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Sara: — there's a Doctor Zone connection!
Zack: With her, there's always a Doctor Zone connection!
Melissa: I know, right?

— Sara, Zack and Melissa, "Missing Milo"

Sara Murphy is Milo's older sister and is very close to him. She is a huge Doctor Zone fan, as is Milo, and spends the majority of her time and focus centered around the show.

She is voiced by Kate Micucci.[1]


Sara loves and is quite protective of her little brother, Milo. She is sometimes worried that Murphy's Law could ruin some very important moments, but she still likes to spend time with her younger brother. Sometimes her concerns about Murphy's Law overwhelm her so much that she makes errors and ruins the moment for herself. ("The Doctor Zone Files"). She tends to use her cellphone a lot ("The Wilder West").

She's a huge Doctor Zone fan, as is Milo, having been one since she was four. Her shirt, along with her pajamas, both have a large Time Ape image on them ("The Doctor Zone Files"). She once spent an entire day on the Nowhere Desert Dude Ranch taking pictures and collecting various dirt samples because she believed it to be the filming location of an episode of Dr. Zone, but that turned out not to be the case. She once wanted to change her name to 'Time Ape' when she was about 4, but her mother refused to let her. She also has an interest in comic books ("Love Toboggan").

Physical Appearance[]

Sara is a fair-skinned teenage girl with a defined face and a pointed nose. She has bright blue eyes with visible pupils and thin eyebrows and eyelashes a few shades darker than her hair. Her hair is chin-length and bright blond, sticking outward in the back while her bangs are split in the center and held back by two green four-leaf clover hair clips.

She wears a white T-shirt with light blue sleeves, featuring a large image of Time Ape on the front. Her pants are light purple capris that end in cuffs just below her knees, and she wears high-top purple sneakers with white soles, laces, and long white socks.


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Martin Murphy[]

Main article: Martin and Sara’s Relationship
DoofsDayOut (88)

Martin is Sara's father. He was the one who'd introduced her to Doctor Zone when she was four, leading to her obsession with the show. Like the rest of the family, they are very close and enjoy spending time together.

Brigette Murphy[]

Main article: Sara and Brigette’s Relationship

Brigette is Sara's mother. While the two are close, Brigette tends to poke fun at the amount of time Sara spends on her phone and has accidentally left her behind on occasion when picking the family up. Sara believed that her mother was completely unaware of her feelings for Neal, and told her not to feel bad about not knowing, only to be caught by surprise when Brigette was able to guess her crush immediately. She went to her mother for dating advice and took her words seriously when preparing for her lunch date. The two of them share the experience of living with others who have Murphy's Law while not having Murphy's Law themselves.

Sara once asked her mother when she was a little girl if she could change her name to 'Time Ape', but Brigette said no.

Milo Murphy[]

Main article: Sara and Milo's Relationship
ChristmasPeril (495)

Milo is Sara's little brother. The two of them share a close, caring sibling relationship and a love for the Doctor Zone franchise, though Sara tends to be a little more passionate about it. While Sara tends to be apprehensive about the potential damage caused by Murphy's law, she loves hanging out with her brother and enjoys spends time with him regardless of the danger.

Her worry about being around him goes overboard when something is important to her, however, and occasionally causes her to take 'preemptive measures'. These include asking him to stand in a distant dirt parking lot while waiting for a movie and requesting he avoids her date with Neal so that nothing goes wrong. In spite of this, she loves her brother so much she'd rather have him close to her then be free of Murphy's Law.


Diogee is the family dog. Like the rest of the family, Sara takes responsibility in sending him home. At one point she'd ordered him a special food bowl off the internet, but found, upon arrival, that the worlds 'Greatest dog in the world' were printed in Chinese. She has great faith in Diogee and trusted him to help them find Milo when he went missing. When sending him home, Sara was quite stern with him and called him by his full name.


Melissa Chase and Zack Underwood[]

Screenshot (3524)

Sara is on friendly terms with her brother's best friends and tends to spend a lot of time with them, often joining the group on their activities. She's excited to share her interest in Doctor Zone with them, although they don't share her enthusiasm for the show.

The three of them work well together anytime things go wrong. Upon losing Brigette's vintage T-shirt collection, she helped get them back with Milo and Zack. When Milo went missing, Sara was quick to join his friends in searching for her brother.

Doctor Zone fan club[]

Screenshot (3594)

Sara often hangs out with fellow Doctor Zone fans, such as Kris, Wally, and Josh. Sara gave the group an inspirational speech about what it meant to be a fan after they became annoyed at some newbies, which seemed to have a strong impact on the other fans.

An entire group of Doctor Zone fans came to see Sara at a ranch after she posted online about the place having been the undisclosed shooting location of an episode of Doctor Zone. While Josh initially doubted her, the rest of them quickly became as excited as she was about it. Eventually, they come to the conclusion that she was wrong about her discovery, and the fans expressed their annoyance with her before leaving.

Orton Mahlson[]

Since the creator and star of her favorite show is a local, Sara occasionally watches him in his home from behind a tree on his property. She is a huge fan, even going as far as to call herself unworthy when he stopped her from forgetting Milo's backpack.

Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota[]

Although she doesn't know them very well, Sara is on friendly terms with Cavendish and Dakota. She first met them when she went to their stand to buy some pistachios, and tends to connect them strongly to the main characters of Dr. Zone due to their strange outfits and her obsession with the show. Eventually, Milo introduced them to her, and she went on to help them save the world from a Pistachion invasion alongside Milo, Melissa, and Zack.

Heinz Doofenshmirtz[]

Main article: Sara and Doofenshmirtz's Relationship

Sara is annoyed by the scientist and his antics, such as listening in on her calls with Neal and turning her limited edition Doctor Zone curtains into pajamas. She desperately wishes he would leave and celebrates when he goes out for the day.

Love Interest[]


Main article: Sara and Neal's Relationship
Screenshot (988)

Neal and Sara share a mutual crush. In Sara's own words, he's 'someone she's been secretly pining over for months', although she tried to keep her crush on him a secret from her family. She tends to call him 'Neal from the comic shop' around the house.

She spent their entire lunch together analyzing his every word as she panicked over whether or not the outing was a date. Unbeknownst to her, he was having much the same thought process, and the two of them relaxed a little after Neal's sister saw them and asked if he was with 'Sara from the comic shop'. At the end of that adventure, they confessed their feelings for one another and held hands as they watched the sunset together on top of the hill where the toboggan had stopped.


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“Today is going to be my favorite day ever. ...Unless something goes wrong.”
—Sara Murphy[src]
“ Well I have been Milo's sister since he was born.”
—Sara Murphy[src]
“The end. Question mark.”
—Sara Murphy[src]
“Exactly. We're here today to show our love. Because there's nothing better than sharing something you love... with someone you love.”
—Sara Murphy[src]
“Duh! Diogee is the greatest dog in the world! It's on his food bowl and everything!”
—Sara Murphy[src]
“It can't be a coincidence! Milo in the episode, these two in all these pictures — there's a Doctor Zone connection!”
—Sara Murphy[src]
“Lunch with someone I have been secretly and clandestinely pining over for months. Don't feel bad you didn't know. I play things very close to the vest.”
—Sara Murphy[src]
“Hm... Well, the truth is, my dad used to watch it when I was in fourth grade and I got to the point where I would run downstairs every time I heard the theme song and then I wouldn't want to watch anything else and then I watched every episode until I could write it down from memory and then I asked my mom if I could change my name to "Time Ape" and she said no.”
—Sara Murphy[src]
“If anyone can get us through this storm and back to the house, it's Murphys.”
—Sara Murphy[src]


Season One[]

Season Two[]


  • Sara is a huge fan of Doctor Zone, having re-watched it enough that she can write each episode from memory.
    • Her dad introduced her to the show when she was in fourth grade.
    • She once asked her Mom if she could change her name to "Time Ape", but her request was denied.
  • While her age is never confirmed, Sara must be at least 16, as she drives a car in "The Doctor Zone Files".
  • She once attempted to teach Milo how to tie his shoes but failed.
  • She was based after Dan and Swampy's friend, Sara Katz-Scher.[2]
  • Her appearance is similar towards Clover from Totally Spies.


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