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Pete and Tina are a couple that loves to compete in 70's style, roller-disco dancing competitions.


They are both calm and collective, even when they talk to their competitors. They do not see their competitors as competition, they are nice and even wish Martin and Brigette good luck despite them being rivals.


In "Disco Do-Over" they are revealed to have competed against Martin and Brigette when they were younger. They are also later seen competing against Martin and Brigette in the soon to be closed Skate Ashbury only to lose to them.



“Hey, break a leg!”
“Haha, yeah... probably. Murphy's Law.”
Pete and Martin Murphy[src]

“Oh hey, the same team who beat you back in the day is coming tonight for a re-do! Quite the coinkydink, heheh.”
— Bomber to Martin and Brigette about Pete and Tina[src]

“This might be the most amazing routine I've ever seen!”
—Dean about Pete and Tina's routine[src]