Milo Murphy's Law has various recurring characters. These characters usually do not serve a main purpose to an episode's plot but are not always background characters either. Their roles are less frequent and major then supporting characters. They have ties to either a main or supporting character.

Image Name Description
LETC 02 Richard Chase
(Voiced by Adrian Pasdar)
Richard is the father of Melissa and chief of the fire department. He does his best to prepare his daughter for the future, and has a bit of an apprehension to Milo due to Murphy's Law, much to Melissa's chagrin.
Screenshot (4388) Eileen Underwood
(Voiced by Vanessa Williams)
Eileen is a doctor at the local Hospital, the mother of Zack and the wife of Marcus Underwood.
87 finally a bite Marcus Underwood
(Voiced by Phil LaMarr)
Marcus is the husband of Eileen, and father of Zack. He initially didn't believe Murphy's Law is real until a fishing trip with the Murphys.
SLIY 92 Chad Van Coff
(Voiced by Django Marsh)
Chad is a classmate of Milo, Zack and Melissa at Jefferson County Middle School. Chad is a bit of a conspiracy theorist who believes that one of the school's faculty, Kyle Drako, is a vampire. His conspiracy theories aren't exactly favored by Melissa, as she often gets annoyed by them, but Mort tends to comply to them.
DOMD 47 Elizabeth Milder
(Voiced by Mackenzie Phillips)
Principal Milder is the principal at Jefferson County Middle School. She is a calm and controlled person who may give a cynical vibe to the people around her. Milder tends to prevent Murphy's Law with agreements to Milo.
19 The Vampire Draco Kyle Drako
(Voiced by Michael Culross)
Mr. Drako is a teacher at Jefferson County Middle School. Some (especially Chad) believe he's a vampire due to his appearance and eccentricities, which appear quite vampiric.
Ms Murawski 6 Ms. Murawski
(Voiced by Sarah Chalke)
Miss Murawski is the science and physics teacher at Jefferson County Middle School. She is extremely fond of her desk, gushing about it as a prized object to her class or even their parents.
Screenshot (3306) Nolan Mitchell Coach Mitchell is the coach of Jefferson County Middle School's PE class. While passionate about his sports class, he has a pessimistic side when loss appears inevitable, having told his players that they would lose during a pep talk.
Screenshot (3042) Scott
(Voiced by Scott Peterson)
Scott used to be a pipefitter in a group of construction workers, before they got stuck underground in Subterranus for a month and became the Undergrounders. Scott enjoys being very eccentric and decided to say in Subterranus after the rest of the group reached the surface, still living with his girlfriend milk carton Mildred.
60 look at that Brick
(Voiced by Brett Dalton)
Brick is a first-class agent at the Bureau of Time Travel, alongside his partner Savannah. As he is very good at his job, he tends to act cocky and arrogant, and despises when things don't go his way, showing aggression towards Dakota and Cavendish's bumbling, and getting into petty arguments with Savannah. However, Brick has a hard time dealing with loneliness, after often being left out in the past.
77 second dose Savannah
(Voiced by Ming-Na Wen)
Savannah is, like her partner Brick, a top agent at the Bureau of Time Travel that tends to get cocky due to her excellent skills, and has little time for things irrelevant to her missions. Although she too gets annoyed by setbacks, Savannah is more reserved than Brick in that regard. She has adapted Melissa as her mentee in the B.O.T.T.'s Spy Little Sister program after Mr. Block has assumed this.
MrBlock Mr. Block
(Voiced by Mark Hamill)
Mr. Block is the supervisor of the Bureau of Time Travel and the superior of Cavendish, Dakota, Brick and Savannah. He acts gruff and treats Dakota and Cavendish with little respect due to the latter's incompetency at their jobs.
Fungus (747) Orton Mahlson
(Voiced by Jemaine Clement)
Orton Mahlson is the creator of the Doctor Zone franchise, as well as the actor who plays the show's protagonist, Doctor Hankry Zone. He created the series, inspired by Milo, Dakota and Cavendish. He also helped to avert a grueling timeline in which plant monsters have taken over the world.
Escape (56) Lydia
(Voiced by Alyson Stoner)
Lydia is a friend of Amanda, and another student at Jefferson County Middle School. She's quick to do any favors for her friend, and is a passionate member of the school's drama club.
Fungus (265) Joni
(Voiced by Phoebe S. Hughes)
Joni is a student at Jefferson County Middle School. She is accident prone and sometimes suffers from minor instances from Murphy's Law.
Love Toboggan 52 Neal
(voiced by Maulik Pancholy)
Neal is an employee at the local comic shop and the boyfriend of Sara Murphy.
DDO (35) Bob Block
(voiced by Mark Hamill)
Mr. Block is the head of P.I.G., or the Paranormal Investigation Group, and the ancestor of Mr. Block from the B.O.T.T. He hires Dakota and Cavendish for the janitorial division as soon as they became available. Unlike his descendant, Bob acts very friendly towards Cavendish and Dakota, but can be equally condescending regardless.
Monogram'sSelf Francis Monogram Major Monogram, originally from Phineas and Ferb, is the head of O.W.C.A., or the Organization Without a Cool Acronym. He is usually the person who assigns Perry on missions. He takes his job seriously, but can be somewhat goofy. Monogram tends to be condescending to his trused intern Carl.
Agee Ientee Diogee (46) Carl Karl Carl, also from Phineas and Ferb, is an intern at O.W.C.A., and Major Monogram's loyal assistant and cameraman. He tends to get turned down by his superior a lot, such as when he has baked cookies shaped like himself.
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