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Deborah Sue, let go of him! She must smell your raccoon.

— Sally after Deborah Sue attacks Doofenshmirtz, "Doof's Day Out"

Sally is an employee of Danville's animal sanctuary. She loves her pet raccoon, Deborah Sue.


Sally cares dearly about animals, referring to them as 'majestic beings with souls'. Most specifically, she has a deep love for raccoons, treating them with affection and even keeping a raccoon named Deborah Sue in a baby carrier. She questions Doofenshmirtz when he expresses fear of the raccoons, and later panics when he releases the Nature Center raccoons into the wild, desperately trying to get them back.

In spite of this, she was very grateful for his decision making later and thanked Doofenshmirtz for causing a situation where the animal sanctuary received donations.

Physical Appearance

Sally has light skin, a round face, short orange hair, and blue eyes with prominent lines beneath them. She wears a deep red plaid shirt with rolled up cuffs and a pair of blue jeans with a brown belt and visible seams. Her shoes are dark brown, with lighter brown laces and soles.


In "Doof's Day Out", Sally shows the nature center volunteer the raccoon area while explaining their goals for the raccoons. While she was unhappy when Doofenshmirtz' messed up, she was later thrilled to thank him for all he'd done for the Nature Center.



“A few rules for the newbie volunteers. Do not touch the animals! They are majestic beings with souls.”

“Look, all we do is prepare nature's little vandals for re-release into the wild.”

“Since a video of the incident you caused went viral, we have received thousands of donations! Me and Deborah sue really want to thank you!”

“Deborah Sue, let go of him! She must smell your raccoon.”