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Recurring Raccoon is an annoying raccoon that makes recurring appearances throughout the series starting with "Picture Day". He has his own jingle.


He seems to enjoy stealing objects that would be useful to the others, much to their annoyance.


In "Picture Day", Milo is about to have his school picture taken by Melissa's phone, Recurring Raccoon suddenly enters, stealing her phone and running away with it. His jingle plays for the first time as he winks at the camera. Milo, Zack, Melissa, and Amanda stare blankly at him in confusion, after he leaves.

In "Game Night", Milo, Melissa, and Zack look for a board game containing dice, so they can play Lard World. They finally hit the jackpot in the box for a game ironically entitled "No Dice". Just then, Recurring Raccoon swoops in and steals all the dice, running off with it. Milo notes that he knew he was going to come back.

In "Cake 'Splosion!", Martin and Doofenshmirtz are watching one of the latter's shows on TV, when Martin is reminded to watch Milo on Cake 'Splosion, as he and Amanda are competing in said cooking show. As Martin asks Heinz where the TV remote is, Recurring Raccoon appears and steals the remote in front of them, prompting Martin to chase it into the backyard. Recurring Raccoon eventually dunks the remote in the birdbath, causing the TV to keep changing channels. Doofenshmirtz has apparently been putting up with this raccoon for a while, and fed up with it, he tries to zap him with his Transportinator, which will send him to a random location across town. He hits Martin by mistake, sending him to the bleachers of the Cake 'Splosion show.


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