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You averted a possible explosion... that I could have been blamed for!

— Power Plant Employee to Doofenshmirtz, "Doof's Day Out"

The Power Plant Employee works at the Power Plant and is responsible for the wellbeing of the Power Plant's generator.


While he seems friendly, he seemed to miss the irony of the placement of an expensive button within the plant, taking pride in having a 'decoy' button while the real button was inconveniently placed directly beside a vending machine. He seems more concerned about the fact that he would have been blamed for an explosion then over the potential for an explosion itself.

Physical Appearance

He wears a light purple shirt with a gray and black striped tie. He also wears light brown pants with a belt. On his feet, he wears yellow galoshes. He has brown skin with black hair and brown eyes.


In "Doof's Day Out", he approaches Martin and Doofenshmirtz after the latter pressed a button that was off limits, only to inform them that it was a decoy button. Later, he gives Doofenshmirtz an award for saving the power plant by accidentally hitting the real button.



“Don't worry! That's the decoy button in case anyone is dumb enough to push it! The real one is next to the soda machine, over there.”

“The doctor visited the plant and caused the generator to be flooded. Turns out, the generator was actually overheating, and the warning system had failed!”

“You averted a possible explosion... that I could have been blamed for!”



  • DoofsDayOut (84).png
    He is the only person to thank Doofenshmirtz AND not be seen cheering for him, due to him being the one to hand Doof his award at the time everyone was cheering.