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Welcome to Slushy Dawg, may I take your order, please?

— Jeremy Johnson, "Managing Murphy's Law"


Slushy Dawg is a fast food restaurant in Danville where Jeremy Johnson is employed.


The building is a small, single-story restaurant with a tall, pale purple shingled roof. There are large windows covering one side of the building and a single drive-through window adjacent to them. The exterior walls of the restaurant are light brown, with an extruded area of wall around the lower part of the building.

The restaurant has a drive-through window on one side and a pair of yellow patio tables with umbrellas in white, red, and yellow on another. A large purple sign displays the words 'SLUSHY DAWG' high above the building, and the drive-through sign itself comes in soft pink colors.


In "Managing Murphy's Law", an employee of the restaurant notifies the authorities of a weird piece of junk sitting near the drive-through. In response to this, P.I.G. sends two agents to clean it up, but in the process, the device causes them to consume all the food in the restaurant save for the fish sandwiches. Eventually, they succeed, and the device is removed from the Slushy Dawg drive-through.

In "Look At This Ship", Dakota and Doofenshmirtz eat their and order three rounds of meals. They later have a fight revolving around how to view friends and partners, but later make up and decide to keep working together.


“I love Slushy Dawg!”
—Vinnie Dakota[src]

“Welcome to Slushy Dawg, may I take your order please?”
—Jeremy Johnson[src]



  • Slushy Dawg is a franchise prominently featured throughout Phineas and Ferb, commonly known as 'Mr. Slushy Dawg' or 'Mr. Slushy Burger', where their motto is 'Slushy Dawg will never get any better'.

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