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Honey, terrible news! Skate Ashbury is closing for good, this weekend!

— Brigette Murphy to Martin Murphy, "Disco Do-Over"

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Skate Ashbury is a roller disco dancing rink in Danville that features disco themed skating competitions. Martin and Brigette used to frequent it often. According to Martin, there were seven roller disco dancers in Danville.

It was first seen in "Disco Do-Over", in which it was stated it would close down for good. Ironically enough, however, it was rebuilt and reopened as of the events of "Abducting Murphy's Law".


The building is grey and brown, with a long, thin awning and an area of wide windows over one part of the wall. A sign above the awning reads 'SKATE', while a large sign displayed vertically reads 'ASHBURY'.


The Interior of the building is a large roller skating rink, prominently colored in various shades of purple and pink. There is a large viewing area for the audience and a room for skate rentals with an open area facing the rink. The building also features a number of lockers and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

Frequent Members

Image Name
DDO (106).png Martin and Brigette Murphy
DDO (73).png Pete and Tina
DDO (72).png Bomber
FirstImpressions BCVD (93).png
Vinnie Dakota and Heinz Doofenshmirtz


In "Disco Do-Over", Martin and Brigette reminisce about their time at Skate Ashbury, having heard about it shutting down. With Milo's encouragement, they decide to go back for another competition. They manage to win, though Murphy's Law manages to destroy the entire facility.

In "Abducting Murphy's Law", the skating rink appears to have been rebuilt and reopened. Dakota and Doof come here to mope and relate to one another after having fallouts with their best friends.


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“Honey, terrible news! Skate Ashbury is closing for good, this weekend!”
—Brigette Murphy[src]

“What's the end of night 70's style roller disco dance competition?”
—Sara Murphy[src]

“Well, not just skating! We like competitive, 70's style roller disco dancing!”
—Martin Murphy[src]