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The Pistachions' invasion occurred after a sentient blob fused with a pistachio plant and made it sentient also. The result, King Pistachion, created more of his kind and eventually took over the world, but was stopped by four teenagers, two time travelers and a dog. However, they would later rise again.

First Takeover

They originated when a sentient blob fused with a pistachio plant in a middle school courtyard. King Pistachion, the first of his kind, was born of the occurrence. He made more Pistachions, and they took over the world. Two time travelers, Cavendish and Dakota, and a middle schooler named Milo Murphy managed to defeat them with his friends Zack and Melissa, and his sister Sara. Diogee peed on the king's younger self before he becomes sentient, ending their reign before it started. ("Missing Milo")

Second Takeover

Cavendish, Dakota and Milo learned that Derek, a Pistachion that survived due to being stuck in the Time Stream, had spent a decade founding a new Pistachion empire starting in the mid-1960's. The three, along with Orton Mahlson, returned to Milo's time where they found that Derek's plan was almost complete. The four fled with Diogee in an attempt to find Professor Time, the inventor of time travel, and have him build a time machine to stop Derek before his plan starts. They made it to his home and found Heinz Doofenshmirtz. ("Fungus Among Us")

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