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Should we add characters like Amanda, Sara, Mort and Bradley to the Secondary Characters group right now, or until Season 2 properly airs in America?
I feel like Doofenshmirtz also deserves to be placed there (especially since Orton is there as well), but I'm definitely going to wait until the US release of Season 2, since that's when he makes the more frequent appearances. As for Sara, Amanda, Bradley and Mort, they've been here since Season 1, so I'm not really so sure about that. {{SUBST:User:Arend/Sig2}} 01:04, October 10, 2018 (UTC)

Hey, Arend!

Template talk pages don't show up on the 'recent changes' section, so feel free to use other pages for these kinds of discussions. It would be great to see what others think!

As far as my thoughts go - I completely agree that Amanda, Sara, Mort, and even Bradley can be in the secondary characters group, too.

And as for Orton, honestly, I think he should be moved out of the secondary characters group. He played a pretty significant role in three different episodes - especially the crossover - but having watched this much of season 2, it doesn't seem right to have him up there with, say, Amanda and them. What do you think? 

And agreed - Doof appears more than enough, but he's definitely waiting until January for his turn. 

Serendipitacely (talk) 08:40, October 10, 2018 (UTC)

Eh, I didn't know what other pages I should talk about this subject, aside from the Main page's talk, on which I already had a discussion on a different character template. But I'll keep it in mind next time.

Either way, I agree that Orton doesn't appear as much in the show as a major character as Sara, Amanda, Bradley, Mort, or even Elliot. I feel like he's only there because he plays a major role in the Pistachions arc. Since that one is an important story arc that is the focal point of the midseason 1 special, the Season 1 finale, and the crossover Season 2 opener, I don't really know whether to keep Orton there or remove him from the group.

In any case, I'll go add Sara, Amanda, Bradley and Mort to the Secondary characters group if that's OK. {{SUBST:User:Arend/Sig2}} 11:04, October 10, 2018 (UTC)

Good point, it might be best to leave him there until the crossover has aired a few times. I put him there originally because of his importance in the arc, so he can probably remain TBD until later on in the season.

Yeah, that's totally okay! Looks great, and I like the placement between Diogee and Elliot.

Serendipitacely (talk) 19:08, October 10, 2018 (UTC)