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Milo Murphy's Law contains several story arcs across its first and second seasons, that connect several episodes in the show's run to each other with a progressing, underlying story. Some of these story arcs span over a small group of episodes, while others are the focal point of a season. It is not uncommon for story arcs to overlap one another.

NOTE: Keep in mind that the story arcs have conjectural names as a way to distinguish the arcs from each other; official names have yet to be given.

Primary arcs

These story arcs form the show's overarching and evolving story.

Image Name Description
Screenshot (4113).png B.O.T.T. Introduction Arc A mini arc about the introduction of Vinnie Dakota and Balthazar Cavendish. It starts with "The Doctor Zone Files" and ends with "Time Out".
76 I'll thwart back.jpg Counteragent Arc A primary mini arc following the B.O.T.T. Introduction Arc, in which Cavendish is convinced Milo is sabotaging his and Dakota's pistachio missions. Starts with "Time Out" and ends with "Missing Milo".
MM act4 54.jpg Pistachions Arc A major story arc that centers around the malevolent, mutated pistachio trees known as the Pistachions. Preludes with "The Substitute", properly begins with "Missing Milo", and ends with "The Phineas and Ferb Effect".
Doof.PNG Doofenshmirtz Arc A primary story arc focusing on Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb, learning that he'll invent time-travel and preparing for it. It starts with "The Phineas and Ferb Effect" and continues throughout Season 2.
Talking With Bob.PNG P.I.G. Arc A story arc centering around Cavendish and Dakota being hired by Bob Block to collect alien trash after getting fired from the Bureau of Time Travel. It starts with "Picture Day" and continues throughout Season 2.
SD (14).png Octalians Arc A major story arc in which cephalopod-like aliens from Octalia discover the negative probability ions surrounding Milo, and wanting to use Milo for some kind of goal. It starts with "Managing Murphy's Law" and ends with "Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space".
SD (84).png Forsaken Perry Arc A story arc nested inside the Doofenshmirtz Arc, in which Doofenshmirtz feels betrayed by Perry the Platypus after he finds out the Organization Without a Cool Acronym pays him to watch over Doofenshmirtz, ending their still new friendship. It begins with "Sick Day" and ends with "Milo in Space".
RogueCavendishArcPic.PNG Rogue Cavendish Arc A story arc following the P.I.G. Arc, in which Cavendish, after no one believing him witnessing an alien abduction, is sick of being stuck with inconsequential jobs, and decides to leave P.I.G. and his partner Dakota behind, to spread word about the aliens and become a hero. It starts with "Abducting Murphy's Law" and ends with "Milo in Space".

Secondary arcs

These story arcs form side stories that span throughout the show's run. Some tend to be relevant to any of the primary story arcs listed above.

Image Name Description
Llama 44.jpg Llama Incident Arc A minor story arc which purpose is to hint about a past event known as the Llama Incident. The Llama Incident was first mentioned in "The Undergrounders", and mentioned in several other episode until the eponymous episode details it.
25 Milo woos Amanda.png Milo and Amanda Arc A secondary, series-wide arc about the relationship between Milo Murphy and Amanda Lopez. It starts with "Smooth Opera-tor" and continues throughout Season 2.
Draco.jpg Mr. Drako Arc A minor arc concerning the question whether Kyle Drako - one of Milo's teachers - is an actual vampire, or just an eccentric human being. It starts with "Athledecamathalon".
59 crescendo.jpg Just Getting Started Arc A secondary arc that centers around Zack starting a band with Milo and Melissa. It preludes with "Secrets and Pies", begins with "Battle of the Bands", and continues throughout Season 2.
TIoLD (147).png Lost Dakotas Arc A minor story arc about Dakota and several paradoxes of him, created each time he traveled back in time to save Cavendish. It starts with "The Island of Lost Dakotas" and presumably ends with "Snow Way Out".

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B.O.T.T. Introduction Arc The Doctor Zone FilesSmooth Opera-torWorked DayFamily VacationMurphy's LardSecrets and PiesThe SubstituteTime Out
Counteragent Arc Time OutWe're Going to the ZooSchool DanceThe Little Engine That Couldn'tStar StruckMissing Milo
Pistachions Arc The SubstituteThe Llama IncidentMissing MiloPerchance to SleepwalkThe RaceFungus Among UsThe Phineas and Ferb Effect
Doofenshmirtz Arc The Phineas and Ferb EffectAgee Ientee DiogeeCake 'Splosion!Doof's Day OutDisco Do-OverThe Ticking ClockSpy Little Sister!Milo's ShadowSick DayAbducting Murphy's LawThe Goulash Legacy
P.I.G. Arc Snow Way OutPicture DayGame NightLady KrillersDisco Do-OverManaging Murphy's LawField of ScreamsMilo's ShadowFreefallDog Walker, Runner, ScreamerAbducting Murphy's LawParks and Wreck
Octalians Arc Managing Murphy's LawMilo's ShadowSick DayAbducting Murphy's LawMilo in SpaceSphere and Loathing in Outer Space
Forsaken Perry Arc Sick DayAbducting Murphy's LawThe Dog Who Knew Too MuchAdventure Buddies
Rogue Cavendish Arc Abducting Murphy's LawLook At This ShipCavendish Unleashed
Episodes in Italics indicate an episode that doesn't center around the subject of an arc but is still related to it.
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Llama Incident Arc The UndergroundersRooting for the EnemyMurphy's LardWe're Going to the ZooBattle of the BandsThe Llama IncidentMissing Milo
Milo and Amanda Arc Smooth Opera-torSchool DanceCake 'Splosion!Managing Murphy's LawSpy Little Sister!Ride Along Little Doggie
Mr. Drako Arc AthledecamathalonWe're Going to the ZooSchool DanceThe Math BookSome Like it YachtBackward to School NightMilo Murphy's Halloween Scream-A-Torium!Picture Day
Just Getting Started Arc Secrets and PiesSchool DanceBattle of the BandsDisaster of My DreamsManaging Murphy's Law
Lost Dakotas Arc Backward to School NightLove TobogganThe Island of Lost DakotasThe Phineas and Ferb EffectSnow Way Out
Episodes in Italics indicate an episode that doesn't center around the subject of an arc but is still related to it.