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I claim this land for Pistachions! We will now rebuild it in our image!

King Pistachion, after the Pistachions have taken over the world in 2175, "Missing Milo"

The Pistachions Arc is a major story arc following both the B.O.T.T. Introduction Arc and the Counteragent Arc, which includes some of Milo Murphy's Law's most quintessential episodes. This arc centers around Milo, Dakota and Cavendish's battle against the Pistachions, mutated pistachio trees bent on taking over the world and destroying humanity, doubling as the show's first major antagonists. This arc also adds an important role to Orton Mahlson, creator of the Doctor Zone franchise, of which Milo and his sister Sara are huge fans of.

Heavily foreshadowed in "The Substitute", the Pistachions arc begins with the hour-long special "Missing Milo", and ends with another hour-long special, "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", which also introduces several characters from Phineas and Ferb into the show.

Timeline of Events

  • "The Substitute": Milo creates a sentient blob from a chemical spill after mistakingly picking up Cavendish and Dakota's pistachio fertilizer instead of the chemical absorbent. The sentient blob has mostly been defeated, except for a small portion that unknowingly escaped through the vents. This small part merges itself with the pistachio sapling in the school yard after Cavendish accidentally ruined it, turning it back alive and coloring its leaves red.
  • "Missing Milo": Milo, Dakota and Cavendish combat the Pistachions for the first time, who appear to have grown from the merged pistachio sapling at the school yard, and have overthrown humanity in the future. They, alongside Zack, Melissa and Sara, have successfully eradicated the first generation of Pistachions, thanks to Diogee, but unbeknownst to them, one Pistachion has survived, due to being stuck in the time stream, and ends up in 1955. Furthermore, Milo discovers he has appeared in a lost Doctor Zone pilot and has written a letter to Sara, Melissa and Zack and given it to Orton Mahlson, two things he hasn't done as of yet.
  • "Perchance to Sleepwalk": Cavendish and Dakota receive another pistachio mission from Mr. Block I. Afraid that saving the pistachios will lead to another Pistachion invasion, Cavendish and Dakota decide to take the day off, but somehow avert the danger by accident. They decide to purposefully ruin the pistachios, when they are caught red-handed by Brick and Savannah. Cavendish and Dakota are promptly demoted, and Brick and Savannah have to do the pistachio missions in their place.
  • "The Race": Cavendish and Dakota decide to sabotage Brick and Savannah's pistachio mission, again to prevent the Pistachions from rising. They accidentally end up in the past with virtually no way to get out. They manage to travel back to the present and ruin the batch of pistachios.
  • "Fungus Among Us": Milo, Dakota and Cavendish travel to Balsawood Studios in 1965, to fulfill Milo's appearance in Doctor Zone and giving Orton his letter, as well as looking for a suspicious intern. They and Orton discover about the lost Pistachion, Derek, who plans to overthrow humanity by disguising the Pistachions as humans and storing the humans at a detention center. The four manage to escape back to the present, but with no way to travel back in time. In this present, Derek's plan is successful, as the Pistachions have already jailed most of the humans at a transformed Lard World. They and Diogee escape and locate Professor Time to invent time travel early, ending up at Dr. Doofenshmirtz.
  • "The Phineas and Ferb Effect": Dr. Doofenshmirtz aids Milo and co to get his own time machine working, but Milo and Diogee split off from the group as Pistachions attack. He encounters Phineas and Ferb, who have reunited with Melissa, Zack, Buford, Baljeet and Candace. They decide to study Murphy's Law and make a mech suit so they can weaponize it against the Pistachions. Unfortunately, just as the mech suit is finished, they already get captured by the Pistachions and are brought back to Lard World, where they learn about Derek's true intentions to turn all the humans into Pistachions. When Milo, Phineas, Ferb, Dakota, Cavendish, Orton and Doofenshmirtz get cornered by the transformed Pistachions, Doofenshmirtz's future self, Professor Time, appears. He picks up Orton, as both travel to 1955 to eradicate Derek for good, averting the Pistachion-infested future once again.

Preluding episode

The creation of the sentient blob.

"The Substitute" serves as a major prelude to the Pistachions arc. In "The Substitute", Dakota and Cavendish came from the future to use a special pistachio tree fertilizer on a sapling at the Jefferson County Middle School yard, but accidentally warped themselves into the closet of Milo's science class, currently being taught by substitute teacher Ms. Baxter. Neither of the two B.O.T.T. agents could escape, as their quantum localizer needs to be recharged. Later in class, when Milo takes over the lesson with Zack as assistant, they accidentally spill some chemicals. Per advice of Ms. Baxter, Milo gets some chemical absorbent from the closet to pour over the spill, but grabs Dakota and Cavendish's pistachio tree fertilizer by accident, creating a sentient blob instead.

The plant, after being merged with the sentient blob

The sentient blob causes pandemonium all over class and even get Cavendish and Dakota involved, who barely managed to escape the classroom with a fully charged quantum localizer. The sentient blob tries to pull Dakota back in, but he and Cavendish managed to separate part of the blob as they closed the door, and the partial blob gets sent into the vents. Meanwhile, Milo gets to defeat the rest of the sentient blob with Zack and Melissa by freezing it, using fire extinguishers. Cavendish and Dakota then managed to protect the sapling they're supposed to protect from Diogee, before the former accidentally destroys it by stepping on it. However, as the episode ends, the remaining part of the sentient blob appears on the yard from the vents, merging itself with the ruined plant and reviving it.

Major Episodes

"Missing Milo"

Mr. Block getting dragged away by the unknown entity.

In "Missing Milo", Cavendish and Dakota were assigned to protect a pistachio plant at the Jefferson County Middle School, but note that it appears to be the exact same plant they tried protecting before, but failed protecting it last time. They then encounter Milo, who was on his way to the grocery store to get some snacks so he, Melissa and Zack could join Sara and watch the lost pilot of Doctor Zone. After asking some questions about Milo, and protecting the plant from him, Cavendish and Dakota celebrate as they finally succeeded a mission. They then decide to report to Mr. Block via their intertemporal communicator and share the good news. Initially, Mr. Block doesn't believe them, as he suddenly gets attacked by some kind of monster. This sudden event makes Cavendish and Dakota worrisome about what would happen in the future, although they do acknowledge that Mr. Block could be pulling a prank. Regardless, they decide to return to 2175 and see what's going on, but since their own time vehicle broke when they arrived, Dakota decides to intercept Brick and Savannah's mission to ask them if they could borrow their time limousine. As they went on their way, however, they dropped their transtemporal communicator, which Milo notices.

As Dakota and Cavendish arrive at a formal party nearby a cliffside before Brick and Savannah, and get all four of them kicked out, the latter two elite agents are understandably ticked off and refuse to borrow their lower-tier colleagues their time limousine, stating there's no force on earth that could make them do otherwise. Just then, Milo arrives with the transtemporal communicator, allowing Murphy's Law to kick in, as the ground beneath Brick and Savannah crumbles and drops the two in the ocean, granting Cavendish and Dakota access to their time vehicle. They quickly enter the car, as Milo tries to give them their communicator, but due to being delayed by Diogee, is only able to do so when the vehicle already travels to the future, leaving both his backpack and Diogee behind.

Milo is experiencing time travel for the first time, and find himself with Dakota and Cavendish in the Time Stream, which appears to be filled with clocks for some reason. Here, he realizes that he just lost his backpack, and also learns that Dakota and Cavendish may have potentially screwed up the future, as they travel to 2175 to see if everything is alright.

Anthropomorphized pistachio plants known as Pistachions have taken over the world.

As Dakota, Cavendish and Milo arrive in 2175 to see if everything is okay, they discover that Danville has become a ruined ghost town, with all the futuristic buildings damaged, cars toppled and the skies tinted orange. The trio explore the town further when they observe an army of the same kind of monster that attacked Mr. Block earlier, now noticing that the monsters look like mutated pistachio trees. They later notice several more of them carrying a large flower pot with several human prisoners inside, including Mr. Block. As they hide from the plant creatures, they hear a fanfare and notice several of them surrounding a stage at a wrecked building, on which a larger pistachio creature is being the center of attention. This creature appears to be known as King Pistachion, and the other pistachio creatures, the Pistachions, are his offspring. They have successfully taken over the land at this point and are going to reshape it in their image. Having captured all of the humans, King Pistachion celebrates by taking a family photo with his children. While taking the photos, King Pistachion notices Milo, Cavendish and Dakota on one of his taken pictures and commands the Pistachions to capture them, as they run away. After being chased into an ice cream shop and through a shopping district, Milo, Cavendish and Dakota manage to reach the time limousine and barely escape the Pistachions, before their king reveals their own time machine to go after them.

Sara finds Milo in the lost pilot from 50 years ago.

Back in the present time, Zack, Melissa and Sara get worried about Milo's absence, so Melissa and Zack comb through town in search for Milo, until they arrive at the cliffside and find Diogee and Milo's backpack, but no Milo. They decide to return to Milo's house, but as they're being pursued by Brick and Savannah, they are being forced to take a detour through the sewers, where they're being helped out by Scott. Arriving at Milo's home, they notice that Sara already decided to watch the lost Doctor Zone pilot without Milo. At that moment, they discover something impossibly peculiar: Milo is featured in the 50-year old pilot. Confused and befuddled, Melissa decides to take Sara and Zack to a secret room in her house, which is filled with pictures and belongings of Milo, hoping to find a clue about Milo's whereabouts. Melissa reveals she kept this room to try find a way to cure Murphy's Law, but stopped as she realized Milo wouldn't want that. She still kept collecting regardless, in case she wants to study it. In this data room, Sara noticed the peculiarly-dressed Cavendish and Dakota popping up on the pictures every now and then, noticing the two have a remarkable resemblance to the Doctor Zone main characters, Doctor Zone and Time Ape, respectively. She concludes that Milo's disappearance has a definite connection to Doctor Zone, and brings Zack and Melissa to the home of the creator of Doctor Zone, Orton Mahlson.

Milo, Cavendish and Dakota discover the origins of King Pistachion.

Meanwhile, Cavendish and Dakota travel ten minutes back in time, so they and Milo can figure out how this managed to happen and how they'll be able to revert it. They find themselves in a library and locate the library's holographic data array, which should have information about this Pistachion takeover. From the data array, they learn that King Pistachion is in fact the same plant that Dakota and Cavendish saved earlier, and has somehow mutated into this creature. As it gained intelligence and uprooted itself, the King Pistachion built an army of its offspring to take over the Bureau of Time Travel, and gather all kinds of clocks afterwards. They're then discovered by a group of Pistachions that just so happen to carry some clocks around. Milo, Dakota and Cavendish manage to escape to the time limo, with the clocks in tow. However, King Pistachion's own time machine from earlier manages to join Milo, Cavendish and Dakota in the Time Stream, so they need to lose them in a time and place chaotic enough to gain significant distance. Milo gets an idea where and when to, as the time limo reappears in what seems to be Danville, present time. The Pistachions appear alongside them, and chase the limo until they suddenly get carried away by a horde of llamas. Milo reveals this was when the Llama Incident took place, as the three go back in the Time Stream and return to the actual present time. Despite the distraction, however, King Pistachion claims he knows when Dakota, Cavendish and Milo are headed to, aiming to get there before them.

In the Time Stream, Milo, Dakota and Cavendish find themselves in a part of the Time Stream without clocks. Dakota then notices that Cavendish is pushing buttons as the latter reveals that he can't set a destination, asking Milo to check on the antenna. It turns out that a Pistachion has managed to cling onto the limo, intercepting them by bending the antenna, among other sabotages. As the Pistachion grabs Milo from his seat, Dakota climbs out to slam the Pistachion away with his bag of clocks. This in turn causes the bag to rip open and spill the clocks into the Time Stream, answering why and how clocks get scattered through them. With the interception gone, the three are now able to set a destination and leave the Time Stream.

Orton gives Zack, Sara and Melissa a letter from Milo.

In the present time, Sara asks Orton Mahlson about the two guys that resemble Doctor Zone and Time Ape, with Melissa providing a picture. Orton recognizes the two as Cavendish and Dakota, revealing that they inspired him to create the Doctor Zone franchise. When asked about Milo, Orton mentions that was the name of the "young ward" that was with them, revealing he had also written Sara, Melissa and Zack a letter that they should meet him at the school at 3:00 pm on today's date, fifteen minutes from now. They leave Orton and arrive at the Jefferson County Middle School, hoping to meet Milo there. Unfortunately, King Pistachion arrives first, and commands his army to destroy them. Melissa and Zack rifle through Milo's backpack to see if it's packed with anything they can use against the Pistachions, and find three hedge trimmers. As they and Sara grab a hedge trimmer each, the hedge trimmers fall apart one by one. While this initially seems like bad news, Melissa realizes that something going wrong at the worst moment means Milo is close by. Immediately after, Milo, Cavendish and Dakota arrive, with Milo surprised at how King Pistachion got there first.

Melissa, happy to see her best friend again, throws Milo his backpack, before a Pistachion swats it away to the school's flagpole. Milo commands his friends and sister to get in the limo. Inside, as Cavendish drives through the school yard while shaking off Pistachions, Milo introduces his friends to Cavendish and Dakota and tells them they have to destroy the pistachio plant in the school yard in order to defeat King Pistachion and his offspring. As they try to run over the little plant, King Pistachion protects it by rooting his arms towards the limo, sending it into the school. They drive back out, arriving back in the school yard, where they try to run over the plant again, but King Pistachion steps in the way, crashing the limo into him. He and his offspring then tear the limousine apart.

Milo is reunited with his backpack.

As the Pistachions play with the front half of the car, Milo and his friends and acquaintances sneak towards the rear half, trying to find a useful gadget in the trunk. As Dakota and Cavendish fumble with a rocket engine, Milo sees his backpack dangling at the flagpole and tries lowering the flag in order to reach it. However, the rocket engine rams into the flagpole, sending the backpack swinging, as Milo catches it before it gets stuck in a tree, while the rest hides behind Cavendish and Dakota's own time vehicle. Finally reunited with his backpack, he hides in the tree as it falls over, planning a surprise attack for the Pistachions. He reunites with his friends and unloads his backpack with various tools and items, giving them to his friends and suggests them to use them against the Pistachions, beginning their full-on attack.

King Pistachion is defeated...

Despite the fact that they managed to defeat some Pistachions, it doesn't last very long until King Pistachion grabs Dakota, Cavendish, Zack, Melissa and Sara, climbs on top of the school, and threatens Milo to move away from the plant before he can destroy it. Fortunately, Milo still has a woodpecker whistle, which he uses to summon a flock of woodpeckers to attack King Pistachion with. He lets loose of his friends, who Milo saves by kicking a mattress in their direction before they land. Milo then tries reaching for the pistachio plant, before King Pistachion grabs him for a final attack. Unfortunately for King Pistachion, Diogee appears right on time, urinating on the plant. As King Pistachion's species is vulnerable against the uric acid in Diogee's dog pee, the plant shrivels up as King Pistachion and his offspring vanish in pain, defeating the Pistachion army.

Dakota and Cavendish contact Mr. Block once again, but since time managed to heal itself, Mr. Block isn't able to remember what happened and thinks Cavendish and Dakota are making stuff up just for a promotion. After the call, Dakota gives Milo one of the clocks he managed to save as a souvenir. Milo, Zack, Melissa and Sara say goodbye to Cavendish and Dakota, and return home. Milo gets told by his friends Melissa has a secret room full of pictures of him, and they also tell him that they saw Milo in the lost Doctor Zone episode, and inform him about his letter. Milo reveals he hasn't done any of that yet, noting that it might happen in a future adventure, with Melissa hoping it isn't pistachio-related.

...but the Pistachion problems are far from over.

However, the Pistachion Dakota hit earlier with the bag of clocks is still tumbling in the Time Stream, arriving at a town fair in 1955, ten years before the creation of Doctor Zone, suggesting that the Pistachions are far from gone yet.

"Fungus Among Us"

Milo, Dakota and Cavendish leaving to 1965.

"Fungus Among Us" is a clear continuation of "Missing Milo", as the episode begins with a cold open, describing a short summary of what happened in "Missing Milo", and detailing one of the loose ends. When the episode properly begins, Milo, Melissa and Zack are in a plummeting hot-air balloon, but get saved by Cavendish and Dakota by accident, as the latter was trying to get mustard off the steering wheel. After that, Milo gets a call from Dakota and Cavendish from the future, in 1965, warning him for some intern. After this strange call, Cavendish suggests to travel to 1965 and check out what's wrong, to which Milo suggests as an opportunity to give Orton Mahlson his note then. When Cavendish and Dakota are confused, Milo shows them the lost Doctor Zone pilot episode and explains that Melissa, Zack and Sara saw him in there and were given a note written by him, given by Orton. It is then settled that Milo joins Dakota and Cavendish on their way to 1965, leaving Zack and Melissa home.

Milo, Dakota and Cavendish travel to the location where the first Doctor Zone episode would be filmed, Balsawood Studios, noting that would be a place where an intern might be. At that time, Orton Mahlson is producing a show about the zoning commission, but it doesn't seem to go well. Orton's producer suggests his show needs to be weird, or it might never get picked up. Pondering for weird ideas with a notepad, Orton walks out of the studio, when Milo, Cavendish and Dakota arrive. He notices Cavendish's old-timey outfit, and a clock Dakota put in front of his face, inspiring him to create Doctor Zone and Time Ape, and approaches them, asking them about their weird vehicle. Milo excitably greets him, recognizing him as the creator and star of Doctor Zone, and when Orton asks him about it, Milo tells him about the entire show for at least two hours. Satisfied with the ideas, Orton wants to get started right away and offers Milo for help.

The Pistachion disguising himself as Orton.

In the studio, Cavendish reminds Milo to still look for the intern. They find a person nearby a potted plant, and when he confirms he's the intern, Milo violently questions him while swinging a cattle prod, assuming the role of bad cop, before Dakota and Cavendish hold him away. The intern tries to get away, but Cavendish stops him. The intern manages to flee when he distracts them with a man holding purple shovel, however. The person holding said shovel stumbles over a bin and causes several props to fall, resulting into a crane hook hitting young Tobias Trollhammer in the head, causing the boy to fall unconscious. With Tobias out, Milo is offered to fill in. Dakota and Cavendish are ordered to find the intern without Milo. Meanwhile, the intern is in the props room with Orton, asking him to step in the closet for perfectly normal reasons, to which Orton obliges. However, Orton gets ambushed there, as the intern replaces him while wearing a rubber mask. His hand is seemingly made of roots now, revealing his true nature as a Pistachion, which he hides in a present box.

Zack and Melissa being taken care of.

Back in the present, Melissa and Zack wander around town, when they encounter Max of the Lumbermaxes in a van. Max greets the two in an abnormal, off-putting way, before inviting them in the dark, windowless van he's seated in, when the rest of the Lumbermaxes jump out. Melissa and Zack are understandably weirded out and flee while the Lumbermaxes chase them at a slow pace. They decide to hide in a diner, in which all the customers greet them in the exact same way Max did earlier, so they decide to go back outside. They meet Joni, who also greets them in this way, however, she seems to be otherwise normal, as she gets ambushed in the diner. They run past the school and encounter Mr. Drako there, in bright sunlight. When asked what he's doing in the daylight, noting that Chad says he's a vampire, Drako denies that claim, revealing a Pistachion hand with a flower, which he blows on to scatter pollen over Zack and Melissa, making them unconscious as they get carried away by several Pistachions disguised as children (one of them being disguised as Amanda).

Derek revealing his evil scheme.

At Balsawood Studios in 1965, the staff is currently recording the scene Milo found himself in earlier. As Murphy's Law happens, however, several scenery props start to collide into each other, revealing the real Orton inside the closet, bound and gagged. At that point, the false Orton removes the present box from his hand, in which he holds a laser gun and points it at Milo, Dakota and Cavendish. The fake Orton removes his mask, revealing him to be the intern. He then removes the intern mask too, as he intended to reveal himself to be the Pistachion that Dakota managed to launch from the time limo in "Missing Milo", revealing his name to be Derek. He then reveals various crew member have also been replaced by Pistachions. Derek explains that he fell out of the time stream in 1955 and spent the next ten years conjuring up a plan to ultimately overthrow the human race. He explains that his plan is to systematically replace every human with a Pistachion wearing a rubber mask until they outnumber them, using the profits of Doctor Zone to fund it. However, Milo, Dakota, Cavendish and Orton already fled by the time he finishes his monologue, as he commands the other Pistachions to go after them.

They enter the time vehicle, but have startup problems, as the Pistachions surround them. Dakota and Cavendish decide to call Milo in the future, which turns out to be the same call earlier in the episode. As they finish their call, Derek attacks the vehicle with a swordfish prop, causing a tank to leak Time Juice. Eventually, the gang manages to barely escape when Milo uses the cattle prod to jumpstart the engine. Since the time vehicle's tank is leaking time juice, the gang is at risk of being stuck in the Time Stream once they're out of it. Dakota pushes the emergency return button and barely make it out of the Time Stream.

The newly "remodeled" Lard World.

The team ends up in Danville, two weeks after Milo, Dakota and Cavendish left to 1965, now stuck without the ability to travel in time. Here, Milo seemingly meets his friends Zack and Melissa, but it doesn't take long for him to realize they've been replaced by Pistachions as well. At the same time, Orton, Dakota and Cavendish realize that Derek's plan has a much greater impact on the world, now that it's fifty years later. They flee from the Zack and Melissa-disguised Pistachions and hide in the bushes. From there, they notice Sara has also been captured by Pistachions, as the windowless van drives by with her inside. Milo, Dakota, Cavendish and Orton follow the van, and sees it enters Lard World. As it is heavily guarded, the four heroes cover themselves in shrubbery in order to sneak past the Pistachion guards.

Bird's eye view of the human detention center.

Once past the entrance, they note that the van has parked near a building labeled "Lard World Mask Factory". Milo, Dakota, Cavendish and Orton peek from outside and see a machine that scans Sara's entire body and creates a perfectly replicated disguise for Pistachions to wear. Sara is then taken away, as they discover that the once-grease-themed amusement park has been turned into a plant-infested human detention center, in which Sara is taken to a cell where she is joined by her parents, as well as Zack and Melissa. Milo notes that they have to do something, but since they're outnumbered, Dakota and Cavendish suggest to use a working time vehicle to ultimately prevent this from ever happening. Unfortunately, the only other time travelers in this time, Brick and Savannah, are already captured, and their time limo has been demolished. To make matters worse, Murphy's Law causes the four heroes getting carried towards the plant prisons by a wave of lard, ultimately getting discovered.

Milo and Diogee reunited.

Milo, Orton, Cavendish and Dakota run away from the Pistachions throughout the amusement park, eventually getting surrounded at the top of a ferris wheel. Fortunately, Diogee arrives at the ferris wheel's control panel, who activates it, causing the Pistachions to be thrown off as the wheel spins around. Diogee joins Milo's team, and the five flee to a shed labeled Lard Disposal. They barricade the door as Pistachions follow them. As the Pistachions are unable to go through, they let some Pistachion sprouts enter from under the door. Dakota and the rest flee, but the former stops as he realize he can just eat the sprouts. He flees anyway when the Pistachions manage to break the door open after all. Dakota follows the hallway towards a lard stream, where Milo, Cavendish, Orton and Diogee are waiting in a speed boat. Dakota jumps in right on time as the boat speeds away.

Milo vs. the giant Pistachion.

As they speed through the tunnel, Dakota and Cavendish come up with the idea to locate Professor Time, the creator of time travel, and invent it early, as it turns out he lives in this particular year. They reach the end of the lard drain and end up nearby the sewer system, roadblocked by a grille. Out of ideas how to break through, they suddenly encounter Lardee Boy. Unfortunately, this turns out to be a ginormous Pistachion in disguise, who promptly attacks the heroes once his cover is blown. After evading the huge Pistachion attacks, Milo gains an idea how to escape. Using himself as bait, he tricks the giant Pistachion to get his arm stuck in a fallen lard spout with one end of a chain inside, while Orton ties the tether end to the grille. This causes the giant Pistachion to break the grille off as he moves his arm, which Milo, Dakota, Cavendish, Orton and Diogee use to their advantage by escaping through the opening. The giant Pistachion attempts to pursue, but the grille he's stuck with prevents him to do so.

Professor Time is... Doofenshmirtz?!

Now in the sewer system and away from the giant Pistachion, Milo, Orton, Diogee, Dakota and Cavendish get back on track and try to find Professor Time's home, located at 9297 Polly Parkway. Milo, knowing the praticular sewers, locates them to that address. They end up at a parking garage and enter an elevator. They arrive at a purple room, but as they walk through, they get trapped in a net. A figure shows up from the shadows, which turns out to be none other than Heinz Doofenshmirtz, who reveals Milo, Cavendish, Dakota, Orton and Diogee are stuck in his trap for pizza delivery guys.

"The Phineas and Ferb Effect"

"The Phineas and Ferb Effect" begins exactly where "Fungus Among Us" left off, as the episode starts with a cold open, in which Doofenshmirtz recaps the events from the last episode, presumably after Milo, Dakota, Cavendish and Orton explained the cause. After he gets confirmation that they are not the pizza delivery guy, Doofenshmirtz lets the group out of the trap. As the episode properly starts on a shot of Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc., Cavendish starts gushing to Doofenshmirtz, revealing to him that Doofenshmirtz will eventually invent time travel as Professor Time, whom Cavendish is a big fan of.

Melissa, Zack, Buford and Baljeet escape Lard World.

Meanwhile, Melissa and Zack are still in the human detention center, as they get the attention of Buford and Baljeet, who are doing reconnaissance over the former Lard World, noting special attention to a building labeled M.U.L.C.H., in which a large device of the same name is being built. Neither of the two have a clue what purpose it has, but they do acknowledge that it must be important enough to have tons of guards protecting it. Baljeet then recognizes Zack from the Lumberzacks, revealing him to be a fan that carries their CD with him. Buford then recalls that one of the guards was singing it earlier, which gives Melissa the idea to have Zack, Baljeet, Buford and Sara to give a performance to distract the Pistachion guards, while she tries to trigger Murphy's Law by directing Martin to a lard goat. Martin claims it doesn't work like that, when the goat topples over, the head falls off, a Pistachion guard slips over it and flies into another guard nearby a lever, activating a pig spinning ride, which falls off and spins into the vines of the cage Melissa is in, freeing the prisoners. The Pistachions react quickly though, and only Zack, Melissa, Buford and Baljeet manage to escape.

Doofenshmirtz explains why time travel is not possible yet.

Back at Doofenshmirtz Evil, Inc, now renamed Professor Time's Building for branding purposes, Cavendish and Dakota explain to Doofenshmirtz that they need him to invent a time machine right now in order to stop the mess Derek has created. As it turns out, Doofenshmirtz has made a Time Travel-Inator that seemingly let them do that, shaped like a taco, which he did because he wanted to drink orange soda from Wyatt Burp, which was discontinued in the 1970s because it was harmful to the environment. The orange soda is still available in 1965, which coincides with the year Milo, Dakota, Cavendish and Orton need yo go to. However, after Doofenshmirtz's ex-nemesis, Perry the Platypus, enters the room, Doofenshmirtz explains that they currently cannot use the Time Travel-Inator because they need to fuel it with Time Juice in order for it to work, which hasn't been discovered in the current year yet. Cavendish reveals that Time Juice will be used in the future to not only make time travel possible, but also make clockwork even more accurate than before, to which Dakota realizes why the Pistachions wanted to take away all the clocks back in "Missing Milo". Milo then realizes he has one of those future clocks from the same episode, but since he doesn't have it within his backpack, he decides to pick it up from home. At that moment, an air duct falls on top of the Time Travel-Inator, meaning that Doofenshmirtz will have to rebuild it while Milo goes to his house alongside Perry and Diogee.

Milo, Diogee and Perry manage to reach his home without getting caught, but they are eventually discovered by Pistachions disguised as Milo's parents. Milo, Perry and Diogee manage to distract the Pistachions long enough for the former to enter his room and get the clock. Once done so, the three manage to escape via Perry's jetpack. They return to Professor Time's Building, when Doofenshmirtz has already rebuilt the Time Travel-Inator, this time deliberately modeled after a taco stand. Milo gives Doofenshmirtz the clock, who pours the Time Juice from it in the Inator. Just then, Pistachions arrive and break in. Milo decides that he and Diogee should distract the Pistachions while Dakota, Cavendish, Orton, Doofenshmirtz and Perry travel to 1965 without them, which they do. While Milo manages to distract and escape from the Pistachions, Doofenshmirtz and co. enter the Time Stream. However, they don't have enough Time Juice to exit the Time Stream, which means they're stuck in there forever until they can find another clock.

Derek's face has been altered due to wearing the Orton mask for fifty years.

Meanwhile, Melissa, Zack, Buford and Baljeet encounter Derek in his Orton disguise, who reveals he's with the Pistachions, and tells them his backstory as Pistachions surround the kids, and explains how he took over the Doctor Zone empire. Neither of the four know who Doctor Zone is, as it turns out Derek is terrible at running TV shows, revealing Doctor Zone was cancelled after only two episodes (which also explains why Zack and Melissa could't recognize the character, as the time stream changed due to Derek's messing). Derek then decides to finally remove his mask, revealing to have worn it for fifty years straight. When he manages to do so, it is revealed his Pistachion face has shaped up to resemble Orton's, including Doctor Zone's hat. Derek then monologues about his Pistachion replacement plan, revealing that he has an underlying master plan up his sleeve, which he unleashes at 4:30. However, he then realizes his monologuing let his prisoners escape yet again.

Two familiar faces arrive to save the day.

Melissa, Zack, Buford and Baljeet keep running until their path is blocked by a fence. The four start cowering in fear as they anticipate the Pistachions. However, it turns out Candace is approaching them instead, playing a game called Ducky Mo-Go on her phone. As she asks what the rest are doing, the Pistachions have arrived, resulting Candace to join Buford, Baljeet, Zack and Melissa at the fence. As they anticipate the Pistachions' next move, a giant robot with tennis rackets suddenly arrives, piloted by Phineas and Ferb. The two stepbrothers allow Candace, Zack, Melissa, Baljeet and Buford to enter their robot, as they smack Pistachions out of the way while moving through town. Suddenly, the robot's primary and backup hydraulics deactivate, as the robot tumbles over. As it turns out, Milo and Diogee were close by, and the three introduce each other and the rest.

Back in the Time Stream, everyone's been given false beards by Doofenshmirtz, as Dakota lists all the animals from various zoo sections in alphabetical order in place of the zoo song, which drives Cavendish insane. Dakota and Cavendish suddenly see themselves from when they knock Derek off the Time Limo, which means there's clocks with Time Juice around, which they desperately try to grasp, but don't reach far enough. After Dakota ties himself to a rope, he leaps and manages to grab the tailing clock, which he gives to Doofenshmirtz. The Time Travel-Inator arrives at 1965, at the Wyatt Burp soda factory around the Balsawood Studios corner, around the same time Dakota, Cavendish and Milo from earlier were trying to escape Derek, a day later than Cavendish has hoping to arrive. Doofenshmirtz reveals that he can't pinpoint a specific date because he had to make room for a cupholder, which frustrates Cavendish even further. Soon after, the five of them get spotted by the Pistachions and have to flee.

Back in the present, Phineas and Ferb lead Milo, Melissa, Zack, Buford and Baljeet to one of their satellite workshops, where they have settled since the Pistachions took over, in order to work on devices to combat them. As things go wrong, Candace questions if bringing Milo along is a good idea due to Murphy's Law. Baljeet reveals he finds it unbelievable that Milo's presence can affect the probability of events around him, as it violates all laws of physics. He also tells Buford that Murphy's Law has never been studied before, when the latter asks him about Murphy's Law. Baljeet further theorizes that if they analyzed it, that perhaps they can use Murphy's Law to their advantage, which Buford corrects to "weaponizing". Candace is still in belief that ditching Milo would be the better idea, but Phineas claims they need anyone they can get. Zack reassures everyone that Dakota and Cavendish probably have defeated the Pistachions as they speak.

Ironically though, Dakota and Cavendish are hiding with Orton from the Pistachions as Perry fights some. Cavendish wonders where Doofenshmirtz has ran off to, who then arrives, carrying a crate full of Wyatt Burp orange soda, with Pistachions on his tail. The five quickly run off to the Time Travel-Inator and flee into the Time Stream.

Back in the present satellite workshop, Phineas, Ferb and the gang start rebuilding, but things still go wrong around Milo. Candace convinces Milo to leave the group as Murphy's Law only makes things worse, as they leave the building. Melissa and Zack notice this and start to question if Candace is actually is who she is, concluding that she might be a Pistachion in disguise and follow them.

Later, Milo and Candace are seen hiding in the bushes as mishaps happen around them while Pistachions kidnap civilians, including Elliot. Candace keeps explaining how Murphy's Law is not going to help them, as Milo protects the two of them from various things with the tools in his backpack. As a Pistachion is about to attack them, but Murphy's Law defeats him in an unusual way, Candace begins to realize that Murphy's Law can actually be useful at times, when a tree branch falls on them. Meanwhile, Zack and Melissa arrive when Candace helps untangling Milo out of the branch, mistaking this as a Pistachion attacking him. They jump in and ambush Candace, but they quickly realize Candace isn't a Pistachion after all. The four decide to return to the satellite workshop.

In the Time Stream, Dakota, Cavendish, Orton and Doofenshmirtz discuss how far back they should go, as Doofenshmirtz offers them and Perry some orange soda, but spills them over the control panel, causing the Time Travel-Inator to go haywire. In a state of panic, Doofenshmirtz activates the emergency escape button, causing them to appear in present-day in midair. The Time Travel-Inator then lands on a seemingly deserted island. That was the last straw for Cavendish, as he begins to angrily rant at Doofenshmirtz for being too focused on menial things like orange soda and cupholders, when he's supposed to be the genius that would invent time travel. Cavendish concludes that Doofenshmirtz has been the biggest disappointment since Dakota. Doofenshmirtz blames Cavendish for pressuring him to become a time traveling while he has no idea how to be one, and tells himhe knows when he's not welcomed, and thus leaves the group.

Doofenshmirtz is seen wandering by himself as he opens a can of orange soda, which sprays itself over a plant, destroying it in the process. He finds out that Orton has followed him, who reveals he feels the same way as Doofenshmirtz does, feeling strange about being told that one will be doing great things in the future, with no idea how to accomplish it. The two then duet about pressure, when suddenly they get ambushed by some natives.

On another part of the island, Cavendish and Dakota are in search for Orton and Doofenshmirtz, when Dakota notices a bunch of copies of himself wandering around, making him realize this is the same island he sends paradoxes of himself to after he has saved Cavendish from death. As it has to remain a secret, Dakota tries to distract Cavendish. However, Cavendish quickly notices the Dakota paradoxes anyway, and follows them, wanting to know what's going on.

Meanwhile, Candace has returned with Milo, Zack and Melissa to the workshop and tells Phineas and Ferb that she was wrong about Milo, and that they need to know how to use Murphy's Law to their advantage, as a montage shows up where Phineas and Ferb prepare various tests on Milo in order to research Murphy's Law. After these tests, Baljeet comes to the conclusion that Murphy's Law is much more of a force of nature than initially thought. He compares Murphy's Law as a direct opposition to what he calls the Phineas and Ferb Effect, noting that Milo has negative probability ions surrounding him, while Phineas and Ferb have positive probability ions instead. He further adds that negative probability ions cannot occupy the same space as positive probability ions, meaning that if Milo stands in between Phineas and Ferb, it is possible to aim Murphy's Law elsewhere (or in Buford's words, weaponize it). The gang soon enough builds a machine in a montage, to use this concept advantage: the Murphy's Law Suit, a mecha built to Milo's likeness. Phineas, Ferb and Milo test the machine out with success. Unfortunately, they don't have enough time to make full use of it, as Pistachions invade the workshop and capture the kids. Buford then revealed that that he probably shouldn't have livestreamed the montage.

Back at the Island of Lost Dakotas, Cavendish reaches the entrance of the Dakota paradox village, in which they're producing orange soda. He demands an explanation from Dakota, who reveals that Cavendish had died a few hundred times, so Dakota used time travel to prevent all those deaths; this creates a Dakota paradox, which has to go elsewhere, since there can only be one Dakota. Soon after, the multiple Dakota paradoxes notice Cavendish and surround him with glee. Cavendish is awestruck and heartfelt at all those sacrifices and forgives Dakota. As Cavendish asks where Doofenshmirtz is, several other Dakota paradoxes arrive, with Doofenshmirtz and Orton hogtied to a post. The Dakotas let them go, as Doofenshmirtz approaches one of them with the orange soda, noting it's the same kind as his from Wyatt Burp. The Dakota reveals that they manufacture laceless shoes and the orange soda, noting that the soda is still harmful to the environment. This gives Doofenshmirtz an idea, as he unrolls a blueprint.

Meanwhile, Milo, Phineas, Ferb, Candace, Zack, Melissa, Buford and Baljeet are being tied up and escorted by the Pistachions back to the human detention center in Lard World. Milo notes that they haven't been replaced by Pistachions yet, as one Pistachion comments they're going to be mulched instead. As Derek soon reveals on live broadcast television, his ultimate plan is to convert every human being into Pistachions, with the use of the M.U.L.C.H. device, standing for Machine Used Literally for Converying Humans... To Plants (he notes that the T.P. is silent). They're planning to use it on the kids first, but it has to wait due to the cables for it being used for the broadcast. Milo claims they'll stop the Pistachions, as Doofenshmirtz, Cavendish, Dakota, Orton, Perry and all the Dakota paradoxes arrived with flying devices and orange soda-containing weapons, which they spray over the Pistachions. Isabella suddenly arrives with her troop of Fireside Girls to untie Milo and the gang, while the Dakota paradoxes go in battle against the Pistachions.

Characters scatter around during the battle, leading into Zack and Melissa bumping into Dakota, Cavendish and Orton. They are soon stopped by Derek, who unleashes the giant Pistachion onto them. However, as the giant Pistachion looks at the ongoing violence around him and has an epiphany. Not wanting to hurt people anymore, he leaves the battlefield with the desire to help people. Derek scolds him and claims he doesn't need him anymore, realizing he let his captives escape yet again.

Meanwhile, Isabella has brought over the Murphy's Law Suit, which Phineas, Ferb and Milo begin to pilot and make immediate use if it. Unfortunately, the M.U.L.C.H. device is ready for use at this time, as the Pistachions begin the conversion, starting with Bradley and Irving, followed by Amanda and Buford. As Phineas, Ferb and Milo aim for the M.U.L.C.H., Pistachions begin to sabotage the Suit's backpack, where the power supply is stored. Murphy's Law is aimed there to shoo them off, but simultaneously ruin the power supply themselves. They climb out to check the damage, and come to the conclusion they need an extra power supply. Milo offers lemons first, but eventually gives them a radioactive watermelon, which has enough power to get the machine working.

Friends of Milo, Phineas and Ferb have been mulched into evil Pistachions.

Unfortunately, by the time Phineas, Ferb and Milo destroy the M.U.L.C.H. machine, Derek has turned most of their friends and family into an army of Pistachions at this point, eager to attack all the humans. Milo, Phineas and Ferb cannot harm them, so they escape as the transformed characters pull down the robot. They meet up with Dakota, Cavendish, Orton and Doofenshmirtz and climb onto a nearby rollercoaster as the mulched characters still chase them. The seven characters eventually meet a dead end, with the Pistachions closing in and no way to escape. As things seem to hit a low point, Doofenshmirtz has an epiphany, which Orton notes he's going to write down in his memoirs. Doofenshmirtz comments that he should remember that, as suddenly a future Doofenshmirtz arrives via another time machine, now accepting the moniker "Professor Time", revealing he read where to go in Orton's memoirs. Derek, noticing the new time machine, climbs fearfully onto the rollercoaser, hoping to prevent the time machine from working. Professor Time invites Orton in to defeat Derek in the past, as Milo gives Orton the letter. Orton and Time leave just in time for Derek to see them go.

They fortunately turn back to normal once Derek is defeated in the past for good.

In the past, Derek is ambushed in a drive-thru restaurant by Orton and Time, as they spray him with orange soda, defeating the Pistachion for good. This has a direct effect on the future Derek, as he fades away like his father and brethren before. Likewise, all other Pistachions fade away, Lard World gets cleaned up, and the mulched characters turn back to humans... except for Bradley's right arm, which remains a root tendril for some reason. The characters climb off the rollercoaster and comment on the undoing, and the Dakota paradoxes return to their island. Suddenly, Murphy's Law goes into effect, resulting in a Lardee Boy mascot leveling Doofenshmirtz's building, as Doofenshmirtz asks if he could crash on Milo's couch for the while. The episode ends on Milo, Melissa, Zack, Phineas, Ferb, Baljeet, and Buford watching the end of a Doctor Zone episode, ending the Pistachions arc for good.

Minor Episodes

The early cameo of a Pistachion during the Llama Incident.

One of the Pistachions makes a single-frame cameo at the football stadium in "The Llama Incident", prior to "Missing Milo", caught in the llama stampede as they chase Melissa, covered in pistachio gelatin, foreshadowing how Milo, Cavendish, and Dakota will distract the Pistachions as they try to get back to the current year and day.

Dakota and Cavendish, destroying the pistachio plants to prevent more Pistachions.

After Missing Milo, Cavendish and Dakota have grown cautious over the pistachio plants, believing that any of them will become a Pistachion, bent on taking over the world (implying they don't really know how the plant in the school yard turned into King Pistachion). As they receive another pistachio mission from Mr. Block in "Perchance to Sleepwalk", this time to lead red-beaked crows away from a batch of pistachio plants, Dakota suggests to have a ditch day instead. Cavendish agrees, as the two ignore their mission to instead have fun all day. However, as Dakota orders a Limburger sandwich at a café, he has attracted the red-beaked crows Mr. Block told them about. Cavendish decides that the both of them lead the crows to the pistachio pants, using crumbs of Dakota's sandwich. Dakota and Cavendish get caught in the act by Brick and Savannah, leading to Mr. Block demoting them to cleaning outhouses in the Renaissance. Mr. Block also gives Brick and Savannah the pistachio jobs to take over.

Cavendish and Dakota, destroying Brick and Savannah's pistachio cart.

Dakota and Cavendish's feud continues in "The Race", in which they attempt to sabotage Brick and Savannah's pistachio cart at a running event to raise money for runts. However, as Milo participates this race as well, Murphy's Law causes Dakota and Cavendish to end up in 1875, regarded as a time travel Bermuda triangle, due to the sheriff being a Murphy. Cavendish and Dakota manage to escape, however, and even managed to destroy Brick and Savannah's cart in the process.

Post-arc References

Cavendish being nervous would be an understatement.

In "Snow Way Out", Cavendish is anxiously waiting for Mr. Block's call after Dakota sent the report detailing the events of "Fungus Among Us" and "The Phineas and Ferb Effect". As the time stream has healed so no one from 2175 even remembers the Pistachion invasion, Cavendish fears they will be severely punished for disobeying orders. Indeed, when Mr. Block teleports them to his office in 2175, he announces they will be sent to Supreme Tribunal, which then leads towards their banishment of time travel afterwards.

Bradley Nicholson's right arm has remained a Pistachion branch tendril since the events of "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", but it hasn't been directly referenced until "Milo's World", when Sara points out that Bradley's arm still being a plant is why the pessimistic boy sees Milo as a villain. Bradley defends himself that Milo has saved and restored everyone except for him, and while Milo would've been unable to determine this, the rest do agree that it's pretty weird.

Pistachions have been referenced twice in "Abducting Murphy's Law": when Cavendish yearns for an exciting, world-saving job, Dakota points out that it currently doesn't exist, listing the Pistachions being gone as one of the reasons that the world isn't in any danger, and that Cavendish doesn't have to worry about anything. Later in the episode, when Cavendish and Dakota plan to enter the P.I.G. Armory, Cavendish charms the guard with a joke, stating: "...but I said 'Pistachion', not 'mustache is on'".

Also in "Abducting Murphy's Law", when Melissa, Zack and Doofenshmirtz find out Milo has been kidnapped by the Octalians, Zack realizes that Milo's missing, again. He clarifies to Doofenshmirtz that Milo had been missing in the fall as well, referring to the events of "Missing Milo". Doofenshmirtz gets to hear this from Dakota as well, when they encounter each other at Skate Ashbury.


  • The Pistachions Arc is notable for featuring characters from Phineas and Ferb in a major role, and bringing the two shows together in Season 2. The de facto merger was something that was being built up in all the previous episodes of Season 1.
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