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Well, the fire's out and the fish are safe. Oh yeah, that reminds me... Milo, you weren't here at the fish hatchery this morning, were you?

— Richard Chase, "Worked Day"

Richard Chase is the father of Melissa. He works as the chief of the Fire Department.

He is voiced by Adrian Pasdar.


Richard Chase takes great pride in his job as a firefighter and is passionate about his occupation's history.

Physical Appearance[]

Richard is an adult man with a muscular build and broad shoulders. He has blue eyes and a strong chin, and his hair is full and brown, parted in the center with a slight wave at the side.

While on duty, he wears a firefighter uniform in beige and neon yellow.

While off-duty, Richard wore a turquoise, short-sleeved polo and a pair of black pants with blue and beige sneakers. His belt is black, with a square, gold-colored belt buckle.


In "Party of Peril", he attends Milo's Birthday party in case anything happens.

In "Worked Day", he tells his daughter's class about his job as fire chief and watches in horror as Milo starts a fire with water.

In "The Little Engine That Couldn't", he takes Melissa and Milo on a ride in an antique fire engine that loses its breaks, which he blames Milo for. But changes his mind when they arrive at the fire engine museum.

In "Missing Milo", Melissa calls him to ask if he has been called for anything Murphy's Law-related, to which he replys no.

In "Backward to School Night", he attends the event to hear of his daughter's academic progress when he, Martin Murphy, Eileen Underwood, and Ms. Murawski suddenly became three years old. He and the others are watched after by the kids until they revert and reminisce about their children, who fell sleeping.

In "A Christmas Peril", he meets his daughter at the mall to have Chinese food with the Underwoods and the extended Murphy family.


Melissa Chase[]

Richard is caring towards his daughter. He wants to make sure he prepares her for the future beforehand and does so by narrating his every move while driving, to 'lay down a foundation for when she learns to drive'. He's willing to listen to her, giving in when she points out how much it would mean to Milo to ride on the antique firetruck, although that doesn't stop him from speaking harshly about Milo.

Milo Murphy[]

Mr. Chase doesn't quite know what to make of Milo, and he tends to get irritated immediately when Murphy's Law causes things to go wrong around him. Aside from Elliot, he's the only significant character to point out, rather harshly, that things would have gone smoothly if Milo simply hadn't been around in the first place.

In spite of this, Milo was briefly able to impress him after revealing his enthusiasm for antique firetrucks. Richard's pride as a firefighter won over his disdain for Murphy's Law, and with a little convincing from Melissa, he allowed Milo to ride the truck.

After that disaster, Richard admitted that spending the day with Milo had given him a new appreciation for Murphy's Law, and he compared the condition to his own job as a firefighter.

Martin Murphy[]

Richard treats Milo's father as a friendly peer in spite of the fact that he has the same condition as Milo. When Milo quoted Martin about school and fiery explosions, Richard didn't quite make the connection and asked Martin where, exactly, he'd gone to school.


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“Your father works at a fish hatchery?”
“Yeah, I thought he was a fireman.”
“He is, the fish hatchery is probably on fire.”
Zack, Milo and Melissa[src]
“Well, the fire's out and the fish are safe. Oh yeah, that reminds me, Milo you weren't here at the fish hatchery this morning, were you?”
“Ha. I kid. But seriously, you weren't here, right?”
Richard and Melissa[src]
“Wait a minute. Milo? A fireman?”
—Richard Chase[src]
“Well Milo, You're the first person in history to ever start a fire with water.”
—Richard Chase[src]
“And hello, Milo.”
—Richard Chase, annoyed[src]
“Why is he narrating?”
“He's laying down the foundations for when I learn —”
“I'm laying down a foundation for when she learns to drive.”
Milo, Melissa and Richard[src]
“Milo, You're, like, whatever the opposite of a rabbit's foot is.”
—Richard Chase[src]
“If he wasn't here, we wouldn't need saving, sitting or otherwise!”
—Richard Chase[src]
“Well, what I was saying is, I think I have a new appreciation for you and your... condition.”
“Well said, Dad.”
“What I mean is, on some level, I think I can relate. Part of my job is fighting an uncontrollable element: fire. All we can do is be prepared, think on our feet, and ride the wave. Not a wave of fire, because those don't actually exist.”
Richard and Melissa[src]
“Easy there, hot shot! Better to play it safe with my parental expectations!”
—Richard Chase, playfully teasing[src]


Season One[]

Season Two[]


  • Storyboard artist Ashley Michelle Simpson confirmed that his first name is Richard, which can also be seen in the closed captions of "The Little Engine That Couldn't".
  • He appears to be raising Melissa as a single parent.
  • As seen in his driveway in "Missing Milo", he drives an olive green pickup truck.
  • Both of Richard's appearances in Season 2 were in flashbacks only.
  • According to Dan Povenmire richard has a cousin who works in the next town over who appears in hamster and gretel

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