube with a dark green platform in it.

Fish Tank

Behind Perry's screen is a fish tank with various fish swimming in it. It also has a ladder to climb into it.


In "Agee Ientee Diogee", Diogee and Agent G are seen entering into the lab to meet with Monogram.

In "The Ticking Clock", Perry enters through the ceiling and receives his mission.

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