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Cavendish: Oh, hello sheriff... Murphy, is it? Oh, funny, as in Murphy's Law!
Sheriff Murphy: Well, I am a Murphy. And I am the Law.

— Cavendish greeting Sheriff Murphy, "The Race"

Sheriff Murphy is Milo Murphy's great-great-great-great-grandfather and the original Murphy of Murphy's Law. He is the sheriff of a town made up entirely of stranded time travelers, with himself being the only exception. 


Sheriff Murphy has a very calm, care-free attitude, and pays little attention to everything going wrong around him. While he is a very helpful man, he doesn't put his effort towards getting the time travelers back to their own times, likely due to the sheer number of people who couldn't get the parts they needed to leave the past. Instead, he accepts that they're stranded and tries to help out when he can, usually leading to more damage.  

He is soft-spoken and friendly but tends to repeat himself in a way that makes his words very specific, announcing that something is just down the street, only to add that it was the only street, and so on. 

Physical Appearance

Sheriff Murphy has light skin and greying hair that sticks up at the front, as is typical of Murphy males. He has thick eyebrows, a bushy mustache, and a broad nose.  

He wears a wide-brimmed, tan colored cowboy hat with a brown band, a dark brown vest sporting a gold sheriff badge, cuffed blue jeans with a belt and a pair of brown boots. The sleeves of his white, button-up shirt are rolled up to his elbows, and the collar sticks up past a red bandana he wears tied around his neck. 


In "The Race", Balthazar Cavendish and Vinnie Dakota meet him in 1875 after Milo races past them in their time vehicle. It turns out that the time period and town that Cavendish and Dakota landed in has a whole bunch of time travelers that can't find a way back to the future because none of them can find the right power sources for their time machines. The sheriff eventually does help Cavendish and Dakota return to our time by helping them bump-start their car by leading them off a cliff.


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“Oh, I don't mind nothin'. If I spent time mindin' things, I'd be mindin' all the time.”
—Sheriff Murphy[src]

“They hang out at the So-and-So Corral, best saloon in these here parts. 'Course, it's also the only one. Place is just down the street. This street, that is. The only street!”
—Sheriff Murphy[src]

“The only person I know personally who's really from here is Sheriff Murphy. Personally.”
—Saloon Patron[src]

“Sheriff Murphy. That's it! He's a Murphy, and he's the law; he is—”
“—the original Murphy's Law!”
Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish

“Safe travels now! Oh! Say hello to my great-great-great-great-grand kids!”
—Sheriff Murphy[src]



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