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Milo Murphy's Law contains a cast of supporting characters that recur frequently throughout the show, but not as often as the main characters. They are usually friendly towards Milo, Zack and Melissa, with a few exceptions. They sometimes are featured alongside the main characters in certain episodes, and some of the supporting characters star in their own subplots, too, without Milo.

List of Supporting Characters

Image Name Description
The Race (158).png Balthazar Cavendish Cavendish is a time travel agent from the Bureau of Time Travel, alongside his partner Dakota, but they are given inconsequential missions about protecting pistachios. They often come across Milo and his friends, who inadvertently ruin the pistachios due to Murphy's Law. Cavendish, who is a stuffy stickler for rules, as well as highly self-conscious who wants to prove himself as a hero, believed Milo was a secret counteragent for a short period of time before learning about Murphy's Law.
GN (55).png Vinnie Dakota
(Voiced by Dan Povenmire)
Unlike his partner Cavendish, Dakota is a more laid-back time traveler that doesn't take his missions all too seriously, and likes to eat a lot while sometimes taking risks for the fun of it. That said, he cares a lot for Cavendish, even traveling back in time to save his partner from certain death countless times. Also unlike Cavendish, he took an immediate liking to Milo and friends, while Cavendish had to warm up a little to them.
Screenshot (4333).png Diogee
(Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)
Diogee is Milo's pet dog who cares so much for his owner that he often follows him around, reuniting with him during predicaments. Milo usually tells him to return home, which he can always find, but his presence can also be helpful to Milo and his friends.
48 wrong one.jpg Martin Murphy
(Voiced by Diedrich Bader)
Martin is Milo's father, and just like his son, has inherited Murphy's Law like every male Murphy. Similar to Milo, he often takes Murphy's Law in stride. In fact, he actually uses his condition to his advantage by working as a safety inspector, as Murphy's Law can be useful to detect safety hazards in need of correction.
Love Toboggan 10.jpg Brigette Murphy
(Voiced by Pamela Adlon)
Brigette is Milo's mother. Kind and composed, Brigette often gives solid advice to her children when there's a problem on their mind. Brigette has had many jobs and currently works as an architect, which she often plans out in a shed in the backyard. She tends to avoid any chance of Murphy's Law in the first place when working on projects, doing so when Milo or Martin are absent.
MM act3 136.jpg Sara Murphy
(Voiced by Kate Micucci)
Sara is Milo's big sister and a big fan of the Doctor Zone television series. She likes to read comic books. She is sometimes concerned about Murphy's Law ruining something she longs for, making her worry endlessly. Despite that, she cares deeply about Milo and doesn't want to shun her little brother, preferring him over a day without mishaps.
AmandaThanIImagined.png Amanda Lopez
(Voiced by Chrissie Fit)
Amanda is one of Milo's classmates at Jefferson County Middle School, whom he has a crush on. Amanda, however, is a perfectionist with tight schedules to the minute who is apprehensive about hanging around with Milo, as she tends to freak out at every bit of imperfection Murphy's Law causes. However, Amanda seems to gradually reciprocate Milo's feelings, eventually seeing past Murphy's Law and enjoying hanging around with him whenever she can. She even developed a crush on Milo.
Screenshot (4001).png Mort Schaeffer
(Voiced by Greg Cipes)
Mort is another of Milo's classmates. He's a stocky boy and highly spiritual, knowing the properties of rose quartz and believing in chakras. He's friendly towards Milo, and eventually joins Zack's band as the drummer. He seems to be friends with Bradley, who isn't as friendly towards Milo.
WWM 143.jpg Bradley Nicholson
(Voiced by Vincent Martella)
Bradley is another of Milo's classmates. Unlike other students in Milo's class, Bradley is more pessimistic and cynical towards Milo, envious about all the attention Milo is getting, and seems to believe that Milo is abusing Murphy's Law just to get said attention. As of "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", Bradley's right arm has turned into a Pistachion vine.
Screenshot (3636).png Elliot Decker
(Voiced by Christian Slater)
Elliot is a crossing guard that hates Milo, due to Murphy's Law making him a safety hazard. Elliot is all about safety, obsessed with making everything around him safe and even calling himself the "Safety Czar", making his strong dislike for Milo obvious. Despite his dedication, Elliot's idea of safety can be a bit unusual, as he has put duct tape around sharp objects so no one would be hurt from them, but disabling their practical use in the process. Elliot is also often assaulted by ducks.
FirstImpressions BCVD (3).png Heinz Doofenshmirtz
(Voiced by Dan Povenmire)
From Phineas and Ferb fame, Dr. Doofenshmirtz is an ex-evil scientist that is destined to become Professor Time, inventing time travel fifteen years from the events of Milo Murphy's Law. As of "The Phineas and Ferb Effect", his abode of Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. has been destroyed, and Doofenshmirtz is offered to stay with Milo's household.
PerryShoot.png Perry the Platypus
(Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker)
From Phineas and Ferb fame, Perry is a secret agent that is sent to protect humanity on his missions. Doofenshmirtz was his nemesis before he turned good, and they were on good terms until the events of "Sick Day", when it turns out he was assigned to protect the city from Doofenshmirtz's accidental harm.

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