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The Doctor Zone Files: The Next Regeneration (also known as The Doctor Zone Files, often stylized as The Dr. Zone Files) is the fifth and current iteration of the Doctor Zone franchise. It seems to return to the roots of the franchise after the previous two iterations took place at a university.

The show, created by Orton Mahlson, follows the adventures of Doctor Zone (Mahlson) and his good friend Time Ape as they travel through space and time in their Time Beehicle. During their travels, they overcome many monsters, such as the dreaded Trashcandroids.

It seems to be the most popular iteration to date, as it has expanded to a movie (The Doctor Zone Files: The Movie Files), a dog inspired version of the movie (The Dog Door Bone Files) and an authoritative guide (The Doctor Zone Files Files). It is also the last iteration to star Orton Mahlson in the title role. As of this writing, it is unknown who replaced him.



Orton Mahlson as DR.HANKRY ZONE

Miguel Boddicker as ARKTROPOLIS

Watcha Willingmast as CLEOPATRA ZERO

Marlon Garter as ZARNALLION

and TIME APE as Himself

Billy as Willy

Ephram Tang as CERE-BROID #1

Bob Treeface as CERE-BROID #2

Wilber Oldentask as WONDER LLAMA

ASSOCIATE PRODUCER Scottielle Bernolsonuett

MUSIC Poven McPovenPoven

ART DIRECTOR Edgar "Cheese" Danish

DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY Wooly "Mammoth" Elephant


CASTING Charlton Easton

SOUND Chimp Aerobics

EDITOR Lianne Harding

COLOR Wang Doodle Dandy

TITLES Ebulent Escargo

DIRECTED by Rob Browen

EDITOR Joseway Prunet

filmed at Balsawood Studios, Inc.


Theatrical Features



  • This is the last iteration of Doctor Zone (excepting the movie) that stars Orton Mahlson in the title role.
  • Some of the crew names are references to crew members on Milo Murphy's Law (Poven McPovenPoven, for example, is Dan Povenmire).


  • "It's time for danger, time for action, Time for Doctor Zone!" - Theme Song
  • Righty crikey and tally ho. Time waits for no man... Except for me! - DOCTOR HANKRY ZONE (Orton Mahlson) (The Heart of the Moon 3,679. The Inner Sanctum of the Trashcandroids)


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