The Diner Downtown
Love Toboggan 22
Color(s): Red and white
Location Information
City: Downtown Danville
County: Jefferson County
Country: USA
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
"Love Toboggan"

The Diner Downtown is a diner located in downtown Danville.


The exterior of the restaurant is a deep red color with white highlights. A small set of stairs leads to a platform and the front door, while a striped turquoise awning hangs around the roof of the diner. A huge sign is displayed on top of the roof, reading 'The Diner Downtown' in white letters on a large red arrow.


The interior of the diner is very tidy and unified, with pale green walls, a black checkered floor, and matching turquoise tables. The seats are long grey benches with deep red cushions and there is a large number of green-framed pictures of wildlife and cityscapes on the wall. Finally, a red light fixture hangs over each table.


In "Love Toboggan", Sara and Neal went to the diner for lunch together. Neither of them was entirely sure whether or not it was a date, and spent their meal worrying about it. They left shortly after their meal.



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